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Simpson and Bowles Savage Obama, Cliff Deal

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Appearing on Meet the Press this morning, former Republican senator Alan Simpson and former Clinton chief of staff Erskine Bowles, the chairman of the president’s deficit reduction commission, spoke with a candor uncharacteristic of Sunday-show guests. Both Simpson and Bowles charged that the measures Congress has taken to address our debt and deficit problems are woefully inadequate; Simpson had particularly harsh words for the fiscal cliff deal signed into law last week and for President Obama in particular.

“The mountain roared and gave birth to a mouse,” Simpson said of the deal. “This things isn’t going to do anything, really.” Simpson savaged the president and Congress for ignoring the recommendations produced by the deficit reduction commission. “Don’t forget, in our commission, we got five Democrats, including Dick Durbin, five Republicans, including Tom Coburn, one independent, how do you do any better than that?” Simpson asked. “And the president ignored it, and the Congress has ignored it because they won’t do the big stuff, and the big stuff has got to get done…we’re the healthiest horse in the glue factory right now.”

Bowles emphasized that, while lawmakers have tackled the easy problems facing the nation, the more difficult ones remain. “We have got to reform the tax code to make it more globally competitive, we have got to reduce this entitlement spending…and we have got to make social security sustainably solvent.” Bowles said. “It’s gotta be growth, it’s gotta have some revenue, but the big part going forward has gotta be spending cuts,” he concluded.

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How a Water Well is Drilled

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Advice From The Founders


For the record, I am not a member of any organization, not the NRA, not GOA, not Tea Party, not militia, nothing other than a delegate to the III% Congress, which is to say that I am a freelance advocate for the Constitution. Whatever liberty-based organization to which I have temporarily become a member has only been in an attempt to understand their philosophy and goals, nothing more.

I control no group of individuals or have influence with anyone. Whatever I say, I say in encouragement to patriots of the Constitution to hold its values above the laws passed by a corrupt government operated by officials in violation of their oaths to defend the Constitution.

A government unlimited by the constitution has no authority to pass laws of any kind.

In each case of corruption, be it at the local, state or federal level it has started by violating the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The ultimate decision as to whether something is constitutional or not does NOT lie with the Supreme Court, a highly political body, but with the people themselves. The Supreme Court might only rule something Constitutional which clearly is not and thereby expose itself as in violation of its charter and corrupt.

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The Constitution

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Via Knuckledraggin' My Life Away

Healing the Victims of the Avarice of Others


Major Joseph A. Engelhard served in the Thirty-third North Carolina Regiment in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.  He was elected North Carolina Secretary of State in 1876, and in 1878 encouraged young Southern men at the University of North Carolina to be proud of their forefathers, and the country and constitution they created.  Engelhard died in office in 1879. 

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Healing the Victims of the Avarice of Others:

“If in any part of the United States there exists moral deformity, or outrage, or unseemly appearance of social or political evil, you can say that no portion of it can be traced to our door. It is true, we have been charged with the error and evil of Slavery, but history and the verdict of all men must be that slavery was introduced here against our will, first by the Dutch and afterwards by the Slave Merchants of the North. 

Upon the garments of the South there is no stain of the “Slave Trade.” Those infamies and the profits of that traffic alike, belong to others. 

Our lot has been to civilize, to humanize, to Christianize the victims of the avarice of others. Like men we fought for the institution, not, however, for its sake, but because through it all our sacred rights were assailed. The men who proclaimed victory at Mecklenburg; the men who fought seven years for it afterwards; the men who built the country’s strongest entrenchments in the Constitution; who extended most widely its area; who illustrated it with most honor in the National Councils, and who exposed and lost all to defend every approach of danger to it, never – never could be truly charged with the responsibility for human Slavery. 

One thing all men must say of us, that the Southern people in two hundred years did more to elevate and render good and happy the African than all the world in all time ever did. And upon that record we stand.”

