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Saigon January 19, 2017

The cabbage on the left was the best I have ever eaten and would fit right in with the NC kind.

He flew helicopters out of Bien Hoa from '73 until the end which was the exact time frame I was the Funds Manager for the SVAF at Bien Hoa.

Awwww, she made me a heart. :)  Taking her final exams in her 4th year of college this week.

 Wife and husband. Jessica is in the US Army.

The gentleman on the right is from England and is recovering from a bike spill. I told them my story. The FSEE And My .45 Caliber Derringer

As soon as I tasted the small fish in front, I rushed back to find they were all gone, but was promised some tomorrow.  They are fried hard so you can eat the bones too.  Crispy.


Bot Chien


The worst food item I have ever tried to eat, bar none!

Richard and the American couple said it was excellent and consisted of scrambled eggs, only one as it turned out, with potatoes and cabbage. It is actually an overcooked scrambled egg, with fried rice flower cake and and papaya.  They thought the cakes were potatoes and the papaya was cabbage.  I love green papaya, but not the way it was presented.  The only salvation would be to lightly scramble an egg or two with brown home fries on the side and papaya presented another way or actually have cabbage which is depicted in the third picture down from the top on the side.

NATO and the United States

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President-elect Donald Trump deeply upset the Europeans by raising the possibility that NATO is obsolete and that the European Union is failing. This is not the first time these issues have been raised. Many in the United States have raised questions about Europe’s commitment to NATO and to its relationship with the U.S. Many Europeans also have made the observation that the EU is failing. What Trump has done is simply bring into the open the question of Europe’s relationship with the U.S.

“Time To Rethink Martin Luther King Day”–The 2017 Edition

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One is a Christian gentleman, loyal to his country, who fought its government in the name of justice. The other is Martin Luther King. Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Very unusually, given’s suicidal Stakhanovite publishing pace, I’ve decided to keep reposting my 2015 essay on Martin Luther King Day until, as James Fulford observed in his introduction to our 2016 reposting, We Overcome. (But the hyperlinks are updated). Note that, while Robert E. Lee Day is fixed, Martin Luther King Day is set to be celebrated on the third Monday in January, and so fluctuates. Can we all get along and at least agree with Steve Sailer that
The dead of winter…after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year, is the stupidest possible time to offer another holiday. To fix this, we should move Martin Luther King Day to the Friday before Labor Day to commemorate his “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963 … and, to give Americans a summer-ending four-day weekend. (It`s not as if a lot of business gets done on that day anyway.)
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Dong Ha Ammo Dump Goes up 1968

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Long Binh Ammo Dump Goes Up below. Actually there were more than one ammo dump in each place, so there was more available.

Tet '68 Bien Hoa/Long Binh, RVN


How much better off the American people would be if they could learn the difference between:
  • *investors and speculators
  • *the Constitution ratified by the people of the States and the one promulgated by federal judges
  • *education and training
  • *necessary taxation and an oppressive burden
  • *national defense and foreign interventionism
  • *law enforcement and war
  • *justifiable borrowing and destructive, irresponsible debt
  • *entertainment and moral debasement
  • *celebrity and worth
  • *status and wisdom
  • *status and virtue
  • *affirmative action and equal treatment under the law
  • *a citizen and a non-citizen
  • *a guest and an invader
  • *a “conservative” and a conservative
  • *public life informed by Christianity and politicised churchmen
And especially the American people would profit if they learned not to believe that politics is the realm of doing good. Politics is the realm of vanity, greed, lust, deception, and force.

I am not holding my breath.

CIA Releases 13 Million Pages Of Declassified Documents: Include Psychic Experiments, UFO Research

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The Central Intelligence Agency has published nearly 13 million pages of declassified files online, documents which previously were physically accessible only from four computer terminals at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

The record include info on Nazi war crimes, the Cuban Missile Crisis, UFO sightings, human telepathy ("Project Stargate") and much more. The release has been a long time coming: Bill Clinton first ordered all documents at least 25 years old with "historical value" to be declassified in 1995. The agency complied, however anyone who wanted access had to trek all the way to the US National Archives in Washington DC to get a peak.

