Sunday, October 18, 2020

Here are the Predictions in Key Battleground States as Both Campaigns Make Their Final Push: It's down to the wire.

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 The US election is entering its final stretch – here are the key areas to  watch | US elections 2020 | The Guardian

With about two weeks left and a make or break debate in less than a week, both presidential campaigns are ranging the country searching for that edge that will give them a clear win in November. Neither will likely find it, as this baby, perhaps the new norm in American presidential politics, is heading for the Supreme Court.

Which, of course, makes the Senate races all important, as they pick the high court and the Supremes could now be the final arbiter of presidential races.

Where are the campaigns headed to on the map? What’s the status of the battleground races on Sunday two weeks out?

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WSJ: The Cost of Bidenomics - A new study on Biden’s tax, health-care, energy and regulation proposals predicts $6,500 less in median household income by 2030.

 WSJ Opinion: Twitter, Town Halls and Two Bidens

Joe Biden has shrewdly kept the campaign focus on Covid-19 and President Trump, which has helped him avoid having to talk much about his own policies. That’s especially true of his economic proposals, which a new study out Sunday from the Hoover Institution shows will have a damaging impact on growth, job creation and household income.

Mr. Biden often cites Moody’s , the credit-rating service, for saying his economic plan will yield faster growth and more jobs. “Wall Street,” he likes to say when he mentions Moody’s, as if that’s a conservative stamp of approval, even as he claims Mr. Trump is a captive of Wall Street.

But everyone knows most economists at today’s big financial institutions have a Keynesian bias that posits consumer demand and government spending as the main drivers of growth. That’s certainly true at Moody’s, whose chief economist is Mark Zandi, who in our view underestimates the impact of higher tax rates and regulation in his economic calculations. This isn’t a personal criticism, but a factual statement about his economic model.

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"Keep Virginia great. Get out and vote and make sure your friends and family do the same!"

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The claim is that the Oregon online voter registration process is totally open to election fraud.

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might want to know about this disinformation operation. No idea if it's state or nonstate actors. The claim is that the Oregon online voter registration process is totally open to election fraud. I was sent *this as "evidence." *above image

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Joe & Jill Biden's Income

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So proud to be a part of this Arizona MAGA Ride yesterday 10/17/2020. Thousands of Arizonans & 30+ miles long


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Biden: 8-Year-Olds Can Decide They’re Transgender. Social Media Erupts.

Daily Wire - Biden: 8-Year-Olds Can Decide They're Transgender. Social  Media Erupts. | Facebook

Answering a question at the ABC News-hosted townhall on Thursday night, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stated that an eight-year-old child should be able to decide that they are transgender.

A woman asked Biden, “I’m the proud mom of two girls, 8 and 10. My youngest daughter is transgender. 

The Trump administration has attacked the rights of transgender people, banning them from military service, weakening non-discrimination protections, and even removing the word transgender from some government websites. How will you, as president, reverse this dangerous and discriminatory agenda and ensure that the lives and rights of LGBTQ people are protected under U.S. law?”

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Trump or Biden

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Words I Never Want to Hear Again

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 Words I never want to hear
*Covid-19 *Quarantine
*Social distancing *Safer at home
"Essential worker
"Second wave
*Dr. Fauci
*Unprecedented *Bill Gates
*Frontline worker "The science
"Flatten the curve
*"Wereallin this
"Stay home, together
life "Mask

Prepare And Be Calm

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If America Goes Socialist Is Civil War Inevitable? - The Post & Email

If the indicators are accurate, what is coming is not going to be pleasant.

What you do about it and whether you will come through it will be largely dependent on two things:  your attitude and knowledge of what is happening, why it is happening and what to do about it.

There is a reality the middle class needs to deal with:  You are the target of all of the attacks that have occurred since the Kennedy assassination.  The reason you are the target is that an oligarchy like communism, socialism or a monarchy requires a social order made up of two classes:  The elite and the workers.  These forms of government cannot function with a middle class that has upward mobility.  Thus, as long as there is a middle class, there can be no world government.

You can blame anyone you want for what has, is, and will be happening to American citizens in the near future… what is yet to come will be a first for all of us.  The truth is, the problems we now face have been brewing for over 100 years.  It is like a pimple that, when filled with puss, final. 

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