Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Afghan Refugee Stopped on US-Bound Flight with Explosive Materials in Luggage – Identified as US Contractor

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An Afghan refugee was stopped on a US-bound flight with explosive materials in his luggage. The refugee traveled from Kabul to Ramstein Air Base with the explosives in his possession.

He was described as a contractor for the US government.

Just The News reported:

A male Afghan refugee who was departing the Ramstein Air Base in Germany for the United States was detained Monday after it was discovered during pre-flight screening that he had blasting caps and other explosives materials in his carry-on luggage, three U.S. officials told Just the News.

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Big Crimes


Suppressed Fostech Origin-12 shotgun with a 30-round drum mag 

30 Shells in 8 Seconds

We don't have problems in this country, we have crimes. We don't have issues with our government, we have traitors in the government. Proof of this can be demonstrated using any issue, the 2020 election, the debacle in Afghanistan, the indoctrination in our schools, the border crisis and the Covid hoax. Which one? Any and all. None of it would have gotten past the first round of media investigation, if there were true journalists in media, but there are none. Any true journalist, like Sharyl Attkisson, has been pushed aside, routed out to some degree. That brings us back to the education system that has become an indoctrination system, pumping out communist sympathizers and radical leftists for decades. This is and always has been our primary focus here, though we take communism as an existential threat to everything America stands for and what Americans have fought for.  

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MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

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New Jerseyans call out Biden: “You leave Americans behind!”

Ivermectin OK For Afghan Refugees, Hospitals Filled With 'Vaccinated' Americans

War II Relic Lamps: Made From Genuine Battle Relics: German & Soviet



Each lamp is made of helmets, bayonets and bullets from World War II. You can find their numbers on the helmets. It took me three years to recycle these helmets and bayonets, and I traveled all over Europe.The bullet holes and rust on the helmets are traces left during World War II. These helmets bear witness to that cruel history. Of course, they are not cultural relics. You must know that Germany invested 10.7 million troops during World War II, so there are many such helmets.

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U.S. Marine footage from Kabul

A highly decorated British Special Operations SSG: Biden is more of a danger to the West than the Taliban


A highly decorated British Army officer said he is “absolutely shocked” at President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, rendering the 20-year war “a total waste.”

“6,500 people died, including 3,000 deaths at Twin Towers, and we didn’t achieve a single thing,” said retired Special Operations Staff Sgt. Trevor Coult, who has been feted by both the queen and President George W. Bush.

“He destroyed 20 years’ work in less than 24 hours.”

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Congressman Who Served In Afghanistan: Biden’s Actions Meet ‘Constitutional Definition Of Treason’


Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), a U.S. veteran who fought in Afghanistan and who now serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, told Fox News on Sunday that President Joe Biden should be removed from office for “treason.”

Mast said that Biden’s claim that no one saw the Taliban taking over the country as fast as they did was not believable and he accused Biden of primarily being concerned with the optics of the situation.

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