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Un-Christian Hell-Hounds in Georgia


The path of Sherman’s army across Georgia was strewn with “outrages and barbarities of the most repulsive nature” wrote Southern newspapers, with the Macon Telegraph claiming that “Southern women had been overpowered by the “lustful appetites of the hell-hounds.” The “cesspools of Northern infamy and corruption” had been dredged, it said, “in order to collect the infamous spawn of perdition sent out to despoil our country.” Sherman, by the acts of hiss men, had earned “the fame of the ravisher, the incendiary and the thief.” His men did not draw a color line as black “comfort women” followed his army.

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'These Cancel Morons Have Mental Problems'

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Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who's real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney, said that the world is knee-deep in "commie stupidity" after learning that classic cartoon character Pepe Le Pew perpetuated rape culture.

On Monday, the comedian addressed the news, and shared an IGN article on Twitter captioned, "Pepe Le Pew, the controversial french [sic] skunk from Looney Tunes, will no longer appear in Space Jam: A New Legacy after his scene was cut."

He tweeted about the controversy, writing, "'The controversial French skunk. Lol. These cancel morons literally have mental problems. Push back folks. Seriously, we're neck deep in commie stupidity. Just say no to thugs. 'Controversial French skunk.' Absolute moronic insanity. PUSH BACK!"

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The Current State-by-State Status of Constitutional Carry

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Thomas Markle Claims Meghan Markle Ghosted Her Family

The Great Reset: A Coup by the Globalist Oligarch and Big Tech Monopolists

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What exactly is The Great Reset, and its sister slogan “Build Back Better,” both of which keep hearing our politicians parroting in the West?

According to globalist luminaries at the headquarters of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis.

Their intentions are clear: to use the perception of a ‘global pandemic’ in order to fast-track their own new economic world order and global governance system of people management, and restructuring of monetary and commercial rules for ‘green’ financial markets – all to suit their own preordained power structure. There vision is that of an elite-driven, blunt technocracy and globalist feudal system masquerading as a ‘green’ utopia.

In short: this is a global coup d’etat being waged by the riches individuals on the planet.

Sky News Australia reports… 

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Chairman West’s Monday Message for 3.8.21

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"The days of believing that we can compromise, appease, negotiate, and acquiesce to Democrats are over. Their ideological agenda and philosophy of governance is inconsistent with the fundamental principles and values of Texas and America, and the rule of law in a constitutional Republic. Our future, our fortune, must be secured, but it will require bold men and women who seek not to be liked but, rather, regarded."

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Greetings, everyone. As I write this, it is Saturday morning, March 6th, and I am in San Antonio staying at the Hotel Gibbs. I arrived in San Antonio at 1 AM after speaking at a Veterans Memorial event in Murphy, Texas. My room is on the 6th floor, in the corner, overlooking The Alamo battlefield. I was truly tired upon getting into my room, but I opened up the curtains and looked down upon the Alamo in the city lights, and the aforementioned Latin quote came to mind, “Fortune Favors the Bold.”

There have been many different attributions of this quote, including Alexander the Great. However, when one considers those words, and this day, it embodies the defenders of The Alamo, led by a 26-year-old, Lt. Col. William Barret Travis. 

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Evangelicals for Biden lose faith in Joe


Nothing about Joe Biden's pro-abortion agenda reflects biblical values. And those who argued that evangelicals needed to either back away from Donald Trump, sit out the election, or vote for Biden own this – and all of the other ungodly, evil policies flowing from Capitol Hill. They tried to play the church … and got played instead.

They can't say they weren't warned. Everyone in America knew where Joe Biden stood on abortion -- because he told them. In 13 debates, multiple campaign ads, and a Planned Parenthood townhall, no one had any doubt that if this man won the White House, his folksy faith talk would take a backseat to his political deal with the far-Left. If Evangelicals for Biden want to say they never saw this COVID bill and its abortion funding coming, then they were the only ones.

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‘Welcome to Fort Pelosi’: GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert demands House Speaker ‘tear down this wall’

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Congresswoman Lauren Boebert demanded Monday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ‘tear down this wall’ of fencing that has remained around the Capitol complex since after the January 6 attack – even though a review resulted in recommenders for installing a retractable fencing system.

The Republican representative for Colorado released a minute-long video on Twitter where she lauded former President Donald Trump for building a security wall at the southern border but bashed Democrats for keeping a fence up around the Capitol.

She continued: ‘President Trump built a big, beautiful wall because he loves America and he wanted to secure our country and protect us.’

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A Life Worth Living in Burma/ Myanmar

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A life worth living Angel - I wear a black t-shirt with Everything will be OK (everything will be fine), then my blood absorbent shirt, the bullet of Myanmar terrorists stole my life, and dozens of other innocent people .. The UN and many organizations, big countries - if there is no strong move to treat evil dictators, then there are just bulls, stretchers. Anyway, she has a meaningful life. There are many people who live up to a hundred years old, famous all over the outside but don't have much meaning. She only lives until 20 years old, but leaves the world so many lessons. The important thing is not how long we live but how we live.

BLM Protesters Harass Young Cheerleaders Over Their ‘White Privilege,’ Organizer Stands By Actions

Cheerleaders - stock photo

A father of cheerleaders who went only by Rob told WDRB that the protesters “were badgering” the girls “all the way in the door.” His oldest daughter, he said, “cried for about an hour” over the incident.

"The reason why you get to be here in these pretty little gorgeous outfits and your gorgeous hair and your gorgeous bows is because of your white privilege."

Black Lives Matter protesters badgered young cheerleaders while they entered the Kentucky International Convention Center in downtown Louisville for a cheer competition on Saturday.

One of the protester leaders Carmen M. Jones, who said Sunday that she stands by her comments, yelled at the girls for their “white privilege” and told one of the women with the cheerleaders that she better “make sure your kids aren’t somebody my kids are gonna have to beat up.”

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Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: 5 Lessons I Learned When the Deep State Came After Me and My Family

Comment on German POWs and Civil Rights

 Guests Behind the Barbed Wire: German POWs in America: A True Story of Hope and Friendship by [Ruth Cook]

"I agree with Mr. Daniel in that it is "trendy" for the narrative that black Alabamians had less liberties than German POWS is propagandized. It makes good Hollywood stories for people who wish to perpetuate "racism", etc. I do not know of any instances like those portrayed in the movie "Red Tails". That is not to say that some did not occur, but I sincerely doubt and have yet to learn of any widescale program where German POWs were treated "better" than local black populations as a policy.
For a great insight on German POWs, American prison camps, day to day operations, conditions of living, etc. in the Deep South, read "Our Guests Behind the Barb Wire: German POWS in America". The book pertains to everything from the conception to the dismantling of the camp near Aliceville, Alabama after the war. The book even goes in depth about the lives of some of the American personnel and Germans and their families after the war and reunions that continued into the 1990's."

~~Jeffery in Alabama

Democrat Logic: Joe Biden Says Military Will Focus on Making “Maternity Flight Suits” — So Pregnant Women Can Drop Into Enemy Territory During Wartime? (VIDEO)

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Happy International Women’s Day!

The Biden White House announced on Monday, which happened to be International Women’s Day, that the US military is focusing on “maternity flight suits” for pregant women.

Because it’s important that pregnant women are able to drop into enemy territory during wartime.

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