(Address of the Hon. Joseph A. Engelhard, Before the Philanthropic and Dialectic Societies of the University of North Carolina, June 1878, Edwards & Broughton & Co., 1879, pp. 11-12)

Ol' Remus on guns

There is only one way to shorten and ease the convulsions of the old society and the bloody birth pangs of the new —revolutionary terror.
Karl Marx
To overcome our enemies we must have our own socialist militarism. We must carry along with us 90 million out of the 100 million of Soviet Russia's population. As for the rest, we have nothing to say to them. They must be annihilated.
Grigory Zinoviev, head of the Communist International, 1918, purged and executed in 1936
We know how socialism in Russia worked out: decades of terror, mass arrests, labor camps, intentional famines, atrocities and executions. Why did the populace not resist? It began this way, in 1918, and you'll note it was not a suggestion:

Citizens! Hand over your weapons

94 years late
It is truly a strange time in which we live. The Russian news outlet Pravda, formerly the mouthpiece of the Soviet regime, has published an opinion column art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif encouraging Americans not to surrender their guns and gun rights to the government. The column warns that the disarming of the population is one of the first steps toward government repression and totalitarianism, and cites Russian history as an example, as this is exactly what happened in Russia when the Bolsheviks came to power.
Daniel S., comment at
We have our own leftist elite. Anti-gun partisan Michael Moore employs armed body guards, as does Rosie O'Donnell. The staff at The Journal News, which publishes maps of concealed permit holders in New York suburbs, now employs armed security. Obama's daughters attend a private school with armed guards and Secret Service agents both. Arthur Sulzberger, New York Times publisher and Brady Campaign board member, has a concealed carry permit art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif. Rabid anti-gun Senators Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif have concealed carry permits, or did and may still. They're hypocrites, pathological liars actually, who believe they're entitled to a level of protection those they "represent" are not.
If I could've gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them—Mr. and Mrs. America turn 'em all in—I would have done it. I could not do that.  The votes weren't here.
Sen. Feinstein, CBS's 60 Minutes 1995, via
They and their supporters would be pleased if the populace willingly turned all guns over to them. They claim this is a reasonable, common sense interpretation of the Second Amendment. Of course, if we persist in being inflexible, if we continue to disappoint them, they do have a Plan B. See the Bolshevik poster and Senator Feinstein's druthers, above. Alas, the tide turned against them a generation ago, now runs the other way and, relying on gun sales and polls art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif, anti-gun sentiment is still dwindling. There will be trouble over this, but not because there has to be. 

A reasonable, common sense and durable settlement has always been available, and formerly practiced. Those who believe guns are a self-animating evil are free to neither keep nor bear arms. They are not however free to deny others their right to keep and bear arms. Nor may they make keeping and bearing arms conditional on their permission, as if their judgment were a fair substitute for our civil rights. 

Gun control laws are specifically and plainly forbidden by the Constitution. The Second Amendment assumed the populace would possess and be well practiced with the ordinary arms of light infantry. In fact, the NRA was formed and led by Civil War Generals Burnside and Wingate to keep civilians—the unorganized militia—proficient with the rapidly modernizing military arms of that era. Yes, there came a time when the NRA read the Second Amendment as the right to keep and bear sporting equipment, and yes, they were clubby go-along accomplices that knowingly provided curb appeal to the most treacherous gun control laws from the early 1930s through the 1960s, sometimes actually drafting parts of them it's said, but late in the last century the NRA became peripherally aware of its own first principles and reassembled a functioning backbone, albeit from parts found elsewhere. Their far less patrician membership was pleased to be addressed as something other than a dues-paying form of dysentery.

The New Orleans Confiscations seem to have awaken them more fully, yet it's right to be suspicious of any organization that eats where the federals defecate, DC-Land to be specific, an estate once held by the Sixth Lord Fairfax of Cameron dontcha know, which may account for the leadership's "riding to the hounds" view of themselves. But the collectivists have blown their dog whistle now and they're yapping on yonder rise. In the upcoming assault it's results that count, not pedigree, so the alpha dog now has a main chance to redeem himself in the eyes of mutts with bleeding gums. If they blow this one it's back to the club room and talk of bespoke Purdeys forever. They'll be less than irrelevant, they'll be a liability. 

