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The North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Report For December

North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Secure Our Borders - Enforce Our Laws

The North Carolina Illegal Alien Crime Report has been posted for the month of December.

Recently, we have received some complaints that "NCFIRE is making the illegal alien problem in NC look worse than it actually is, by adding simple traffic offenses to the reports" (ie: individuals with repeated DWI, DWLR, driving w/o insurance, hit and run, reckless endangerment, etc...charges) so we did something a little different this month.

Just to prove a point, we left out numerous pages, upon pages, of court calendars for various counties in NC and we still wound up with 32 pages of the most hienous crimes imaginable: murder, child molestation, rape, drug trafficking, forgery, assault, terrorist activity, etc...

These reports can be accessed directly, either here as a Word doc or here as a pdf file. They can also be viewed, along with the previous 2 years of monthly crime report archives, on our website:

For those of you that have complained about our reports, NCFIRE has just one question: How much worse does it have to be?

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879

Re: Sing “Dixie” Tonight After “Auld Lang Syne”
Sing “Dixie” Tonight After “Auld Lang Syne”


That was beautiful. Upon our return to the U.S. aboard the QM2 last year, we got up before dawn so we could see the Statue of Liberty the way our ancestors and immigrants saw her. There were hundreds of us on deck and not a dry eye on the ship.

After coming home, I had a dream one night and dreamed a poem that I was able to remember so I wrote it down the next morning. So heres to you!

Lady Liberty -- The Lady with the Lamp

"In the mists of early morning;
Dawn is breaking, seagulls calling;
Sailing into New York harbor,
America you welcome us home!

We seek the symbol of freedom!
The vision of an immigrants dream!
Then we see her torch glowing;
Lady Liberty, the lady with the lamp!

Let us remember our ancestors who
Fought to keep our Nation proud and strong!
And the men and women who now fight for us,
To keep us safe from harm!
As we sail past you, we salute you,
Lady Liberty, the lady with the lamp!

Brock here's a toast to you, Miz Dixie and all those who have gone before us! Happy New Year!


Please Report Suspicious Activity At Wal-Mart To DHS:)

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"I am writing to wish each of you my friends the best for 2010.

Let us all train, prepare, connect and stay ever vigilant and faithful. Those who would dominate have a daunting task. As one man wrote, if 10 per cent of the 100 million gun owning families produced 10 % of candidates who then produced 10 per cent of the action units. That would produce 2k very skilled marksmen members per state in action units. If each prepositioned each day for a legitimate target in defense of the Republic, That would inflict 100,000 casualties per day. Three million per month.

The world's largest armies combined could not withstand that attrition rate and continue to function as a viable force. These are mathematical studies and are not designed to animate anyone to do anything, merely to show the futility of resisting the People. The media has it all wrong, they talk about the people resisting--no, it is about the government refusing the people and, if they continue, I predict they will be pushed back--In a way that will destroy their myth of invincibility. People who can't even rid our streets of crips and bloods think they will dominate the descendants of the American Revolution. Americans have accepted poverty, what they will never accept is tyranny. When things get bad, it is the battlefield who picks the leaders. I for one am careful who I would study.

While they teach Swarzkopf, Desert Storm I. I study General Giap.

While Russians study combined arms, I study the Grozny Invasion and
Chechen defense.

While the Chinese learn full spectrum domination, I learned how little Vietnam Militia chewed up 25 Chinese Divisions in 1979.

And finally, when I study modern tyranny, I see how the IRA influenced two generations of Royalty to leave that Island of freedom lovers alone using 850 action units against 35,000 of her majesty's finest.

The NWO knows this. That is why they have creeped over us little by little. We are predicting that the first targets will be the technology of surveillance. License plate tracking cameras, etc… These are predictions, no one will know for sure. One thing I believe, another Waco or Ruby Ridge will bring massive retaliation by small individual groups nationwide. Death of a thousand cuts. These tyrants are not winning any friends spending on these lavish vacations, eating lobster and spending 1 million a day on security.

