Thursday, January 19, 2017

Saigon January 19, 2017

The cabbage on the left was the best I have ever eaten and would fit right in with the NC kind.

He flew helicopters out of Bien Hoa from '73 until the end which was the exact time frame I was the Funds Manager for the SVAF at Bien Hoa.

Awwww, she made me a heart. :)  Taking her final exams in her 4th year of college this week.

 Wife and husband. Jessica is in the US Army.

The gentleman on the right is from England and is recovering from a bike spill. I told them my story. The FSEE And My .45 Caliber Derringer

As soon as I tasted the small fish in front, I rushed back to find they were all gone, but was promised some tomorrow.  They are fried hard so you can eat the bones too.  Crispy.


Bot Chien


The worst food item I have ever tried to eat, bar none!

Richard and the American couple said it was excellent and consisted of scrambled eggs, only one as it turned out, with potatoes and cabbage. It is actually an overcooked scrambled egg, with fried rice flower cake and and papaya.  They thought the cakes were potatoes and the papaya was cabbage.  I love green papaya, but not the way it was presented.  The only salvation would be to lightly scramble an egg or two with brown home fries on the side and papaya presented another way or actually have cabbage which is depicted in the third picture down from the top on the side.

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