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The Corrupt ATF

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" I admire the Firearms Technology Folks who rule that a piece of string is a machine gun? Or a muzzle break that reduces muzzle blast by 1db is considered a silencer? Or who manipulate ammo so a semi-auto AR-15 will double or triple? - and then put a man in prison because he sold it?

Do I admire the ATF employees who testify that the NFRTR is 100% accurate knowing fully well that it's riddled with errors?

Do I admire the Inspectors who have a chip on their shoulder, and announce they're here to shut you down? Or allow a 'bound book' practice on one inspection, then write it as a violation on the next? Most dealers aren't criminals and don't want criminals to have guns. Hell, the criminals will use the guns to rob us, or invade our homes. Why would we want that? And, what about the Inspectors who require an ordinary gunsmith to be licensed as a manufacturer - even though he manufactures nothing?

Do I admire ATF supervisors who abuse or slight their employees? Or any of the other unfair and unjust practices explained on this forum?

Do I admire those managers who lie to the American People? That 90% of the guns seized in Mexico come from the United States? Then manipulate the data (and the investigations) to prove it? (Does Gunwalker come to mind?) The eTrace System that gives our personal data to corrupt Mexican (or Columbian or El Salvador, or U.S. for that matter) Cops? No matter how innocent we are? Or the de facto registration system that ATF is pushing - asking cops to trace every possible gun? Why is every traced gun (no matter how innocent) a 'crime gun'? Why is every dealer with a lot of traces, a 'criminal friendly" FFL? Even though he's the largest dealer in the state and fully cooperates with Enforcement?

Or what about the agents who pursue normally law-abiding citizens for technical violations when a kind word might solve the problem?"

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Sound The Alarm! .22 bullet found in Fossgate, York!

"The only honorable response to violence is counter-violence."
-- Col. Jeff Cooper, To Ride, Shoot Straight & Speak the Truth
A picture of the bulletTim Stark shows where he found the item in a puddle by the side of Fossgate, York
A picture of the bullet!
AND Our hero!

A STARTLED man has told how he found a bullet lying in a York city-centre street.

Tim Stark said he was unloading items into the MOR Music store where he works in Fossgate yesterday morning when he spotted what he believed to be a live .22 bullet gleaming in a puddle.

He said he immediately called police, who came and took it away.

“I have no idea what it was doing there,” he said.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said the bullet had been put into safe storage, and CID had confirmed it was not thought to be connected with any incident currently under investigation.
Thank goodness, salvation at least.........:)

One Shot: Two Kills

Operating from a remote patrol base in Helmand, two British snipers were responsible for killing 75 Taliban fighters in just 40 days. In one remarkable feat of marksmanshipo, two insurgents were disptached by with single bullet.
Dead Men Risen: The snipers' story

Operating from a remote patrol base in Helmand, two British snipers were responsible for killing 75 Taliban fighters in just 40 days. In one remarkable feat of marksmanship, two insurgents were dispatched with a single bullet.

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The Boiler Room Publishes LGF Banned Statistics

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The Boiler Room is pleased to release a rather handy file, as engineer No. 2 had been compiling a list of blocked accounts on LGF. The spreadsheet includes sortable account statistics for “karma”, “comments”, “links”, “reg(istration) date”, “reg. year”, “reg. time”:

* blocked

3,873 confirmed blocked nics (and stats).

This also reveals an interesting statistic relating to the crawl toward 9 million comments. If you know basic excel, you can sum the columns and see that the blocked members contributed over 3.5 million of them (at least; current snapshot: 3,526,393/8,959,817 = 39.4%). Please note: we make no claim that this list is exhaustive (for example, we know that Gordon is banned, but we can’t fill in all the columns).

New Pictures & Video From Japan

A pile of burnt out vehicles that were ready to be exported are piled in disarray at a port at Tokai village in Ibaraki prefecture

  • 42 survivors have been pulled out of the rubble
  • Official death toll hits 763, but many hundreds believed to be buried under rubble or washed away by waves
  • Explosion at nuclear power plant, but experts say reactor is not at risk
  • Number of people contaminated with radiation could reach 160
  • Region hit by hundreds of aftershocks, some up to 6.8-magnitude
  • Rescue operation begins but some areas still cut off by road damage and flood waters
  • 70,000 people evacuated to shelters in Sendai

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    Massacre of the Israeli Fogel family by a Palestinian terrorist – Names and Faces


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    Tell Obama To Go To Hell

    Just To Brighten Our Day.........SHARIAH4AMERICA

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    Good luck.

