Sunday, August 9, 2020

Walther P38 / P1: More Than 80 Years of Excellence

 The Walther P1 (left) and Walther P38 (right).
 The Walther P1 (left) and Walther P38 (right).

When most people think of World War II German pistols (assuming they think about such things at all) the first thing that usually pops up is the famous P08 Luger — and with good reason. The Luger is a sexy little beast that’s achieved iconic status with shooters and collectors the world over. It’s certainly more commonly discussed than the Walther P38. Even the standard 9x19mm round that most of us use (at least some of the time) is commonly called “9mm Luger.”

No doubt the Luger is a finely engineered piece of firearms technology. The problem was, it was too fine.

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