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The Obama Administration Appears to Be Breaking a Major Promise it Made Last Year on Immigration

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The Obama administration has announced that illegal immigrants from Central America will be able to apply for permission to bring their children into the United States, even though the administration indicated last year that the program would not be used for this purpose.

Last November, the State Department announced a new refugee/parole program for children in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, for parents who are “lawfully present” in the United States. The program was meant as an alternative to having kids from those countries try to enter the U.S. illegally through the southern U.S. border, as they did in droves last year.

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Man charged with 1st-degree murder in UVa student's death

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Nearly four months after his arrest in the disappearance of a missing University of Virginia student, Jesse Matthew Jr. has been indicted on a murder count in the case - but he won't face the death penalty and still has not been charged in the death of another student.

Matthew, 33, is charged with first-degree murder and abduction with intent to defile, Albemarle County prosecutor Denise Lunsford said Tuesday. Hannah Graham, 18, disappeared in September and was found dead in the county a few weeks later.

Lunsford declined to explain why Matthew was not charged with capital murder, which would have carried a possible death sentence. The abduction and first-degree murder charges are punishable by up to life in prison.

"A great deal of serious thought went into this determination, including the impact on the community, the Grahams and the need to provide Mr. Matthew with a fair trial," Lunsford said.

Darrel Puckett, the chief prosecutor in Appomattox County, said one of the many factors typically considered in weighing murder charges is Virginia's automatic appeal in death penalty cases. In the 2010 case of a mentally deranged man who killed eight people, Puckett declined to seek the death penalty in part because of the likelihood that a conviction would be reversed.

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Dad Saw Text on Son’s Phone Reminding Him to Complete Islam Assignment. Then He Opened Up the Textbook…

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A father in Seminole County, Florida, is raising concerns after he discovered a lesson on Islam in his son’s 10th-grade history textbook, a book that is also used by school districts across the state.
In an interview with WFTV, the father, Ron Wagner, read from his son’s history book:
“There is no god, but God. Muhammad is the messenger of God.”
Wagner also claimed that students were told to “recite this prayer as the first Pillar of Islam, off of the board at the teacher’s instruction.”

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Suspect pleads guilty in killing of KSU student Kimberly Kilgore

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 Sparkles Lindsey photoKim Kilgore photo

A Cobb County woman pleaded guilty to killing a 21-year-old Kennesaw University Student Tuesday, just before lawyers started choosing jurors for her murder trial.

Police said road rage prompted Sparkles Lindsey, 22, to shoot Kimberly Kilgore, 21, to death.
Kilgore's family agreed to a plea deal, sentencing Lindsey to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 30 years to avoid re-living Kilgore's death in court.

"They were very gracious in this case," District Attorney Vic Reynolds told Channel 2's Ross Cavitt. "They're kind, decent, gracious kind of people and consented to this plea and were in favor of it, so we're glad to wrap this case up for them."

Kilgore's mother told the judge the sentence would not bring closure.

“She was very close to her sisters. I homeschooled her until middle school so we were just a close family, and without her, life isn’t be the same," said Rebecca Jones Kilgore.

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The people in charge of Sweden are trying to wipe out the Swedes.

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Biologists have been puzzling over extinction events since the dawn of science. Trying to figure out why some species went away is a natural curiosity for those who enjoy solving puzzles. It’s why old western towns remain tourist attractions or why people visit ancient ruins. Stand in the Valley of the Kings and you can’t help but wonder how it all happened. Why were these people here? Why did they do what they did? Why did it all fall apart?

The social sciences gloss over this by asserting that the people in the age of decline did not really think they were in decline. I’ve never accepted that argument. I think they knew, just as we know now. We can look at this story and see it for what it is – cultural suicide.

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Officials: Kayla Mueller (Che lover?) May Have Been Given to ISIS Commander

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With the confirmed death of Kayla Mueller, new details have emerged about the American hostage’s experience in ISIS captivity, including the belief by some officials that she had been given over to a commander in the jihadi group. 