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    The Truth About Mexican Drug Cartels’ Weaponry. Again. Still.

    “Most of the weapons used by criminal groups in Mexico (40 to 60%) comes from the United States. According to the Department of Homeland Security U.S. government, 40% of the weapons introduced in Mexico fall into the hands of drug traffickers.” That’s forty percent of ALL the weapons introduced into Mexico, including those sold to Mexico by our good friends at Bushmaster, Colt, etc. This also includes U.S. weapons sold to other South American governments which find their way north. Including some very heavy weapons indeed. Yes, I know the MGL grenade launcher above is made in South Africa. Read on . . .

    Hypocrite Obama pushes new gun control measures "to prevent future bloodshed." Shouldn't he get a handle on the ATF first?

    "To reflect the true value of the U.S. Dollar, I suggest that henceforth all U.S. coinage be made of plastic or aluminum. That way, they will be conveniently recyclable when the U.S. Dollar inevitably becomes worthless via mass inflation. That might spare the government the shame of the seeing its currency and coinage littering the streets"
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    Colonel William Lord DeRosset

    Colonel William Lord DeRosset

    "A member of a distinguished Wilmington family, he led the Third North Carolina Regiment and was nearly killed on the field at Sharpsburg, suffering a wound that finally incapacitated him for military service."

    Colonel William Lord DeRosset

    Historians Specializing in the Faults of the South

    In his report (excerpted below) to the 1895 Houston Reunion of the United Confederate Veterans, General S.D. Lee rightly commented that “some of us conscientiously think it is not the union of States first formed; that it is a new, more centralized, stronger union, and not the one our fathers established…” The following year would witness Republican William McKinley swept into the presidency by bought votes, corporate campaign donations and unbridled election corruption – and to preside over an imperialistic America the Founders’ never imagined.

    Bernhard Thuersam, Director
    Cape Fear Historical Institute
    Lieutenant General Stephen Dill Lee

    Historians Specializing in the Faults of the South:

    “The true cause of the War Between the States was the dignified withdrawal of the Southern States from the Union to avoid the continued breaches of that domestic tranquility guaranteed, but not consummated by the Constitution, and not the high moral purpose of the North to destroy slavery, which followed incidentally as a war measure.

    As to the war itself and the result thereof, the children of the future would be astonished that a people fought so hard and so long with so little to fight for, judging from what they gather from histories now in use, prepared by writers from the North. They are utterly destitute of information as to events leading to the war. Their accounts of the numbers engaged, courage displayed, sacrifices endured, hardships encountered, and barbarity practiced upon an almost defenseless people, whose arms-bearing population was in the army, are incorrect in every way.

    A people, who for four long years, fought over almost every foot of their territory, on over two thousands battlefields, with the odds of 5,864,272 enlisted men against their 600,000 enlisted men, and their coasts blockaded, and rivers filled with gunboats, with 600 vessels of war, manned by some 35,000 sailors, and who protracted the struggle until over one-half of their soldiers were dead from the casualties of war, had something to fight for. They fought for the great principle of local self-government and the privilege of managing their own affairs, and for the protection of their homes and firesides.

    The facts are that while the South has always been prominent in making history, she has left the writing of history to New England historians, whose chief defect is “lack of catholic sympathy for all the sections of the country.” They especially treat the South as a section, almost as a foreign country, and while omitting the glaring faults of their own ancestors and their own section, they specialize the faults of the early Virginia colonists and the Southern colonists generally. They speak of slavery as a crime for which the South is solely responsible…and ignore the historical fact that England and New England are as much responsible for it as their brothers of the South; that it was forced not only on New England, but on the South, by Great Britain, and in spite of the protests of Virginia and other Southern colonies.

    The histories written by Northern historians in the first ten or fifteen years following the close of the war, dictated by prejudice and prompted by the evil passions of that period, (and generally used in the schools), are unfit for use, and lack all the breadth, liberality, and sympathy so essential to true history, and, although some of them have been toned down, they are not yet fair and accurate in the statement of facts.

    Until a more liberal tone is indicated by Northern historians, it is best that their books be kept out of Southern schools. It is therefore important that that the Southern people be aroused and take steps to have a correct history written, a history, which will vindicate them from the one-sided indictment found in many of the histories now extant.”

