Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jesse Ventura: Don’t feel sorry for Chris Kyle’s widow, I’m the victim here

Jesse Ventura, Minnesota’s former governor, won his lawsuit against the late Navy SEAL and American Sniper author Chris Kyle on Tuesday. He claimed he was defamed in that book and, while a jury agreed, the vainglorious former wrestler-turned-politician-turned-conspiracy-buff has not exactly comported himself in a fashion that elicits much sympathy. 

After having been awarded nearly $2 million to be paid by the late serviceman’s widow, one might assume that Ventura would simply slip away and enjoy his victory. It seems, however, Ventura’s narcissism prevented him from taking the tasteful approach here.

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  1. I'd like to give him a reason to sue me.


  2. I do not know the specifics of the courtroom reasoning in this lawsuit but from where I stand I see a has-been rassler, attention ho, ex-politician (liar - all politicians are liars), who was a UDT (not a SEAL) who got into a feud with a war hero, threatened law suit, and continued the lawsuit after the war hero was dead and went after the widow with a vengeance. If he was worried about his character he would have refused the money, donated it to Wounded Warrior, or settled for a pittance award of a dollar. Now we all know what a scumbag he really is.

    Ventura has also recently stated that he could no longer attend SEAL reunions out of fear for his safety. I fully understand that statement. If he showed at a reunion there would be two problems:
    1) Ventura was a underwater bomb guy and not a SEAL.
    2) The SO community is very tight and they would go after a POS that went after one of their widows.

    Ventura has plans to "go off the grid" and I also fully understand that. He has put a target on himself for any wanna-be bad ass to take a piece of him - not to mention the true bad-ass in the SO community. I think this was his last chance for his 15 minutes and he has wasted it with a low-life move going after a widow. Good riddance.

  3. This idiot (with an apology to most other idiots) never heard the old saying, 'First thing you do when you find yourself in a deep hole - stop digging!'.

    A douchebag whiner of the first degree.

    He deserves everything that happens to him.

  4. Sorry piece of human garbage needs to crawl back under that rock he lives under in Mexico.


  5. Two factual points:
    1) a commenter says that Jesse was not a SEAL. But... the definitive authority on all matters SEAL related is retired Senior Chief Don Shipley. He says Jesse IS a SEAL. I'm taking his authority on it. You can Google it.
    2) you say "to be paid by the late serviceman’s widow", but the article in Stars & Stripes says that the defamation award ($500k) will be paid by the book publisher's insurance company, and the rest, if any after a judge's review, etc. will come from royalties and/or the estate. So... it is possible that she might actually have to write a check, but legally speaking, I'm guessing that a simple lien against royalties will happen. She won't lose a dime that she already has, out of the estimated $6 million received already...
    Not trying to nitpick; I'm a former journalist, and I try to state the facts, no matter what they are.

  6. maybe someone can hook him up with Jane Fonda. They'd make a fine pair.

    1. They deserve each other. He has made himself a pariah to his countrymen. I, for one, will never call him an American.

    2. But he's got 3 Purple Hearts, so he must be........:)

    3. So does John Effing Kerry.

    4. Sorry, I wasn't clear, but I was referring to Kerry after I made the dual urinals comment. :)