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Lacking Faith in the Government

 Page 53 of Sectionalism in the Peace Convention of 1861

A powerful and skillful debater, James A. Seddon of Virginia was the self-appointed manager of the Washington Peace Conference, chaired by former President John Tyler.  It is said he matched John Randolph’s contempt of all forms of Northern life, “from the statesmen of New England to the sheep that fed on her hillsides.” The irony of the North’s “hatred of slavery” is that the black man usually arrived in the America’s in the filthy holds of New England slavers, being sold by their own brethren for New England rum and Yankee notions. After the war began, Seddon became Secretary of War of the Confederate States. 

Walther P38 / P1: More Than 80 Years of Excellence

 The Walther P1 (left) and Walther P38 (right).
 The Walther P1 (left) and Walther P38 (right).

When most people think of World War II German pistols (assuming they think about such things at all) the first thing that usually pops up is the famous P08 Luger — and with good reason. The Luger is a sexy little beast that’s achieved iconic status with shooters and collectors the world over. It’s certainly more commonly discussed than the Walther P38. Even the standard 9x19mm round that most of us use (at least some of the time) is commonly called “9mm Luger.”

No doubt the Luger is a finely engineered piece of firearms technology. The problem was, it was too fine.

Seafood and Dessert Night with Grandpa

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Emerald Isle

Brooklyn College Education Prof. Claims Math Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy’

 Brooklyn College Laurie Rubel

Brooklyn College Professor of Math Education Laurie Rubel argued this week on Twitter that the mathematical equation 2+2=4 “reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.” Rubel’s tweet was retweeted and promoted by several academics at universities and colleges around the nation.
According to a report by Campus Reform, Brooklyn College Professor Laurie Rubel, who teaches math education, tried to make the case this week that basic math is “white supremacist.” The tweets are part of a larger trend in recent scholarship by American academics, many of which have argued that “objective truth” is a social construct.

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Economic and Political Opportunity in Florida


Before reaching Appomattox on the memorable retreat of our army from Petersburg, the half starved division of General Bryan Grimes, of which I belonged, was halted after dark for a short rest, and some of the *sharpshooters in the skirmish line, commanded by my brother, Lieutenant George T. Leach, also of Company C in the 53rd NC Regiment, collected and drove to our bivouac two or three cows with the intent of butchering them, believing, as they certainly had reason to believe, that the poor cattle would soon fall into the merciless hands of our pursuers. Reaching our stopping place, for we had no encampment there, Lieutenant Leach sent to headquarters to get permission to butcher the cows for his Corps of Sharpshooters, stating that his men were suffering from food. They had been constantly on the flanks and in the rear of the retreating army since the evacuation, marching, counter marching, retreating and fighting without food or rest. General Grimes peremptorily refused to allow the cattle to be killed, because to allow it would violate one of Lee's well-established rules prohibiting plundering at any cost. 


Almost immediately after war commenced the New England Emigrant Aid Company envisioned the national benefits of “transplanting friends of the Union” in conquered States and flooding them with “Energetic, loyal, liberty-loving colonists.” The promoters avowed that their goal was “to aid in the political, industrial and social regeneration of the South.” In the case of Florida, the emigrants would settle the rich soil, open resorts for invalids, and build permanent homes for “those whose delicate constitutions cannot endure the severe weather of the North.”

In early 1864, Salmon Chase’s presidential ambitions were assisted by increased military invasions of Florida to occupy more land area and establish a new State government dominated by his political appointees. They were then expected to declare Florida’s 3 electoral votes for him come November.

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UPS Readies Freezer Farms to Ship Virus Vaccine — If We Get One

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At one of the freezer farms developed for Covid-19 vaccine storage in Venlo, The Netherlands, UPS will be able to fit up to 300 ultra low freezers.

United Parcel Service Inc. is building two giant freezer farms capable of super-cooling millions of vials of a Covid-19 vaccine, preparing for the day when it will need to deliver the medicine at high speed across the globe.

The facilities, under construction in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Netherlands, near UPS air hubs, will house a total of 600 deep-freezers that can each hold 48,000 vials of vaccine at temperatures as low as -80 Celsius (-112 Fahrenheit). That’s on par with some of the coldest temperatures in Antarctica.

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Rigged Election: NH-Democrats’ Ballot-Harvesting in Full Swing.

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Note that “Brenna” submitted all 27 absentee requests.

To begin with, if you do not have the mental capacity or the motivation to submit your own absentee ballot … you should NOT be voting. That simple.

Democrats Should Receive Billion Dollar Fine For Running Deranged Candidate :)

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 Democrats Should Receive Billion Dollar Fine For Running Deranged ...

The timorous GOP is so bedeviled by fear they no longer reject figurative, or literal insanity. We see this in GOP refusal to call out Democrat’s madhouse power grab while their candidate sputters in obvious mental eclipse. This is why the Dem Party should be fined a billion dollars for attempts to scam the system with Joe Biden, their brain- addled candidate. It’s the world’s most shameless attempt to steal an empire wholly through Bait & Switch and Elder Abuse. Even college football gives fines for cheating and recruiting violations. The football “death penalty” ought to apply here.
Diabolical Democrats involved in this must be forced from any future “public service.”