Monday, June 2, 2014

"........(journalists) guys who came (out) of Nam, didn’t want some faggoty job like being a judge, which is to say a wannabe transvestite in a black nighty."

 Not shielded: U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez ruled Cox didn't qualify as part of the media, and therefore didn't get protection under the Shield Law
 "......Marco Hernandez, a federal judge of near-perfect ignorance......"

A serious question in an Internet age is who qualifies as a journalist and therefore for press credentials and protection under shield laws and Times vs. Sullivan. Clearly a fifteen-year-old semiliterate garage-blogger should not. Clearly a site like The Unz Review should. How to decide and who decides are not easy questions.

Who should not decide is easy: the Federal Government. In Forbe’s, I find one Marco Hernandez, a federal judge of near-perfect ignorance, who lists seven requisites that in his view must be met if one is to be, in effect, a federally licensed journalist. (Note that Hernandez was appointed by Obama, consistently hostile to the press Federal jusges are not appointed for competence, but for allegiance.)
Anyway, Hernandez. For those of us who mightl have to work in the deep shadow of his overhanging brow ridges, this is bad news. Let us examine his requirements.

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