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"At best a deserter, at worst a traitor"

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President Obama’s Exceptionally Productive Week

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In the midst of America grappling with the reality that veterans are safer on the battlefield than on a VA hospital waiting list, on Memorial Day, Barack Obama, lover of all things military, flew to Kabul to surprise our U.S. servicemen and women.

After Obama arrived at the troop rally at Bagram air base, Afghani President Hamid Karzai, who in 2008 pinned a medal on George W. Bush’s chest at the presidential palace in Kabul, sent word that because it was such short notice he would not be meeting with the U.S. president.

Looking spiffy in a brown bomber jacket festooned with American flags, the guy who effectively barred veterans from entering the WWII Memorial during the sequester promised the troops that their well-being was of the utmost concern:  “We’re going to stay strong by taking care of our wounded warriors and our veterans. Because helping our wounded warriors and veterans heal isn’t just a promise, it’s a sacred obligation.”

To announce the impromptu drop-in, a press aide with the Obama administration — with exactly the level of competence you would expect — somehow forgot to remove the name of the top CIA operative in Afghanistan from the list of attendees provided to the media, putting the station chief’s life at risk.

So while Obama dazzled our servicemen and women with his awesomeness, his administration simultaneously ‘damaged intelligence operations’ and identified the person working undercover to thwart the Taliban’s plans to resume training al Qaeda.

A few days later Obama shared his vision to withdraw all 9,800 troops from Afghanistan and get those guys and gals home and onto a VA waiting list by the end of 2014, as well as by 2016 drawing down every service member remaining in the soon-to-be Taliban-repossessed country.

"How far Kerry has fallen: From principled opponent of illegal government conduct to leading apologist for the surveillance state."

 Kerry Wall Blood

Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry told Chuck Todd today on MSNBC: “Edward Snowden is a coward. He is a traitor. And he has betrayed his country.”

Snowden gave documents to journalists that revealed the scope and reach of unconstitutional spying by the federal government on American citizens.
Today Kerry also told CBS This Morning:
He should man up, come back to the United States. If he has a complaint about what’s wrong with American surveillance, come back here and stand in our system of justice and make his case. But instead, he’s just sitting there taking pot shots at his country, violating his oath that he took when he took on the job he took, and betraying, I think, the fundamental agreement that he entered into when he became an employee.
Kerry fails to point out that the oath Snowden took was to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” And Kerry admits that the debate about privacy and the NSA would not have “risen” to its current level without the Snowden disclosures.

Our Quartering Act

On 2 June 1774 the British government re-enacted the Quartering Act, which required American colonists to give British soldiers room & board in their houses. Today we no longer have such barbaric customs. Today if the Army of Occupation (law enforcement) wants your house, they just smash down your door and throw in a flash-bang grenade. Ain't progress wonderful?

LIVE FIRE: Raw video of pro-autonomy militia in Lugansk border base battle

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Three cops in New Mexico’s infamous anal cavity search case still on job

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It’s one of the most shocking and infamous cases to ever come out of New Mexico: A man, falsely suspected of carrying drugs, forced to undergo multiple anal cavity searches.

Now, a year and half after the incident and six months after a settlement of $1.6 million in local taxpayer money was announced, New Mexico Watchdog has learned at least three police officers involved in the case are still on the job, while the status of three others remains a secret.

Deming Police Chief Brandon Gigante told New Mexico Watchdog all three officers in his department who were listed as defendants in a subsequent lawsuit are  on active duty. Gigante wouldn’t say why or reveal if the officers were disciplined.

“That is a personnel matter,” Gigante said in a telephone interview.

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Virginia Flaggers Raise Another Confederate Flag on I-95

 The Virginia Flaggers have raised another controversial confederate flag on Interstate 95, this time near Fredericksburg and the group says they're not done yet.

Actually, Gun-Grabbers, It Is Legal To Buy A Tank… And A Bunch Just Came Up For Sale!

 M5 Stewart "Rattletrap"

My personal favorite in the Littlefield auction is the M5 Stuart named “Rattletrap.”

I’ve seen one of these run and fire its main gun as recently as several years ago, and while it is certainly obsolete by modern standards, it is relatively small and fast and easier to maintain than some of the larger vehicles.


