Saturday, February 26, 2011

84 Year Old WWII Sniper Does It Again

Nothing else to say, since the video says it all.

What A Pathetic Piece Of Humanity

Punk, do we pace off or just do it now?

If You're Going To Have Just One Bullet. Make It Hollow Point

".........shooting to kill when threatened with great bodily harm or death IS my psychological default."

Day By Day


Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted


"Since 2009, Mr. Heicklen has stood there and at courthouse entrances elsewhere and handed out pamphlets encouraging jurors to ignore the law if they disagree with it, and to render verdicts based on conscience.

That concept, called jury nullification, is highly controversial, and courts are hostile to it. But federal prosecutors have now taken the unusual step of having Mr. Heicklen indicted on a charge that his distributing of such pamphlets at the courthouse entrance violates a law against jury tampering."

Via Restore The Constitution

NUGENT: When The Going Gets Tough, Democrats Run

"Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin needs to stand his ground. He must remember why voters put him and the GOP in power. Stay the course, Mr. Walker. Do not cut a deal with Democrats and the labor unions. Do what is best for Wisconsin and set the example for other Republican governors to follow.

Terminally whacked as he is, at least Col. Whackjob Gadhafi has so far vowed to stay and fight to the end in Libya. He hasn’t run away yet from the mob of Libyans looking to lynch him, but maybe he hasn’t been following what is happening in Wisconsin and Indiana. I doubt he knows there are a Wisconsin and Indiana.

Americans intrinsically know that running away is a sign of weakness, and significant weakness is what we are beginning to see in the Democratic Party poppers who have chosen to flee."

Sign An Open Letter To Governor Scott Walker


Dear Brock,

The union militants aren't backing down.

Late Thursday night, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Governor Scott Walker's public-sector union monopoly bargaining reform bill.

The legislation would give most government employees the Right to Work without having to pay tribute to a labor union and take state government out of the hands of Big Labor, and put it back where it belongs – with the taxpayers.

Please click here to sign an Open Letter to Governor Scott Walker urging him to continue his efforts to curtail the monopoly bargaining and forced-dues powers of the union bosses.

For years, government-sector union bosses have built up enormous political power and influence by extracting forced union dues from public employees and getting their own favored candidates elected to state and local government -- in effect, putting the union brass on both sides of the bargaining table and leading to fiscal nightmares the taxpayers cannot afford.

A fragile national economy and massive budget gaps across the country inspired grassroots citizens like you to fight back, and in the 2010 elections concerned voters kicked Big Labor-backed incumbents nationwide out of office.

But as we're seeing in Wisconsin, the battle didn't end with the elections.

Now, pro-forced unionism Democrats in the State Senate continue to hide out in Illinois, shutting down the upper chamber in a desperate attempt to protect the union bosses' power over the people.

Big Labor is hoping elected officials will give up.

That's why it's vital you act today.

Tell Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker not to give in to the union militants. Click here to sign the Open Letter to Governor Walker IMMEDIATELY.

Grassroots activists like you must keep up the pressure on elected officials to end the union bosses' control over workers and taxpayers.

Please, sign the Open Letter to Governor Scott Walker today.


Mark Mix

The National Right to Work Committee

12 Southern Pictures 1903 - 1910


12 Southern Pictures 1903 - 1910

The Line In The Snow




honest working union workers integrity purpose unions people work money

"........they should be fully aware and informed of the real truth that these groups along with the leadership’s of the Unions (not rank and file but the leadership) were well involved in the riots all across Europe and in the Middle East as well. Those are documented facts and you are welcome to do your own homework to find that out. I have posted over the last five months many articles, and videos to back that up. I understand the media and in large part even the Union leadership do not want this fact be known or do they?

What we are seeing is just the smallest tip of the iceberg to what may be coming to this nation."

Via Conservative Heritage Times

An Islamic Valentine For Lara Logan From Abdul

"Over the transom of the WRSA International desk comes this thought-provoking essay. Note that for young people or other folks not steeped in wonderfully-diverse and equally-valid cultures from around the world, some of the following content may be disturbing:"

Bush Cancels Speech Over Assange Invite

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Seems Bush has it backwards.


Former President George W. Bush canceled his planned visit to Denver today after learning that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange would be speaking at the same conference he was to attend.

Bush had been scheduled to give the keynote speech at the Young Presidents' Organization conference at the Colorado Convention Center.

"Six months ago, President Bush accepted an invitation to speak to the YPO Global Leadership Summit in Denver on February 26, 2011. This week, upon learning that Julian Assange had recently been invited to address the same summit, President Bush decided to cancel his appearance," said Bush spokesman David Sherzer. "The former president has no desire to share a forum with a man who has willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States."

A Picture From The Arctic Patriot

"This is a picture I saw the other night at a gun store. It is about 30 years old, and I think it was taken on Kodiak island.

That's a Bear skull, a human skull, and a rotted out firearm. Look close, it's held together with electrical tape. What a story.

A thousand words? No, this one is worth a book or two."

Via The Arctic Patriot

NC $PLC "Hate" Groups:)

The precursor of our ruin.
"On this black day in 1862 the yankee congress passed the Greenback Act authorizing legal tender notes, that is, completely unbacked fiat paper money. Lincoln's revolutionary government issued so many greenbacks that later in the war greenbacks depreciated to 50c in gold. Not content with this ruin, a year later congress passed the National Bank Act which cartelized banks to make floating war bonds easier. That was the embryo of central bank born in the the Federal Reserve in 1913."
--The Moneychanger
View ImageSPLC-DHS Certified Right Wing Extremist website - Leave now or you may be reported!

I guess I'll have to try harder although I did send them an email years ago asking why they didn't have one of their "little ole' red stars" over Tarboro since I belonged to the LoS. No reply.


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