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Reporter denied access to "White Privilege" Conference

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We are fully aware of who Wisconsin Reporter is.

Stephanie Puentes tried to keep the smile from stretching across her face as she made that comment Thursday after denying my request to cover the White Privilege Conference here in Madison.

When I came back Friday morning, Puentes, a conference media representative, clearly seemed agitated. Puentes told me she was quite familiar with the previous stories I had done leading up to the seminar, which examines the concept that minorities may not be afforded the same privileges as white people.

And, again, she wouldn’t let me in.

Did it have anything to do with the story I wrote in early February, disclosing that taxpayers are underwriting at least $20,000 — and likely much more — of the cost of the forum at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center?

Or maybe it was because of my other piece Wednesday quoting Niger Innis, national spokesman for the Congress of Racial Equality, who called the White Privilege Conference an irrelevant and frivolous waste of taxpayer money.

Puentes insisted I wasn’t allowed in because I had not registered online in advance or called the conference’s offices ahead of time to make arrangements.

It’s not as if I didn’t try.

DC Metro Robbery and Beating - The Usual Culprits

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Insane McCain: US Should Force American Companies to Leave Russia

The U.S. should consider forcing major American companies such as General Electric and Exxon Mobil to suspend business in or pull out of Russia if President Vladimir Putin attempts to take more territory from Ukraine or other neighboring nations, said Senator John McCain of Arizona.
"I know that that's a tough call and I know that we don't want to hurt our own economy, but what are the consequences of Vladimir Putin just being able to act?" McCain, a Republican who advocates military assistance for the Ukraine, said in an interview for Bloomberg Television's "Political Capital with Al Hunt" this weekend.

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Lying For The Image

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Not that it's a new thing but it just gets under my skin.  See, I was brought up not to lie, and so the concept that one would lie for some "greater good" just doesn't fit in my brain.  If the truth isn't persuasive enough, it's not on your side.  With the possible exception being something like telling the guy holding the gun on you that you swear you won't call the cops after he leaves.  The image that ticked me off?  This one from the Supreme Court this week:

If you know anything about this case, you know it has essentially nothing do with either of these signs or what's being presented in any news source, be it CNN or Fox.  It's about whether a company has to provide abortifacients in compliance with Federal law, not contraceptives; the deeper question is do people who form a company give up their human right to live in compliance with their faith or even their preferences.  Hobby Lobby already provides contraceptives (16 out of 20 required), their issue is with the 20% which function by preventing survival of an embryo - an abortifacient.   Neither one of those signs represents that case at all.  The one on the left is a dangerous assault on all religions everywhere.  The one on the right, while technically a true statement, is 100% irrelevant.  It's not a healthcare plan.  It's also not a refrigerator, it's not a banana, and perhaps most relevant: it's not a government office.

Final seconds of life for Syrian terrorists

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NC: No shows escaped death by Craigslist killer


Miranda Barbour says other central Pennsylvania men responded to her Craigslist ad before murder victim Troy LaFerrara of Port Trevorton, but they dodged death when they failed to appear for her  promise of female companionship.

“I tried it a few times but it never worked out,” Barbour recounted in her second jailhouse interview in six weeks. “I knew we were going to do this since the day we met, and we tried but the others just didn’t show up."

Barbour, 19, and her husband, Elytte Barbour, 22, are charged in the November 11 stabbing and strangulation death of LaFerrara, 42, in the couple’s car. Police said LaFerrara was lured to his death through a Craisgslist website ad.

Miranda claimed in her first jailhouse interview on Feb. 14 at the Northumberland County Prison that she committed at least 22 other killings over the last six years in a cross-country murder spree driven by her satanic cult beliefs.

The second jailhouse interview occurred Tuesday at the State Correctional Institution in Muncy, a maximum security women’s prison where she was moved after the sensational details of the first interview drew widespread media attention.

She again repeated her claims of multiple murders and said she has not been questioned by federal authorities about them even though she was prepared to locate where some of them had occurred from Alaska to Florida and North Carolina.

Drawing a Pistol in a Car

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Putin orders to return military equipment of Crimea-based Ukrainian units not sided with Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday ordered the transfer to Ukraine arms and military equipment from those Crimean units that did not join Russia.

The defense minister told the president during a meeting with top officers that "the organized withdrawal of the units of the Ukrainian army which have expressed a wish to continue serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been completed." 

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NC: Gun found in vehicle on Forbush High School campus; student arrested


A Forbush High School senior was charged by police for bringing a loaded firearm onto school grounds.

The shotgun and ammunition was located in the vehicle of the student.

The discovery was made late Friday morning during a random drug blitz of Yadkin County schools by the Yadkin County Sheriff’s Office and a slew of K-9 officers with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety.

In the school parking lot, deputies surrounded the blue Jeep while school officials ordered the student assigned to the parking tag displayed on its visor to report to deputies.

The student, Desmond Stefon Barrett, 17, informed authorities that he had used the gun to shoot and hunt. He said he knew the shotgun was in the car, but forgot to take it out.

“You know me,” said Barrett, pleading to school officials and deputies. “You know I would never hurt anyone and this was a simple mistake. I didn’t want to be late for school and I didn’t know what to do.”

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Treacherous Path To Oblivion


The conflict between the government and the people over the Second Amendment is being misunderstood. Those in possession of firearms are not asking the several governments if it is legal for them to have such weapons, they are telling these governments that they are legal and any attempt to confiscate them will be forcefully resisted. This is a conflict that supporters of Constitutional rights across the nation are watching with great interest, because it affects every citizen of every state. If Connecticut officials think they are only going to be dealing with citizens of their own state, they are mistaken. Everyone has a stake in Constitutional rights.

The police departments, legislators and governors appear to be under the misconception that they, or the courts are in charge of deciding what rights the people have. The truth is much more stark: the people decide that by deciding which rights they will defend with their lives. Once blood is shed by the government, that decision comes much easier to make. The governments can come to grips with that in their own time, or they can push the issue and find out what little power they actually possess.

Climate change: The complete transformation of the economic structure of the world

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The states with the most segregated public schools are epicenters of liberalism

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A schoolteacher, who wished to stay unidentified, attempts to catch snowflakes while leading her students to a library from school in the Harlem neighborhood, located in the Manhattan borough of New York on Jan. 10, 2014. (REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

The state with the most segregated public schools is New York.

Other states with exceptionally segregated schools include California, Illinois and Michigan.

These findings come from a longitudinal study of enrollment figures conducted by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles, The Associated Press reports. The period studied was 1998 through 2010.

New York, California, Illinois and Michigan are traditionally among the most reliably Democratic states in the union, as an interactive 2012 map created by Slate shows.

A 2013 “State of the States” feature by Gallup indicates that New York, California and Illinois are “solid Democratic” strongholds. Michigan leans Democratic.

Researchers determined the level of segregation by measuring the exposure of students at a school to students from racial groups different from their own.

More with video @ The Daily Caller

President 2016

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