Collectivist believe in collective guilt, unsurprisingly. They believe this as deeply and unquestioningly as any Bolshevik commissar or medieval inquisitor. They reveal themselves when they say the NRA "refuses to accept blame for the Sandy Hook massacre." The people manning the solar observatory at Sacramento Peak also refuse to accept blame, or would if asked, and rightly so. Absent evidence the perp had accomplices, or was under direct and actual control of others, blame attaches to the shooter alone. The proposition is simple and of unassailable provenance. As with all crime, guilt lay with the perpetrator. Hence the term, perpetrator. What would those who blame "society" for crime have us do instead, arrest cab drivers in Toledo and call it a good start? 

As for AR-platform guns and similar, anti-gun partisans claim their only purpose is to kill people in large numbers, that they belong on the battlefield, not "on our streets." Police respond to an 'active shooter' with AR-platform guns or equivalent and don't kill people in large numbers. If police have determined such a weapon is well suited for taking down an armed bad guy, shall we insist they use a lesser weapon lest they mow down the whole neighborhood and declare victory over Smallville? If not, why would we reserve such a suspicion for ourselves? 

If law enforcement endorses the AR-platform as appropriate for taking down a bad guy, does this not recommend it even if the good guy is wearing something other than an official getup? Or does our occupation and sartorial inclination now determine whether we get to live? Shall gun owners also be required to drive ancient crank-start cars with tiny engines lest they exceed the speed limit and drive through a playground? And speaking of reason and common sense, at four-figure prices and legendary scarcity, it's apparent to all but the determinedly unschooled they're not "on our streets," much as the impecunious wish they were. 

Murder has always been a punishable offence. Let it go at that. We don't punish the bystanders too, much less the totally uninvolved. Not rightly. Not even a little bit.

Thomas Nee, key member of Joe Biden's "gun violence commission," has a son who was convicted of plotting a Columbine-style mass murder at a school -- possibly with a service weapon obtained from his father.

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(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) "Vice President Joe Biden, right, with President of the National Association of Police Organizations and Boston police officer, Thomas Nee, center and Attorney General Eric Holder, far left, speaks to media during a meeting at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House complex, Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012, in Washington. Biden is leading a task force that will look at ways of reducing gun violence."
Sipsey Street has learned that a key member of the President's committee to find "the solution" to school shootings, has a son who was convicted of plotting a Columbine-style school massacre -- possibly with a service pistol obtained from his father. Nee is the former head of the Boston Police Patrolman's Association and is currently the head of the National Association of Police Organizations. In short, says one source familiar with the notoriously anti-firearm Nee, "he is a political hack/thug/activist who happens to carry a badge."
Sources point out that not mentioned in state-run media accounts of the Biden comission is that Thomas Nee's son was arrested and convicted for plotting a Columbine-style attack on Marshfield High School in Massachusetts. Additionally, says one source, "Joseph Nee might have armed himself at one point with his father's service pistol though that story went off the radar."
This source continued, "As usual, the 'solution' will be the attempted theft of freedoms from the innocent while the root causes of these evil shootings, especially dysfunctional parents will be ignored."
There are a ton of links out there re this story, here are a few.

More @ SSI

How college students think they are more special than EVER: Study reveals rocketing sense of entitlement on U.S. campuses



Books aside, if you asked a college freshman today who the Greatest Generation is, they might respond by pointing in a mirror. 

Young people's unprecedented level of self-infatuation was revealed in a new analysis of the American Freshman Survey, which has been asking students to rate themselves compared to their peers since 1966. 

Roughly 9 million young people have taken the survey over the last 47 years. 

Psychologist Jean Twenge and her colleagues compiled the data and found that over the last four decades there's been a dramatic rise in the number of students who describe themselves as being 'above average' in the areas of academic ability, drive to achieve, mathematical ability, and self-confidence. 