When the minions fear liberty lovers more than their tyrant bosses, freedom will ring in the land once again. It is the calm before the storm. The only difference between a robber and a congressman is a congressman wants you to call him honourable.

Yours in Freedom."

Jim Williams

Georgia Secession Re-enactment



On January 19th, 1861 Representatives from the State of Georgia voted to secede from their union with other States of the united States of America in the Legislative Chambers of the old Capitol in Milledgeville.

January 19th is also the birth date of General Robert E. Lee. The Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is sponsoring an event commemorating both events in the exact same Legislative Chambers on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011.

This will be the kick-off event of the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of War Between the States.

The program will be the reenactment of the speeches by 5 of the main speakers at the 1861 Convention—Alexander S Stephens, Robert Toombs, Thomas Cobb, Eugenius Nisbett, and Hershel Johnson--and focuses on the issues each representative brought to the debate. The performance will last 30-40 minutes and will end with a very dramatic conclusion.

For those who are able, we will congregate at the old Governor’s Mansion at the corner of W. Hancock Street and Clark Street between 10 A.M. and 10:40 A.M. At exactly 10:45 A.M. we will march down W. Hancock Street (basically Milledgeville’s main street) to Jefferson Street and the entrance to the old Capitol building. Everyone is invited to march. Period uniforms and flags are encouraged. Patriots in wheelchairs are encouraged to participate if they are able.

Your opportunity to participate will not happen again.


For more information: Visit the Georgia Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans website:

Full Metal Jacket’s R. Lee Ermey Rips Into Obama Administration

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Genocide By Stealth

Mugabe And The White African + The Afrikaner Genocide Archives


The Afrikaner Genocide Archives

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Honoring One Of The Perpetrators At Duke
Wood, on the other hand, tended to use the lacrosse case to speak out about the character of students in his classes. He did so through a string of statements that contained stereotyped, malicious, or evidence-free things about his own students. That such a figure could subsequently win an award specifically designed for "inspiring" students in his classes is nothing short of astonishing.

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The Best Animal Photos Of 2010

Лучшие фотографии животных 2010 (30 фото)
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Emancipation In A Sea Of Blood

The British observed from a distance the clash of Americans over the
African slavery they themselves had imposed many years earlier, and
perhaps wondered why those Northerners, so fanatical regarding the
emancipation of the black man, did not offer a peaceful solution as the
British had done. They may have eventually surmised that the war was
prosecuted by the North for political hegemony, the utter destruction
and desolation of the American South; and emancipation for the purpose
of race war and murderous slave uprisings.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Emancipation in a Sea of Blood:

“In a speech delivered in the House of Lords, February 5th, 1863, Earl
Russell said: -- “There is one thing, however, which I think may be the
result of the struggle, and which, to my mind, would be a great calamity
– that is, the subjugation of the South by the North.” After some
comments he added: -- “But there may be, I say, one end of the war that
would prove a calamity to the United States and to the world, and
especially calamitous to the Negro race in those countries, and that
would be the subjugation of the South by the North.”

Mr. W.E. Gladstone, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, said in a public
speech at Newcastle, October 7th, 1862: --“We may have our own opinions
about slavery; we may be for or against the South; but there is no doubt
that Jefferson Davis and the other leaders of the South have made an
army. They are making, it appears, a navy, and they have made what is
more than either – they have made a nation. (Loud cheers)…We may
anticipate with certainty the success of the southern States so far as
regards their separation from the North. (Hear, hear). I cannot but
believe that that event is as certain as any event yet future and
contingent it may be.”

[Here is] an extract from a long speech by the same distinguished
gentleman, in the House of Commons, delivered June 30th, 1863, while he
was still a member of the Government: -- “Why, sir, we must desire the
cessation of this war. We do not believe that the American Union by
force is attainable. I believe that the opinion of this country is
unanimous upon that subject. But I will go one step further, and say I
believe the public opinion of this country bears very strongly on
another matter upon which we have heard much, namely, whether the
emancipation of the Negro race is an object that can be legitimately
pursued by means of coercion and bloodshed.