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Congress looks to punish ‘sanctuary campus’ colleges that protect illegal immigrants

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Hundreds of Rutgers University students block College Ave., in New Brunswick, N.J., as they march to protest some of President elect Donald Trump's policies and to ask school officials to denounce some of his plans at Rutgers University Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, in New Brunswick, N.J. College students at campuses around the United States say they are planning rallies and walkouts to call on school administrators to protect students and employees against immigration proceedings under Donald Trump's presidency. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Forget sanctuary cities: The next heated congressional battle on immigration could be over “sanctuary campuses” — the dozens of colleges and universities that say they will resist any cooperation with federal immigration agents, unless they are forced to by law.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, introduced legislation this month to do just that, saying Congress should strip schools of billions of dollars in federal financial aid unless they start cooperating with authorities.

Mr. Hunter’s legislation would require the Department of Homeland Security to keep a list of sanctuary campuses and send it to the Education Department, which would cancel federal payments for student loans and financial aid, potentially costing schools billions of dollars.

“This effort is not about telling colleges who they can and can’t accept for enrollment, but whatever decision they make will either mean they receive federal money or they don’t — it’s that simple,” Mr. Hunter said.

Botting Politics


During the 2012 US Presidential election, the Romney campaign was accused of buying fake Twitter followers from a bot network after he gained a whopping ~150,000 new followers in one day.

 Romney's following jumped 17% in one day, providing him with a significant bump in the general perception of his grassroots popularity and support for a paltry ~$2,700 ($18 per thousand followers).

Sponsors of Anarchy & Safe Spaces for Fascists

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Hoodlums will be out in full force this Inauguration Day weekend. Count on it.

I've covered the left's criminal anarchist element for more than 20 years — from the animal rights terrorists who have harassed, threatened and firebombed scientific researches across the U.S. and Europe to the anti-capitalist thugs who wreaked havoc on downtown business owners at the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle and the 2010 G-20 summit in Toronto to the ANSWER Coalition and Code Pink's not-so-peaceful peaceniks who disrupted congressional hearings and menaced veterans memorials and military recruiting stations throughout the George W. Bush years to the Occupy Wall Street vagrants and rapists of 2011-12 to the rent-a-rioters who hijacked Ferguson, Baltimore and other Black Lives Matter demonstrations against police.

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Robert E Lee Monument to Stay in Charlottesville

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CNN Says Network’s ‘Credibility Is Higher Than Ever’; Ignores Study Saying They’re Least Credible

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Study Shows CNN Is Least Trustworthy TV News Network

According to the Washington Examiner CNN is the least trustworthy TV news network.

From The Washington Examiner:
CNN is less trusted by likely voters than its competitors at MSNBC and Fox News, according to a new study.
However, the poll said a larger portion of Fox News and MSNBC viewers trust those networks.
Just 33 percent of those who watch CNN said they trusted the information they’re getting, compared to 43 percent for MSNBC. At Fox News, 50 percent said they trust the source.

Dear Hillary, How Can We Miss You When You Won't Go Away?

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We can all recall the long list of celebrities, both real and self-imagined that had declared first, that Trump would never be elected, and if by some unimaginable event he was, they would promptly pack their bags and move to Canada or Spain or wherever their deluded minds thought would welcome them with open arms.

Then of course the unimaginable did happen. The voters finally had finally gotten fed up with all the establishment lies, deceits and obfuscations and with your Hollywood sycophants telling them what to do and voted for Donald Trump. The following day the Canadian immigration website crashed from all the traffic. Those that did get through soon discovered that, wonder of wonders, Canada has very strict immigration laws and that they take their implementation very seriously. You know the same kinds of laws that we have here but that leftists condemn the enforcement of as racist and xenophobic.