But in appraising the traits that are considered less individualistic co-cooperativeness, understanding others, and spirituality - the numbers either stayed at slightly decreased over the same period. 

Researchers also found a disconnect between the student's opinions of themselves and actual ability. 

 While students are much more likely to call themselves gifted in writing abilities, objective test scores actually show that their writing abilities are far less than those of their 1960s counterparts. 

Why is Piers Morgan Here?

The Remington 783

The Remington 783 

For the most part, I'm a Remington 700 kind of guy. I don't buy into the notion that a control round feed rifle is better, or more reliable, than a push feed rifle. I also like my firearms made in America. My first center-fire rifle was a Remington 700. That was almost 35 years ago and, if I remember correctly, it cost about $400. It was a $400 rifle that would knock the white off a golf ball at 100 yards every time. 
Remington's newest bolt-action rifle is the Model 783. The "7" in the model designation comes from the 700 line of rifles, the "8" is kind of a throwback to the affordable but reliable model 788, which was discontinued 20 years ago, and the "3" is for the three in 2013. The suggested retail price is $451, but you can expect street prices to be closer to $400.

Anytime a firearms manufacturer offers a bargain-priced rifle with claims that it will perform like a higher-priced model, shooters are skeptical. I'm no different. I've heard the same sales pitch numerous times, and there's always a catch or some sort of gimmick to the greatness. The 783 was no different; I needed proof.

In September 2012, I had an opportunity to be the first non-Remington guy to see and shoot the 783. Two Remington employees were preparing for a New Mexico Elk hunt with the 783, and we got together in a big West Virginia cow pasture to see how well this new rifle worked. We set up steel targets from 100 to 500 yards, and after zeroing four 783s we proceeded to burn through about a case of 7 mm Rem. Mag. ammunition.

The first thing I noticed was how easy the rifles were to sight in. I've sighted in enough rifles to know those that are not consistently capable of shooting sub two-inch, five-shot groups at 100 yards can become a nightmare. We did not have that problem. We zeroed four rifles with only one box of ammunition. 

Moviegoers tweet desire to kill white people after seeing 'Django Unchained'

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Actor Jamie Foxx

Reproduce for your range bag.

After seeing the new Quentin Tarantino movie "Django Unchained," a number of moviegoers issued violent and racist tweets expressing a desire to kill white people, Twitchy reported Sunday.

"Seeing Django reignited my desire to kill white people," said "Flex."

The tweet had been deleted, but many more were available.

"After watching Django, all I wanna do is shoot white people," another person said.

"We need a modern dy django to kill some white people (sic)," tweeted another.

"#IsItWrongIf u wanna kill all white for 30min after you see Django Unchained (sic)," added "Joey Logan."

"After watching Django all I want to do is eat baked beans and biscuits and shoot white people for money," said "Rusty Nail."

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Manager of FPSRussia found murdered

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What a shame and why in the world?



Keith Ratliff, the manager of FPS Russia, the 3rd most popular youtube channel was found dead yesterday, tied up to a chair and shot in the back of the head.

The radio and media at large isn’t mentioning the exact details, however this is a very important thing. FPS Russia is a driving force in the pro-gun movement concerning youth. The videos published are very pro-gun, and reach literally millions of impressionable youth showing them that firearms just aren’t for people in movies or video games.

From the details, it was not a robbery turned murder. His guns were still left in the house. So, why was he murdered mob style?

This represents a second well known player in the firearms industry to be killed in the past week. Only a few days ago, John Novseke was killed in a somewhat mysterious car crash.

Interestingly enough, one of FPSRussia’s recent videos featured him tied to a chair, held hostage and about to be shot.


The Big List of Who Hates Guns

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And it's a long, long list. Organizations, celebrities, national figures, journalists, corporate heads, (Which reminds me.......) publication and media outlets to keep in your noggin.

