Sunday, August 9, 2020

Rigged Election: NH-Democrats’ Ballot-Harvesting in Full Swing.

Via Red Pill Jew


Note that “Brenna” submitted all 27 absentee requests.

To begin with, if you do not have the mental capacity or the motivation to submit your own absentee ballot … you should NOT be voting. That simple.


  1. This has got to be neutralized REAL QUICK. 100% Voter ID required By Executive Order, in all States, Cities, and Municipalities would be nice, since we are still under the War Powers Act.

  2. First, thank you.

    Second... to register to vote you need to be able to prove citizenship.

    To vote requires a photo ID.

    And dipping your finger in ink to prevent being bussed around. No same day registrations either.

  3. Democrat states and precincts would just ignore any such order. The states don't work for the president.
    -- generic

    1. True but some will certainly follow his wishes.