One of the more amusing arguments made by citizen control cultists is that they think you shouldn’t be able to own arms of military value, even though that was precisely what the Founding Fathers intended for Americans to have.

The Second Amendment was never about hunting or even personal defense, but was instead about ensuring that Americans would always be armed with weapons of contemporary military utility to depose both foreign invaders and domestic tyranny.

As we’ve noted before:

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Facebook: Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor

Brett Claycamp How many times you think this guy helped them do a direct lay with a 60? I bet he told them everything he knew!

 Josh Morgan The story of him falling behind on patrol is bullshit I was part of the unit when this happened

 Ben Morgan I was on cop wilderness when this occurred 4-25 2/377 PFAR. Bravo battery 2nd platoon. This "BOY" abandoned his post and should be tried for treason and hung. He is no hero.

 Joel Swenson If you weren't part of the search for this guy you don't have a clue what you are talking about. The real heroes died looking for this fuck. I was there in 2009 and part of the DUSTWUN Ops with 1st squadron 40th CAV regiment as a line medic. I saw what resulted in his dumbass idea of walking off post.

 Russell Hebert I was personal security detachment in the 1-501 before moving to Apache company. We spent many days and nights looking for this traitor. He is a disgrace to the uniform and to this country! 

Sources: Intelligence community investigated Bergdahl’s conduct

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A senior official confirms to Fox News that the conduct of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl -- both in his final stretch of active duty in Afghanistan and then, too, during his time when he lived among the Taliban -- has been thoroughly investigated by the U.S. intelligence community and is the subject of "a major classified file."

In conveying as much, the Defense Department source confirmed to Fox News that many within the intelligence community harbor serious outstanding concerns not only that Bergdahl may have been a deserter but that he may have been an active collaborator with the enemy.

The Pentagon official added pointedly that no relevant congressional committee has sought access to the classified file, but that if such a request were made, key committee chairs would, under previous precedent, likely be granted access to it. Separately, the Pentagon confirmed Monday that it is looking into claims Americans died during the search for Bergdahl.

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US concluded in 2010 that Bergdahl walked away

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A Pentagon investigation concluded in 2010 that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl walked away from his unit, and after an initial flurry of searching the military decided not to exert extraordinary efforts to rescue him, according to a former senior defense official who was involved in the matter.

Instead, the U.S. government pursued negotiations to get him back over the following five years of his captivity — a track that led to his release over the weekend.

Bergdahl was being checked and treated Monday at a U.S. military hospital in Germany as questions mounted at home over the swap that resulted in his freedom in exchange for the release of five detainees who were sent to Qatar from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo, Cuba.

VA Chaplain: Gov’t Made Me Hide Crosses and Pictures of Jesus, Banned Me From Reading Bible Aloud

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In the wake of the ever-growing VA scandal, actions at the Iron Mountain VA Hospital in Michigan may not have gotten quite as much press as many feel they should.

Patsy Norton, when walking into Iron Mountain’s VA chapel, was appalled to find every sign of Christianity hidden from sight. She detailed her shock in this letter, published by Joe For America:

May 30, 2014 The Daily News


I went to the VA Hospital in Iron Mountain today on business. While there I stopped at the Chapel and found pinky-purple curtains with mesh at the top, covering the altar. (You know the type. They use them between sick patients in the hospital).

I stopped in my tracks, shocked at what I saw. I peeked behind the curtain, and found what used to be the welcoming part of the chapel, the Cross, a picture of Jesus, and other Christian icons familiar to the majority of Americans.

Shot and Beaten, A Marine Crawls From Chosin to Safety

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The Chinese thought they killed a wounded Marine private Ed Reeves with a bullet as they massacred troops in a stricken US convoy. When the Chinese discovered Reeves alive as they stacked US bodies, they proceeded to beat him with the butts of their rifles until satisfied he was dead. Reeves recounts this horrific encounter and his amazing escape to safety after being left for dead.

