Sunday, August 9, 2020

UPS Readies Freezer Farms to Ship Virus Vaccine — If We Get One

Via Cousin John

At one of the freezer farms developed for Covid-19 vaccine storage in Venlo, The Netherlands, UPS will be able to fit up to 300 ultra low freezers.

United Parcel Service Inc. is building two giant freezer farms capable of super-cooling millions of vials of a Covid-19 vaccine, preparing for the day when it will need to deliver the medicine at high speed across the globe.

The facilities, under construction in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Netherlands, near UPS air hubs, will house a total of 600 deep-freezers that can each hold 48,000 vials of vaccine at temperatures as low as -80 Celsius (-112 Fahrenheit). That’s on par with some of the coldest temperatures in Antarctica.

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  1. If they're willing to invest that much in freezer farms, I wonder just how much money they're anticipating on getting from shipping it all.

  2. HCQ has been proven in Numerous Worldwide Clinical Trials over the last 65 years. I works as a preventative and a cure. It costs less than three dollars a day, and doesn't need refrigeration. Sounds like something else is being cooked up by the Deep State, eh? Dr. Faux Chi, I Presume.

  3. FedEx is doing this too in coordination with operation warp speed. The logistics side for distribution is being set up even before there is a vaccine. It's not clear how much government money is invested, vice private investment. In any case, all of the big distributors already have some capacity to do this and are planning to increase that capacity.


  4. I don't want their damn "vaccine".
    All this is happening with a Republican president in the WH.