I was cruising the web reading gun articles and then I started wondering about writing an article on anti-gun organizations and people. Since anti-gunners are always saying “no one wants to take your guns away” or they want me to live under their take of “sensible gun laws” (neither of which I believe to be prudent, sensible or anything remotely truthful) I figured I would go to the NRA’s Institute of Legislative Action to find out who are the people that want to be sure that I can’t defend my home or go shooting my .22 in the woods (both heinous acts of human behavior to be sure).

So, hats off the the NRA-ILA team for compiling this list. Here is what the NRA-ILA team had to say.

The following organizations have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations. In many instances, these organizations lent their name in support of specific campaigns to pass anti-gun legislation such as the March 1995 HCI “Campaign to Protect Sane Gun Laws.” Many of these organizations were listed as “Campaign Partners,” for having pledged to fight any efforts to repeal the Brady Act and the Clinton “assault weapons” ban. All have officially endorsed anti-gun positions.

Couple in 80s slain during apparent home invasion in western Michigan

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Police in western Michigan say a husband and wife in their 80s were slain during an apparent invasion of their home. reports that Kentwood police identify the victims as 81-year-old David Bouwman and 80-year-old Vivian Bouwman. Police say they were found dead Saturday morning at a house in the Grand Rapids suburb.

Police say they think the Bouwmans were killed between 7 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday.

Police say they discovered the couple’s burned-out gold Cadillac DeVille in neighboring Wyoming, which led them to the house and the discovery of the killings.

Autopsies are planned Monday.

21-year-old man shot, killed in home invasion

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 Police are investigating a shooting death at this Horsey & Everett Road home east of Laurel.

Delaware State Police are investigating the home invasion and shooting death Saturday night of a 21-year-old man east of Laurel.

It happened at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday when unknown armed suspects who were wearing dark clothing and dark-colored masks entered a residence in the Sgt. Paul G. Shavack said.

Once they were inside, the suspects confronted Kyle Newman, and during the confrontation shot him multiple times in the upper body, Shavack said.

They then fled on foot in an unknown direction.

At this time, it is not known if any money or property was taken, Shavack said.

Newman, of Laurel, was taken by ambulance to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital in Seaford, where he was pronounced dead, Shavack said.

Delaware State Police homicide detectives are continuing their investigation. Shavack said that through interviews and evidence, it is believed that this was not a random act, and that Newman was targeted.

More @ Delaware

Tri-City classes teach firearm fundamentals

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Firearm Safety Class 
Cailin Davey thinks knowledge is power when it comes to guns and staying safe.
That's why on Sunday she took her 11-year-old and 14-year-old sons to a free gun safety class at Kennewick's Ranch & Home.

"It's important people recognize that it's not just gun nuts that think our rights to bear arms are important," the Kennewick woman said.

There are "every-day citizens" walking around the mall or community who want to protect that right, Davey added.

But personal responsibility and safety is also key to gun ownership, which is what prompted Bill Dress, an owner of Ranch & Home, to team up with firearm instructors from Practical Edge Shooting to offer the free classes.

The classes were organized in the aftermath of recent mass shootings, after Dress saw a surge in gun sales at his store and around the country.

Read more here:

We're now one step closer to America's coming civil war


The New Year has started with a monstrosity of a budget deal, one that proves that neither political party, Democrats or Republicans, is really serious about controlling the growth of big government.

But soap opera dramatics about fiscal "cliffs" and sequestration shouldn’t deflect from where President Obama is really taking this country. Consider this story from the Wall Street Journal a few days before Christmas:

“Thousands of people in several Argentine cities ransacked supermarkets for a second day in the latest challenge to President Chistina Kirchner, who is struggling to revive a weak economy...In the central city Rosario, two people were killed during the incidents and 137 people arrested.
Washington's Republicans and Democrats alike have become the toll collectors on the road to serfdom.
“The violence puts Mrs. Kirchner in a difficult position as the poor are [her] core constituents...Her government spends billions of dollars a year to help low income families, including free health care...[Yet] Argentine activists who claim to represent the poor traditionally block access to supermarkets in the month of December to demand free food and other items...The latest events were some of the worst acts of looting and vandalism in years.... Local media showed dozens of men, women, and children hauling away televisions, refrigerators, and food.”