American jobs are a small price to pay for Obama’s ‘climate change leadership’

 American jobs are a small price to pay for Obama's 'climate change leadership'

What’s a good way to push an economy that just suffered a GDP contraction, after five years of anemic growth, into a full-blown recession?  Barack Obama has your answer, as he once again demonstrates his eagerness to make other people pay a steep price for his “legacy.”  Fox News has details of the big new offensive in Obama’s War on Energy:

Gun maker breaks ground in Pike County, salutes USA


Patriotism was a prominent theme as gun manufacturer Kahr Firearms Group celebrated its new location in Pike County on Thursday with a groundbreaking and barbecue.

"We are very happy to be in Pike County, in a place where people love the Second Amendment and love guns. It is a great place to be," Kahr founder Justin Moon said. "I just wish the rest of the country could be like Pike County."
The groundbreaking included a flag ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of "God Bless America" and "God Bless the USA," and a prayer from the Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, Justin Moon's brother, in which he mentioned the greatness of living in a free country.

Kahr Firearms Group includes Auto-Ordinance Corp., maker of the Tommy Gun, purchased in 1998; and Magnum Research, maker of the Desert Eagle, purchased in 2010.

"When good people carry guns, bad people think twice," Justin Moon said.

The gun manufacturer bought the long-empty 600-acre Pike County Business Park on Well Road in Blooming Grove for $2 million last year and is expanding manufacturing and moving its entire New York operation out of that state to escape what it describes as an unfriendly gun climate there.

Making Friends & Influencing People: "USA must be nuked. We are tired of them in this world."

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Objective military assessment: Bowe Bergdahl case

I am writing this because last night I heard Fox News’ Harris Faulkner refer to Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl as a local hero. I just listened to Bergdahl’s father refer to his son’s character.

So, we must have a discussion of the truth here. Army SGT Bergdahl was not “captured” by the enemy in 2009. He abandoned his assigned post on his Forward Operating Base (FOB), leaving his weapon. Several U.S. Army Soldiers lost their lives in search for Bergdahl. His disappearance can only be classified as desertion and the media must not be so giddy about a good news story that they don’t tell the truth — which is apparent to many. The allegation of desertion is serious. It is grave because it occurred during a war, during combat operations.

More @ Allen B West

Sonic Robbed Same Day Gun Ban Announced

Breitbart News reported that Sonic restaurants asked law-abiding "customers [to] refrain from bringing guns" to their restaurants on May 30.

On that same day, according The Topeka Capital Journal, two individuals who may have realized law-abiding citizens were unarmed walked into a Topeka, Kansas Sonic and robbed it.

According to police, the suspects are two black males, both of whom were wearing hoodies and white pants.

This same thing happened to Jack in the Box once they asked law-abiding citizens to quit carrying guns in their restaurants.

More with video @ Breitbart

The Wild Food Trailguide

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 Foraging Reference Recommendation

Small enough to pack along, limited to seventy common plants so as not to be overwhelming, with very good line drawings, detailed descriptions for ID, uses and preparation. Distribution maps, habitat, seasons, uses other than for food (dye, soap, insecticide, medicine and many more too numerous to list). And most importantly, a section on poisonous plants, some of which bear a striking resemblance to edible ones. I really can’t do it justice here, except to say that it’s one of the best such I’ve seen.

Highly recommended.

More @ Amazon

Ukraine Update from Ukraine Reader

News media reporting of the situation in Ukraine has nearly vanished in the past couple of weeks. Here is an update from reader Jacob Dreizin, a US citizen who speaks Ukrainian and Russian.


Just wanted to give you an update on Ukraine. A lot has happened since I wrote you last.

The rebels in the eastern regions are clearing their hinterland of minor government positions, and securing their supply lines from Russia. The Russian government has started to allow volunteers and weapons to move across the border without interference from its side.

Whether intended or not, it is the classic insurgent battle plan. Once this stage is completed, the remaining government forces in Donetsk and Lugansk regions will be so isolated as to have no choice but to "temporarily redeploy and regroup", that is, to retreat.
More @ Townhall

Buchanan Knew the Limits of Presidential Authority

John Brown was hung by the State of Virginia in October, 1859 after being tried on a charge of treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia, his intent being the overthrow of Virginia’s government and inciting rebellion within the State. His act of treason against Virginia was not an act of treason against the other States, and his trial followed the letter of the United States Constitution.  Read more at:
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Buchanan Knew the Limits of Presidential Authority

“Mr. [James] Buchanan, the last President of the old school, would as soon have thought of aiding the establishment of a monarchy among us as of accepting the doctrine of coercing the States into submission to the will of a majority, in mass, of the people of the United States. 

