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HK's Report from Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Asheville NC on the Southern Confederacy, and Confederate monuments being removed in the South.

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At the invitation of Ms. Cathryn Mcleod, and Dr. John Grant, Pastor of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Asheville, North Carolina ; I would be asked to serve on a panel sponsored by the Church , to discuss the Southern Confederacy, and Confederate monuments that are being systematically removed all over the South.

On Thursday, September 13, 2017, the forum would began with myself, Dr. Grant, a local newspaper Columnist, and a Historian from one of the local colleges serving as the panelist. Each of the panelist would be given 5 minutes to make an opening statement, and afterwards an open mike would be made available to members of the public to ask a question,or make a statement.

For my opening statement, I would read verbatim from the speech that I gave on January 8, 2000 at the fairgrounds in Columbia, South Carolina to those of us who had come in opposition of the Southern Cross being removed from atop the Capitol dome.  ( see / archived emails )

One participant from the audience who just happens to be married to one of my childhood friends, and a self proclaimed journalist; began a diatribe about how when she passes the Confederate soldiers monument; she becomes so offended . It sounded almost verbatim to what I heard from Les Miller, the Hillsborough County Commissioner in Tampa, and not surprising in other municipalities I've visited.

I would later be told by another member of the audience that what the woman said came from a quote placed on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center prompting those against the Battle Flag , and and Confederate monuments just how to respond to questions and statements to make in these type of venues and to the press.

I was born, and raised in this city during Jim Crow, served as 1st Vice, and President of the NAACP, served on the Mayor's bi-centennial committee, served on the Buncombe County Commission committee to re-write the Minority Business Program, and would never hear one word from any citizen about the Vance monument , or the Confederate soldiers monument at the  County Courthouse. I would bet my life that she nor Les Miller could pass a lie detector test, and in so many words, i would allude to that.

In fact, the only word I ever heard in complaint about the Confederate monument at the courthouse came from a young baby Black baby girl about (Ms. Diamone Mays ) cleaning around the monument, and cutting the tree limbs that covered the the soldier at the top of its base. The City response was to remove the soldier from atop the base; never to be seen from again. Nobody from the City government to this day will answer the question ; where is the soldier that disappear ed more than ten years ago. Ms. Mays would be inducted into the Texas Order of St. George for her efforts to right a wrong being done to this Memorial .

It was clear to me as the night wore on that the words spoken by Judah P. Benjamin and echoed on this night would be the only dark spot for the Confederate side. I truly believe that Dr. Grant was seeking the truth with understanding from the darken waters of Yankee rhetoric meant to divide and separate Southern Whites, and Southern Blacks would be discounted for it truly was; pure poppycock whose design today was just like it was in the reconstruction period ; duping and turning the African people into enemies of the Southern White populous. On this night that plan would take a big hit.

I would be cut off by the Moderator as I began my closing remarks about the Dylan Roof fiasco and the photo shopped pictures of him with the Southern Cross in hand, and the insistence of the Northern press to lead haters of the South and the cowardly Governor and scalawag Senator Lindsay Graham who aided their mission down the path of Southern social and cultural suicide to the delight of those who already had began on a path of Southern social, and cultural genocide.

Haley served the South up because of her no confidence vote in the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. She proclaimed that she had to do something. No amount of time served at the United Nations will ever remove her from the cesspool of hate for her action. Fear from the likes of the thugs that descended on New Orleans, or Charlottesville, or Manatee County , Florida will forever be the legacy of Roof and Haley.

In conclusion, I applaud Dr. Grant, and Ms. Mcleod for doing what all these municipalities of the South should have done; seek truth and knowledge for a people who have had inculcated into them and their children's thinking process far too many lies about what took an honorable people to war, and afterwards making every effort to turn the African people against a man that they not only called Master, but also family and friend.

Removing the Memorials of our Confederate dead ; Red, Yellow, Brown, Black and White, freed and indentured alike is the formula for more hate with no social, political, or economic gains for anyone. If they would just leave us alone is the words that I heard from both Black, and White elders as I grew up in the Jim Crow era in the South that was forced upon us by the Northern dominated Supreme Court , with the lone voice of a former Southern Plantation owner who said it was a system that the South did not need.

The local media chose to boycott this event; opting out to cover a story about a White man who would post the Southern Cross with a sign that read: "Slaves for sale". Thank God for his Black neighbor who said that she did not view him as a bigot, or racist, but just as a loyal Southerner who was fed up with the attacks on the Southland and its people. God bless Dr. Grant and his parishioners who seek the road to peace and truth. And may God bless you !

Your brother,

Recipient of the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans Vance Aycock  Award

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National Education–It Has Always Been About “Reconstructing” Southern Culture

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In his book Segregation–Federal Policy or Racism? (Shotwell Publishing, Columbia, South Carolina) author John Chodes noted, on page 53 that: “In 1867, a small agency was created by Congress. It was called the Bureau of Education. It consisted of only five employees: a supervisor and four clerks, ‘to collect such statistics and facts as shall show the condition and progress of education in the several states and territories…as shall aid the people of the United States in the establishment and maintenance of efficient school systems, and otherwise promote the cause of education throughout the country.’