Some have said my warnings about a coming civil war between makers and takers are exaggerated.

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Dem Senator Heidi Heitkamp Rips Obama’s Reported Gun Control Proposals As “Extreme”…



If Democrats aren’t 100% on-board with Obama’s gun control plans they have zero chance of passing Congress, the wannabe dictator is going to go the executive order route, mark my words.
Via The Hill:
Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) on Sunday panned the White House’s reported gun-control proposals as “extreme."
In an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” the senator said that while she was open to a broad discussion on ways to prevent gun violence in the wake of December’s tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., she doubted that the administration’s likely proposals would garner support on Capitol Hill.
“I think you need to put everything on the table, but what I hear from the administration — and if the Washington Post is to be believed — that’s way — way in extreme of what I think is necessary or even should be talked about. And it’s not going to pass,” said Heitkamp.
A report in the Washington Post released Saturday said the White House working group on gun violence was considering measures including universal background checks for all gun buyers, strengthened mental health examinations and tougher penalties for those caught carrying firearms near schools.

The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting

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Since last month’s horrifying and heartbreaking school massacre in Newtown, Conn., politicians and the press have, as everyone knows, been totally obsessed with firearms.

Indeed, President Obama has vowed to impose strong new gun-control measures on the nation – very soon, with or without Congress.

Other possible factors – from violent video games to the “failure of our mental-health system” to the unintended consequences of making schools “gun-free zones” – have taken a back seat to guns. Within hours of the gruesome mega-crime, the media had provided extensive, round-the-clock coverage of precisely which firearms, manufacturers and calibers the perpetrator had used, how he had obtained them from his mother, where they were originally purchased, and so on.

But where, I’d like to ask my colleagues in the media, is the reporting about the psychiatric medications the perpetrator – who had been under treatment for mental-health problems – may have been taking? After all, Mark and Louise Tambascio, family friends of the shooter and his mother, were interviewed on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” during which Louise Tambascio told correspondent Scott Pelley: “I know he was on medication and everything, but she homeschooled him at home cause he couldn’t deal with the school classes sometimes, so she just homeschooled Adam at home. And that was her life.” And here, Tambascio tells ABC News, “I knew he was on medication, but that’s all I know.”

It has been more than three weeks since the shooting. We know all about the guns he used, but what “medication” may he have used? (One brief mini-hoax emerged when the New York Daily News published a story claiming the shooter, according to his uncle, had been on the controversial antipsychotic drug Fanapt. That story was quickly withdrawn after the “uncle” turned out to be a fraudster with no relation to the murderer.)

So, what is the truth? Where is the journalistic curiosity? Where is the follow-up? Where is the police report, the medical examiner’s report, the interviews with his doctor and others?

But let me back up. Perhaps you’re wondering why this issue of psychiatric medications should be so important.

As I documented in “How Evil Works,” it is simply indisputable that most perpetrators of school shootings and similar mass murders in our modern era were either on – or just recently coming
off of – psychiatric medications:

More @ WND

FDA To Introduce New Regulations Estimated to Cost Growers Half a Billion Dollars

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We're from the federal government and we're here to grow lettuce. (Photo:  photofarmer/Flickr) 

We’re from the federal government and we’re here to help…you grow lettuce. 

Liberty News

I’m sure this will fix everything:
The Food and Drug Administration says its new guidelines would make the food Americans eat safer and help prevent the kinds of foodborne disease outbreaks that sicken or kill thousands of consumers each year.
The rules, the most sweeping food safety guidelines in decades, would require farmers to take new precautions against contamination, to include making sure workers’ hands are washed, irrigation water is clean, and that animals stay out of fields. Food manufacturers will have to submit food safety plans to the government to show they are keeping their operations clean.
That’s interesting.

