Thursday, January 19, 2017

NATO and the United States

Via Billy


President-elect Donald Trump deeply upset the Europeans by raising the possibility that NATO is obsolete and that the European Union is failing. This is not the first time these issues have been raised. Many in the United States have raised questions about Europe’s commitment to NATO and to its relationship with the U.S. Many Europeans also have made the observation that the EU is failing. What Trump has done is simply bring into the open the question of Europe’s relationship with the U.S.


  1. Absolutely right. NATO is a disaster.

  2. The reason for the creation of NATO, was as a military shield to deter the USSR from invading (Western) Europe. When the Soviet Union collapsed and was no more, along with the Warsaw Pact, there was no reason to have a NATO. But government agencies are far easier to bring into existence than to end. NATO is a solution is search of a problem. The other flawed premise, and official fiction is the idea of mutual support in the event that one member nation is attacked. Seriously, if the USA were to be attacked by another nation, (lets say China), would Hungary or Belgium send its troops to our defense? Given our own monetary problems, we can not afford to be in club NATO. Let the Europeans deal with it.