I do not believe that a more fatal error was ever committed than when
men – of high intelligence I grant, and of the sincerity of whose
philanthropy I, for one, shall not venture to whisper the smallest doubt
– came to the conclusion that the emancipation of the Negro race was to
be sought, although they could only travel to it by a sea of blood.”

The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe, James D.
Bulloch, Sagamore Press, 1959, pp. 360-361)

Emancipation In A Sea Of Blood

Major Anderson Inaugurates War

After South Carolina resumed her independence on December 20th, the State took the proper responsibility for negotiating a property and debt settlement with the agent of the States, the federal government in Washington. Travelling to Washington to secure a peaceful transfer and appropriate compensation for their State’s share of the public debt, the commissioners met with obfuscation, deceit and political chicanery.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

The War Between the States Sesquicentennial:
South Carolina Declares Independence

Major Anderson Inaugurates War:

“Immediately upon the secession of the State, the convention of South Carolina deputed three distinguished citizens of that State – Robert W. Barnwell, James H. Adams, and James L. Orr – to proceed to Washington, “to treat with the Government of the United States for the delivery of the forts, magazines, lighthouses, and other real estate, with their appurtenances, within the limits of South Carolina, and also for an apportionment of the public debt, and for a division of all other property held by the Government of the United States, as agent of the confederated States, of which South Carolina was recently a member; and generally to negotiate as to all other measures and arrangements proper to be made and adopted in the existing relation of the parties, and for the continuance of peace and amity between this Commonwealth and the Government at Washington.”

The commissioners, in the discharge of the duty entrusted to them arrived in Washington on December 26th. Before they could communicate with the President, however – indeed, on the morning after their arrival – they were startled, and the whole country electrified, by the news that, during the previous night, Major [Robert] Anderson had “secretly dismantled Fort Moultrie,” spiked his guns, burned his gun carriages, and removed his command to Fort Sumter, which occupied a more commanding position in the harbor. This movement changed the whole aspect of affairs.

It was considered by the government and people of South Carolina as a violation of the implied pledge of a maintenance of the status quo; the remaining forts and other public property were at once taken possession of by the State; the condition of public feeling became greatly exacerbated. An interview between the President and the commissioners was followed by a sharp correspondence, which was terminated on January 1, 1861, by the return to the commissioners of their final communication, with an endorsement stating that it was of such a character that the President declined to receive it. The negotiations were thus abruptly broken off.

[In their final letter to Buchanan, the commissioners had stated] “For the last sixty days, you have had in Charleston Harbor not force enough to hold the forts against an equal enemy. Two of them were empty; one of those two, the most important in the harbor. It could have been taken at any time. Scarcely had the commissioners left [Charleston for Washington], than Major Anderson waged war. No other words will describe this action. It was not a peaceful change from one fort to another; it was a hostile act in the highest sense – one only justified in the presence of a superior enemy and in imminent peril. This was war.

What the State did was in simple self-defense; for this act, with all its attending circumstances, was as much war as firing a volley…so that, when the first gun shall be fired, there will have been, on your part, one continuous, consistent series of actions commencing in a demonstration essentially warlike, supported by regular reinforcement, and terminating in defeat or victory. By your course you have probably rendered civil war inevitable. Be it so. If you choose to force this issue upon us, the State of South Carolina will accept it, and relying upon Him who is the God of justice as well as the God of hosts, will endeavor to perform the great duty which lies before her, hopefully, bravely, and thoroughly.

Our mission was one for negotiation and peace, and your note leaving us without hope of a withdrawal of troops from Fort Sumter, or of the restoration of the status quo existing at the time of our arrival, and intimating, as we think, your determination to reinforce the garrison in the harbor of Charleston, we respectfully inform you that we propose returning to Charleston on to-morrow afternoon. ”

(The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Volume I, Jefferson Davis, DaCapo Press, 1990, pp. 182-183; 517-518)

Major Anderson Inaugurates War