I’m curious about one part of that second paragraph.  What, exactly, do they mean by “making sure…animals stay out of fields?”  Does that mean keeping livestock out of the fields where produce is grown, or does it mean keeping wild game out of the fields?  That’s a big difference.
I’d wager, since this is the creation of some bureaucrat in a cubicle in DC, it’s the latter.
And, as with all new things from the federal government, it comes with a hefty price tag:
The long-overdue regulations could cost businesses close to half a billion dollars a year to implement, but are expected to reduce the estimated 3,000 deaths a year from foodborne illness. The new guidelines were announced Friday.
First, note the bias in the first sentence.  Who decided these regulations were over-due?  The writer?  The FDA?  The editor?

I don’t think they are overdue.  I think they are unnecessary.

Why is the regulation of how commercial produce is grown a federal matter?  Why isn’t it a local matter?  Or state?

Would it be acceptable if, as a supposedly un-biased journalist, I wrote, “The wholly unnecessary regulations could cost…?”

No, nor should it be acceptable when subtle bias like the above is introduced.

But the bigger issue is the price tag.  Half a billion dollars in new regulations.  Guess what that actually means?

Fewer jobs, higher prices.

Final question:  do you think the federal government will have the same willingness to save 3,000 lives at the cost of half a billion dollars when they are running our health care?

Dear Mr. Security Agent,

 For widespread distribution, more cutting-edge commentary from Matt Bracken, former SEAL and author of the Enemies Foreign and Domestic trilogy, along with his most recent novel, Castigo Cay:

Dear Mr. Security Agent,


Federal, state, or local. You, the man or woman with the badge, the sworn LEO or FLEA and those who inhabit the many law enforcement niches in between and on all sides. This essay is directed to you, because in the end, how this turmoil about gun control turns out will depend largely upon your decisions and actions over the coming months and years.

I sincerely wish that members of Congress—who may soon be voting on new gun control measures—would read this essay, but I realize that’s a pipe dream, considering the impenetrable bubbles around those exalted entities. So I’ll settle for you, Mr. (or Ms.) Security Agent, since you already gobble up everything on the internet, and I don’t have to seek you out.

A decade ago I wrote the novel Enemies Foreign and Domestic, a tale about how tragic events involving the misuse of firearms can be used by an evil administration to misinform and mold public opinion to support its malign anti-freedom policies.

No, my novel was not predicting “Operation Fast and Furious” a decade before that covert policy of “pursuing gun control under the radar,” (which was President Obama’s explanation to Sarah Brady for his lack of overt political action). That inter-agency gun-walking policy, remember, resulted in the deaths of over four hundred Mexicans and two U.S. federal agents, murdered in an effort to discredit the Second Amendment and lead to more restrictive gun control laws in America. (If Nixon—or any Republican, for that matter—were in office, the intentional bloodbath would be called Murdergate, but today’s collaborating Woodwards and Bernsteins are in on the cover-up.)

Instead of gun-walking thousands of AK-47s to Mexican drug cartel assassins (who would believe that?), Enemies Foreign and Domestic begins with a sniper opening fire on a packed football stadium. A thousand innocent fans die, some from the ninety bullets fired but most in the ensuing panic stampede. In a traumatized America, the fictional stadium massacre results in the banning of all semi-automatic rifles, with no buyback, no grandfathering of weapons already owned, and no sunset clause. Citizens had to turn them in for destruction or face years in federal prison.

The page-one stadium massacre was simply a plot device chosen to launch the story in high gear and set the stage to immediately and fully explore the main theme of the novel: the calculated transformation of our Constitutional republic into a socialist police state. Since I prefer to write tightly wound fiction transpiring at a rapid pace in a compressed time period, I examined the imposition of totalitarian controls over the course of just a few weeks, not years or decades.

1. The TSA: On the road to the American police state

More @ WRSA

Blame: Guns and cars

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