Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Recent SWAT Antics In The Service Of Our Great Country

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SWATting prank terrorizes family:

 Josh Peters knew what was happening the instant he heard his mother’s frantic voice.
It was around 1 a.m. on Feb. 4, and Peters, 27, was hosting an online stream as he played a video game, “Clash of Clans.” Peters makes a living as “Koopatroopa787,” the host of a channel on the website Twitch.tv, where more than 50,000 gamers watch him play and interact with him.

He had noise-canceling headphones on, so he only barely heard the commotion upstairs, hurried footsteps to the basement, and his mom shouting to him that the police were at the house. But Peters, who returned from a tour of duty with the Air Force in Kuwait last November, stayed calm and paused his stream. He knew why they were there.

“Right away, I knew I was being swatted,” he said.


  1. A site has been set up to document a similar set of “antics”, that happen to be statistically more dangerous to you & yours than SWAT or Swatting.


    Tally so far in 2015: 30
    (1.36 black on white murders per day so far)


    Tally for 2014: 381

    Truth. It’s the new hate speech.

    Truth Corps.

  2. One of these days the swat guys will kill some innocent muslim family while they are reading the koran and making bombs. Then there will be hell to pay. The president will personaly visit the site and send holder to sanction the police. As long as its only happening to the working poor (formerly known as the middle class) it will never stop.

  3. This is weird to me; Josh was in the USAF and got deployed to Kuwait. Been there, done that - no big deal except when the Iraqi's were there the first time. Now he lives in his parents basement and makes a living on a web TV as a gamer. The gaming community is warped enough they are SWATing other gamers - stupid, but so is living with your parents after you get out of the military.

    I would think if I made a real "living" on the Internet I would have my own place. Given he is making his living playing games on the internet I would also think that he invests in a lot of hand cream and one arm is a lot stronger than the other. So if he did have his own place he would most likely be alone - kind of hard to SWAT somebody who lives alone.

    Just an observation.

    1. . Now he lives in his parents basement and makes a living on a web TV as a gamer.

      Went over my head until now.

  4. 0.73 per day (2015 rate) correction.
    My apologies.

    Truth Corps

  5. Update, make that 31 so far in 2015 (that we know of).


    1. She was homeschooled also. Screw parole in 30, but I can understand her parents feelings, but no way would I go for it.

  6. I lived in St. Cloud for many years, and lived next door to the police chief in the 60's. The police chief at the time was a heck of a good guy and served during the riots and unrest of the 60's as St Cloud was a college town. Policing has changed a lot since then and not for the better...and the people have degenerated along with the culture.

    1. the people have degenerated along with the culture.