Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dear Hillary, How Can We Miss You When You Won't Go Away?

Via Joe

We can all recall the long list of celebrities, both real and self-imagined that had declared first, that Trump would never be elected, and if by some unimaginable event he was, they would promptly pack their bags and move to Canada or Spain or wherever their deluded minds thought would welcome them with open arms.

Then of course the unimaginable did happen. The voters finally had finally gotten fed up with all the establishment lies, deceits and obfuscations and with your Hollywood sycophants telling them what to do and voted for Donald Trump. The following day the Canadian immigration website crashed from all the traffic. Those that did get through soon discovered that, wonder of wonders, Canada has very strict immigration laws and that they take their implementation very seriously. You know the same kinds of laws that we have here but that leftists condemn the enforcement of as racist and xenophobic.

So then upon discovering that Canada etc. weren't going to bend or ignore their laws just because they had had their pictures in Variety or at some point had received an award from some Hollywood mutual admiration society they almost in unison said that either they didn't really mean what they had said or declared that they had decided it was more important to stay here and "fight" Donald Trump.

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