So then upon discovering that Canada etc. weren't going to bend or ignore their laws just because they had had their pictures in Variety or at some point had received an award from some Hollywood mutual admiration society they almost in unison said that either they didn't really mean what they had said or declared that they had decided it was more important to stay here and "fight" Donald Trump.

NC: Lee - Jackson Day Banquet Kinston & Wilson


  What:   Lee & Jackson Banquet

  When:  6:00 pm on January 21, 2017

  Where: King’s Restaurant on US 70 east in Kinston, NC

  Why:    To celebrate the birthdays of Generals Robert E. Lee and Jonathan "Stonewall"   Jackson

  Who:    Anyone who cherishes the memory of these two Southern heroes

 The Goldsboro Rifles, the Dr. B. T. Person and the Smithfield Light Infantry Camps are hosting a Lee and Jackson Banquet. Please come and help us celebrate the birthdays of these two great men and Confederate leaders.  It is General Lee’s 210th and General Jackson’s 193rd birthday.

 We are proud to have as our speaker for this year’s banquet, another of our favorites, Mike Parker.  Mike is a member of the CSS Neuse Camp 1427 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Three of his great-great-grandfathers served the Confederacy during the War Between the States. He enjoys serving as a tour guide on the CSS Neuse II, a full-size replica of the original CSS Neuse. He serves as secretary of the CSS Neuse Foundation, caretakers of the Neuse II.  He has had a thirst for history all his life and has done extensive research on many of its subjects.  His topic this year will be the first seventeen years in the life of General Stonewall Jackson, “Before Stonewall”.  It promises to be very interesting and given Mike’s talent for delivery, there is no doubt.

  We are very pleased to have as our returning entertainer this year, Mr. Jimmy Aycock who is a very well-known pianist here in eastern North Carolina.  I know you will be as pleased with his musical offerings as many of us have been for years.

 The meal, served family style, will consist of King’s barbecue, fried chicken, Brunswick stew, slaw, potatoes, tea, and hushpuppies.

 If you would like to be a part of this special celebration, please send your check made out to Allen Aycock.

$30.00/couple--$15.00/single to:       
Allen Aycock.                 
1128 Aycock Dairy Farm Road
Fremont, NC 27830

 Please send it to Allen by January 15, 2017 so we can give the restaurant a head count in time for them to prepare for us.  In the past, quite a few have waited to pay at the door.  When you do that, we cannot give the restaurant an accurate head count, so, please, send your check to Allen.  It really helps us as we want to have enough food and seating for everyone.  Thanks for your co-operation.

 Please feel free to pass this along to ANYONE that you think might like to attend.  You do not have to belong to the SCV to be a part of this celebration. It is open to all General Lee and General Jackson admirers.

As usual, we will be having a silent auction to raise money for the upkeep of the General Joseph E. Johnston Monument on the Bentonville battlefield.  We encourage you to bring items for the auction.  Who knows, someone else may bring just what you have been looking for and you might bring what he or she has been looking for.  Items do not have to be War Between the States theme items, just any items you would like to donate to help us care for the monument.

For questions, you may email me at  or call me at 919-778-9565.
Please forgive me if you get multiples of this invitation.  I am using several sources for addresses.

Hope to see you at the banquet,

 Glenn Fields

 The General William Dorsey Pender Camp, North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans, will hold its monthly meeting Thursday, 19 January at Parker’s BBQ Restaurant, 2514 US Highway 301, Wilson, NC.  In honor of the birthdates of Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, Wilmington historian Bernhard Thuersam will present “Lee and Jackson, American Icons” at 7:30PM.  Mr. Thuersam is past Chairman of North Carolina’s War Between the States Sesquicentennial,, and edits the weblog. The meeting and lecture are open to the public.  For more information and directions, contact Camp Lt. Commander Jeff Bost at