"ISIS didn't see her as a hostage or a bargaining chip," a counter-terrorism official told ABC News.
"Reflections" in the limited collection of intelligence in Syria -- like indirect indications of a person's presence somewhere, such as ISIS fighters referring to her in calls or spotted guarding a sensitive site where she might have been held -- indicated Kayla was still alive and sometimes in the company of an ISIS leader being actively tracked who had custody over her, possibly by forced marriage, officials told ABC News. 

Sometimes she was with her ISIS keeper and other times she was not, two officials said.

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Notice the Che Poster

 Kayla Mueller @ ISM Palestinian Terrorist Headquarters

No tears for the newly-departed Kayla Mueller, the ISIS hostage whose parents confirmed today that she is dead. Mueller was a Jew-hating, anti-Israel piece of crap who worked with HAMAS and helped Palestinians harass Israeli soldiers and block them from doing their job of keeping Islamic terrorists out of Israel. She also worked to prevent Israel from tearing down terrorists’ “houses,” which the Palestinian terrorists used to smuggle weapons from and to HAMAS in order to perpetrate terrorist attacks. And she wrote several lying, anti-Israel blog posts.

Wails of war (Ukraine)

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Students Opposed to LGBT Agenda Shamed in Classroom

Teenagers at a California high school were publicly shamed for disagreeing with speakers allowed to push an LGBT agenda during an English class, according to several upset parents.

The Queer Straight Alliance at Acalanes High School, in Lafayette, lectured students in several ninth-grade English classes on Jan. 29 about LGBT issues, according to Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing the parents.

During the class, the students, ages 14 and 15, were instructed to stand in a circle. Then, they were grilled about their personal beliefs and their parents’ beliefs on homosexuality, PJI alleges.

“The QSA had students step forward to demonstrate whether they believed that being gay was a choice and whether their parents would be accepting if they came out as gay,” PJI attorney Matthew McReynolds said. “Students who did not step forward were ridiculed and humiliated.”

PJI is a law firm that specializes in religious liberty cases. They are representing several families who had children in the freshman classes -- some of whom also are angry because there was no parental notification of the LGBT lecture.

“Singling out students for ridicule based on their moral or political beliefs is a Marxist tactic that should have no place in the United States of America,” Dacus said.

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QueerVille: Taxpayers Fund QUEER FARMING Lecture At Berkeley


The University of California, Berkeley will be hosting a lecture next week dedicated to the peculiar matter of “Queering Agriculture.”

“So why queer agriculture?” the event description opens. “This seems like an odd question but becomes more obvious with research and analysis.”

The lecture will be given on Feb. 10 by Bailey Kier, a Ph.D candidate at the University of Maryland. Kier is no rookie when it comes to queer studies, having already written a dissertation on the “queer geography of the Potomac River Basic.”

It is difficult to explain just what it means to “queer” something. But in essence, it amounts to re-evaluating the basic nature of a topic from the perspective of sexuality and reproduction.

Helpfully, the event description includes a drawing of a person of uncertain gender passionately kissing an enormous strawberry.

Confusing? Sure, but according to Kier it is also and extremely important matter.

SC: Abrogated duty to Constitution & shown scorn for rights of state legislatures to make laws and free people to govern their own affairs

 A couple march dressed as bride and groom during the Gay Pride Parade in New York

On Monday, a majority of the Supreme Court allowed homosexual marriages to take place in Alabama despite that state joining three others in appealing rulings that have required states to perform and recognize homosexual marriages despite the will of the people. What makes this significant is that is serves as a signal that the upcoming cases on homosexual marriage are pro forma, a farce, a charade designed to let the rubes think they’ve been heard while the big brains on the Supreme Court tell us what is best for us. From Justice Thomas’s dissent, joined by Justice Scalia.