From this miniscule beginning, over time, the Bureau of Education became a gigantic department, nationalizing, controlling, and separating black and white primary and secondary schools by administering the Morrill colleges and absorbing the Freedmen’s Bureau schools into its own bureaucracy.” And we have all been led to believe that the federal Department of Education  didn’t happen until Jimmy Carter brought it in during his one-term presidency as payback to the National Education Association for their support of him. Actually,  it seems that all Carter did was to support the most recent manifestation of something that had really been around, in one form or another, for a very long time.


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Move over, Muhammad; you’re no longer the only sacred icon that can’t be drawn as a cartoon.

Black people are now on the small and exclusive list of things that will spark an instantaneous jihad if sketched by an artist. And the ground zero for black cartoon proscription? Chicago, a city in which blacks are so sacred, they compete with one another on a daily basis for martyrdom.

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Lee & Jackson Unveiled Again in Charlottesville/Monument Avenue Update

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Great news out of Charlottesville this morning!  Patriots removed the tarps from both the Robert E Lee AND the Stonewall Jackson monuments!  They are once again relieved of their illegal and disrespectful shrouds and are enjoying the beautiful fall sunshine!

God bless those willing to make a stand against tyranny and corruption...and God bless the eternal memory of Lee and Jackson!

The Virginia Flaggers are spending this weekend at the Field Day of the Past in Rockville. This is an incredibly Confederate friendly event and we enjoyed a great day on Friday. We passed out hundreds of monument stickers and flags and enjoyed huge support from attendees. Event organizers asked for a supply of our Monument signs and we were thrilled to arrive this morning to find that they had placed them prominently at the entrances!

The event continues Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17, 8 am - 6 pm. Rockville exit off of Interstate 64, just west of Richmond. Stop by and see us!

                                                 MONUMENT AVENUE UPDATE:

Over the past three weeks, The Va Flaggers have logged over 100 hours on Monument Avenue, talking to residents and tourists about the threat to our monuments by the Mayor of Richmond and Governor of Virginia. Support is overwhelming. Last weekend, we had a couple of our folks Stand all day at the Jefferson Davis monument in uniform. The response was fantastic.

We have placed dozens of signs with residents, who come by to offer their support, and have been able to talk to hundreds of people and share information.

Call to action:  Please contact the mayor of Richmond and ask him to leave the monuments alone.  The issue was tabled at the last City Council meeting but the delay is certainly temporary. Keep the skeer on. Contact Mayor Stoney at (804)646-7970 email:

GUEST COMMENTARY There's nothing 'poor' about the Southern Poverty Law Center

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Sure enough, the Southern Poverty Law Center is based in the South. But is it impoverished? No way – in fact, it's sitting on millions of dollars. And does it provide legal assistance? Very little, if any. One out of three just doesn't cut it.

By developing and posting a few years ago what it describes as a "hate map," the Alabama-based SPLC positioned itself prominently as a resource for those who find it convenient to ignore facts. No less than the FBI discovered that a bit too late. Most people may not know this, but at one time the Bureau used the SPLC's data to bolster its chronicling of hate crimes. But the FBI now says no, we can't use SPLC because they are discredited; they have no reliable source of information.

Finally, some of this information about the SPLC is starting to come to light. Here's what Greg Gutfield of "The Five" on Fox News Channel had to say on September 6:

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The OODA loop of Trump's Insurgency has been Smashed

Trump is in the White House today because an open source insurgency put him there.  I first wrote about Trump's open source insurgency a year and a half ago (February 2016). At that point, it was already apparent Trump was very likely to win not just the primary, but the election.

However, as prescient as my article was, I did get the plausible promise -- the simple goal the effort that unites all of the disparate interests, the goal that animates an insurgency -- wrong.  At the time, I thought it was about representing forgotten interests (an error many writers are still making).

Instead, the real uniting goal of Trump's insurgency was "opposition to a failed establishment"
That goal held the insurgency that put him in office together, despite gaffes, scandals, leaks, etc that would have ended the political career of any other candidate.  It was also a goal that allowed the insurgency to continue after winning the election.  In most cases, once the goal has been accomplished (i.e. remove Mubarak), the insurgency evaporates. 

The reason it didn't: the media.

47 Nonprofit Leaders Denounce the Southern Poverty Law Center's 'Hate List' in Open Letter to the Media

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On Wednesday, 47 leaders of conservative nonprofits sent an open letter to the media warning against using the notorious "hate map" put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The leaders denounced any news organization that would cite the SPLC's list of "extremists" and "hate groups" as if it carried moral authority. "The SPLC is an attack dog of the political left" and should be treated as such, the leaders wrote.

"To associate public interest law firms and think tanks with neo-Nazis and the KKK is unconscionable, and represents the height of irresponsible journalism," the leaders declared. "All reputable news organizations should immediately stop using the SPLC's descriptions of individuals and organizations based on its obvious political prejudices."

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"Appalachian Journey", Alan Lomax (1991)