    (Report of the Historical Committee (excerpt), United Confederate Veterans, Gen. S.D. Lee of Mississippi, Chairman, presented at the Houston Reunion; Confederate Veteran, June 1895, pp. 165-166)

    Historians Specializing in the Faults of the South

    Police Chief Suspended for Exposing Illegal Aliens Employed at Local Plants

    Via Richard, SWR

    Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Street Photographs

    Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Work

    Je$$e Jack$on: Taking Away Collective Bargaining Is A Confederate Agenda!)

    Nope, can't make these up.

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    Run, Democrats, run

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    Dr. Milton R. Wolf, a Washington Times columnist, is a board-certified diagnostic radiologist and President Obama's Obama’s cousin. He blogs at

    "Democrats are the Forrest Gump of American politics. They’ve taken to heart the advice Jenny gave him right before he deployed to war: “Just, if you’re ever in trouble, don’t try to be brave, you just run, OK? Just run away.”

    And run they have. Like frightened French soldiers.

    There’s hardly a politician in the world who hasn’t promised they’d fight for you but the basic fight-or-flight response has unmasked today’s Democrats’ indefensible defense of big government.

    Wisconsin state Senate Democrats cowering under their beds in an Illinois no-tell motel put 1,500 state workers at risk of layoffs and only delayed the inevitable and necessary budget cuts that Wisconsin, like the rest of America, must face. But these cut-and-run Badgers weren’t alone. Indiana Democrats also turned Hoosier tail and ran to Illinois as well. In 2003, Texas Democrats went yellow and scurried across the Red River to Oklahoma. For Democrats, political courage is like most vintage French World War II era MAS-36 rifles: never fired and only dropped once."

    The Term “Civil War” Ought to be Abandoned

    What is called the American Revolution was properly a civil war, fought with England for control of government in the 13 North American colonies.

    Bernhard Thuersam, Director
    Cape Fear Historical Institute

    The Term “Civil War” Ought to be Abandoned:

    The discriminating minds among our intelligent young people of the South will readily perceive that there is a manifest and important, because truthful, distinction to be maintained touching the style and title of the conflict waged on this American continent during 1861 - 1865, between The United States and the newly-born nationality known as The Confederate States. The following from Dr. S. A. Steel, of Richmond, Va., will be appreciated:

    "The term 'Civil War' ought to be abandoned because it embodies an error. A civil war is a war between factions contending for the control of the same government, like Caesar and Pompey, like Lancaster and York. If the Southern people had fought in the Union, it would have been a civil war, and the defeated party would have been rebels. The movement was a revolution. The object of it was to maintain a separate government. The war was between the government of the United States and the government of the Confederate States. We went out of the Union; went so completely that we had to be re-admitted. We were not 'rebels,' but patriots, wisely or unwisely, exercising the inalienable right of self-government in an honest effort to rectify political difficulties. This is the verdict history will ultimately pronounce upon that struggle."

    While our friends, the enemy, persist in calling as "Rebels," and refer to that struggle for Southern independence as "The Rebellion," we are content to bear the obloquy, knowing the injustice of it; yea, we glory in it, as did the now largest of protestant religious denominations accept and wear the term of reproach designating them "Methodists." But let us not forget that "We be brethren!"

    (Editorial Note, Experiences of a Confederate Chaplain, 1861-1864, Rev. A.D. Betts, Chaplain, 30th North Carolina Troops, W.A. Betts, editor, Greenville, South Carolina, 190?)
    The Term “Civil War” Ought to be Abandoned

    "A State Forced Out of the Union"

    3% Say Ivy League Schools Produce Better Workers

    only three percent (3%) say individuals who go to Ivy League schools are better workers than those who go to other schools. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that 79% do not think Ivy League students make better workers. Eighteen percent (18%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

    Future governor, Quaker and avid Unionist Jonathan Worth believed that his State was driven out of the

    Union by the actions of the Lincoln administration, which was trying to force North Carolinians to not only

    violate the United States Constitution, but also wage war on a neighboring State. On May 30th, he wrote:

    “We are in the midst of war and revolution. North Carolina would have stood by the Union but for the conduct

    of the national administration which for folly and simplicity exceeds anything in modern history.”

    Writing on December 7, 1861, Worth concluded:

    “This State is a unit against the Lincoln Government. It is one great military camp. Some ten thousand troops

    are in the field. The old Union men are as determined as the original secessionists. The State is totally alienated

    from the Lincoln Government and will fight to extermination before they will reunite with the North.”

    Indiana Republicans Spoof on Fleebagging Democrats in Satire Song



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