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Scorched Earth Policy in Emerging Conflicts

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..........we look at Sherman’s brutal March to the Sea that had the explicit support of the American seat of power in Washington, District of Criminals.
From Sherman’s Order (9 Nov 1864):
V. To army corps commanders alone is entrusted the power to destroy mills, houses, cotton-gins, &c., and for them this general principle is laid down: In districts and neighborhoods where the army is unmolested no destruction of such property should be permitted; but should guerrillas or bushwhackers molest our march, or should the inhabitants burn bridges, obstruct roads, or otherwise manifest local hostility, then army commanders should order and enforce a devastation more or less relentless according to the measure of such hostility.
If anyone was going to stop Sherman, it would have been Lincoln or Grant who didn’t necessarily support Sherman’s plan.  In the end, Lincoln telegraphed Sherman in response to the plan and said, “Go as you propose.”  There may not have been an abundance of support by volume but by authority, certainly so.  And it’s not like the murdered Southerners mattered to Sherman as much as his desire to be the man who brought the war to an end.

American hostage Kayla Jean Mueller dead, White House confirms

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Kayla Mueller

Kayla Jean Mueller, a 26-year-old American woman held by Islamic State militants, has been confirmed dead, her parents and the Obama administration said Tuesday.

Mueller's family received a private message from her captors over the weekend and the information contained in that communication was authenticated by the U.S. The White House said the U.S. intelligence community has not been able to determine how or when she died.

Jindal Unveils National Plan To Repeal Common Core


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has unveiled a 42-page proposal to reform American education at the national level, one of the clearest signs yet that he is laying the groundwork to jump into the 2016 presidential primary.

At the heart of his proposal is a total repudiation of Common Core, as well as a general rollback of federal authority, increased school choice options for parents and greater administrative freedom for educators.

FREEDOM KNOCKING: Working against the Patriots were liars.

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 Faith @ door

Faith stepped up to the doors of the Washington State Legislature Saturday showing no signs of fear. No one, in fact, seemed afraid. And no one was belligerent.

It was eerie. Faith is six years old. The Movement is well over 200.

I was surprised so many showed up. Because this event was planned to directly confront the business end of abusive government, the guys with guns and no morals. And these participants, by definition, were those who had counted the cost and were putting it all on the line against the New American Tyranny… and its legal budget… and its politicians… and judges… and its police… and its media.

Directly challenging the lawless diktat of Mussolini-Virus-infected Jim Moeller (as House Speaker pro-tempore, 2013-2014), these were the patriots willing to face arrest exercising their rights: under law, under the State Constitution, the U.S. Constitution, and under God. Not a popular place to be in recent times. Not even safe anymore.

Recent SWAT Antics In The Service Of Our Great Country

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SWATting prank terrorizes family:

 Josh Peters knew what was happening the instant he heard his mother’s frantic voice.
It was around 1 a.m. on Feb. 4, and Peters, 27, was hosting an online stream as he played a video game, “Clash of Clans.” Peters makes a living as “Koopatroopa787,” the host of a channel on the website Twitch.tv, where more than 50,000 gamers watch him play and interact with him.

He had noise-canceling headphones on, so he only barely heard the commotion upstairs, hurried footsteps to the basement, and his mom shouting to him that the police were at the house. But Peters, who returned from a tour of duty with the Air Force in Kuwait last November, stayed calm and paused his stream. He knew why they were there.

“Right away, I knew I was being swatted,” he said.

Gallup: Conservatives outnumber liberals in 47 out of 50 states

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Only three states — Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts — and the District of Columbia have a higher percentage of self-described political liberals than conservatives, with a larger right-of-center mindset found in all other U.S. states.

And while Hawaii, Vermont and Massachusetts are the most liberal, with around 30 percent of the population in each claiming to be left-of-center (that proportion is 36 percent for Washington, D.C.), the most conservative states are Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, with between 46 percent and 49 percent stating that they embrace right-of-center political ideologies, Gallup reported.

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