When discussing the question of withdrawing the troops from the port of Charleston, he yielded a ready assent to the proposition that the cession of a site for a fort, for purposes of public defense, lapses, whenever that fort should be employed by the grantee against the State by which the cession was made . . . [and] the little garrison of Fort Sumter served only as a menace, for it was utterly incapable of holding the fort if attacked . . . [and the attempt to provision it would be] readily construed as a scheme to provoke hostilities.”  
(Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. I, Jefferson Davis, 1881, pp. 216-217) 

“Article 3, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution defines treason as “only” levying war upon the United States, or giving aid and comfort to their enemies. The “United States” is in the plural, signifying free and independent States that are united in a cause. The word “THEIR” is most important because it also signifies that treason is defined only as levying war upon “THEM” – the free and independent States, not something called “the United States government.” This of course is precisely what Lincoln did when he levied war upon the Southern States.”
Dr. Thomas L. DiLorenzo, Loyola College

“[Dr. Marshall DeRosa writes] . . . that Article III, Section 3, of the Constitution states that “Treason against the United States shall consist of levying war against THEM or adhering to THEIR enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” [DeRosa explains:] “This is why Lincoln’s invasion of the Southern States was the very definition of treasonous behavior under the Constitution.”
(The Long March Through the Constitution, C. Williamson, Jr., Chronicles, June 2014, pg. 27)

"........(journalists) guys who came (out) of Nam, didn’t want some faggoty job like being a judge, which is to say a wannabe transvestite in a black nighty."

 Not shielded: U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez ruled Cox didn't qualify as part of the media, and therefore didn't get protection under the Shield Law
 "......Marco Hernandez, a federal judge of near-perfect ignorance......"

A serious question in an Internet age is who qualifies as a journalist and therefore for press credentials and protection under shield laws and Times vs. Sullivan. Clearly a fifteen-year-old semiliterate garage-blogger should not. Clearly a site like The Unz Review should. How to decide and who decides are not easy questions.

Who should not decide is easy: the Federal Government. In Forbe’s, I find one Marco Hernandez, a federal judge of near-perfect ignorance, who lists seven requisites that in his view must be met if one is to be, in effect, a federally licensed journalist. (Note that Hernandez was appointed by Obama, consistently hostile to the press Federal jusges are not appointed for competence, but for allegiance.)
Anyway, Hernandez. For those of us who mightl have to work in the deep shadow of his overhanging brow ridges, this is bad news. Let us examine his requirements.

Eric Cantor Must Be Really Afraid—He’s Using the Word “Amnesty” Again, And Lying About Opposing It.

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This just in: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has $1.5 million in the bank compared to his primary challenger David Brat’s measly $84,000. [Eric Cantor Brings in Bucks for Primary Challenge, By Emily Cahn, Roll Call, May 30, 2014]. Despite this, Cantor is apparently afraid enough to send out mailers claiming “Conservative Republican Eric Cantor Is Stopping the Obama Reid Plan to Give Illegal Aliens Amnesty.”

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Bowe Bergdahl’s Dad Praises allah, Makes Islamic Declaration, Calls For Release of All Gitmo Terrorists; Did Bergdahl Convert to Islam?

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All Americans who care about freedom should be disgusted when the father of a freed American soldier uses an Islamic greeting, referring to allah, and on the grounds of the White House, no less. And they should also be disgusted when that father calls for the release of all terrorists. That’s what Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Bob, did at yesterday’s Obama White House press conference announcing the release of his son. And it’s what he said in a since-deleted tweet (I’m sure the Obamaniks told him to take it down). Saying his freed son could not speak English, Bob Bergdahl said from the White House, “bismillah al-rahman al-rahim,” Arabic for, “in the name of allah the most gracious, the most merciful.” (This is not Pashtu, as FOX News dolt-ette Jennifer Griffin inaccurately and erroneously reported. It’s Arabic. And it’s ISLAMIC.