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Good deal, one of my pet peeves. NC: New bill to restrict limitations placed on CCW holders

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 Among many beneficial provisions, the bill includes the following:

 (3) In accordance with the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution and this Section, the State shall never engage in a general confiscation of the weapons of its citizens and shall never cooperate in the effort of any other entity to do so.” 

Chinese Farmers Revolt Against Government Land Grab: Again

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             Smashed and overturned cars are shown Saturday after civil unrest in the village of Shangpu in China's southern Guangdong province.          

The road that runs along the edge of Shangpu village in south China is littered with the hulks of burned-out cars. Farmers have built tents and simple barricades made of rocks and wire. Police have set up their own cordon in a standoff that is approaching two weeks.

The villagers are demanding free elections following yet another government land grab. They say armed thugs sent by their own village chief attacked the community to pave the way for a new factory on their farmland.

This is the second uprising of its kind in Guangdong province in 15 months. The stalemate comes at an awkward time as China's rubber-stamp Parliament opened its annual meeting Tuesday in Beijing. Despite China's tremendous economic progress, the episode underscores the country's continued lack of rule of law and political accountability.

Thugs Sent To Crush Opposition?

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Cranked-Up Earbuds Next On Mayor Bloomberg’s Health Hit List

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 A man listens to an iPod  player through earphones (Photo Illustration by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

  After launching campaigns against the Big Gulp, “big” salt and “big” junk food, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is embarking on a new target.

He wants to stop New Yorkers from going deaf, so he’s put in motion an attack on ear buds, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Wednesday.

Now hear this … there’s a new enemy of the nanny state: people who choose to listen to loud music on their favorite devices.

Bloomberg, who apparently has never met a health crusade he didn’t think worthy of embarking on, is launching a campaign to warn people about the risks of losing their hearing from blasting music on their headphones.

The initiative is aimed at the iPod generation, the people who were the first to put buds directly into their ears.

Officials say an iPod reaches 115 decibels at maximum volume. Doctors say sound has to be below 85 decibels to be safe.

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ATF's official position on WACO: BS


 pictured: children murdered by the U.S. government during the Waco Massacre]

Some of the children murdered in the Waco Massacre by Bill & Hillary Clinton and the ATF and FBI.

ATF's official position is, of course, that David Koresh and the Davidians were a bunch of reclusive, paranoid cop-killers who would not approached by law enforcement save with overwhelming force and, when so approached, deliberately planned an ambush and mass murder.

ATF had stationed several undercover agents, including Robert Rodriguez, across the road from the Davidian residence, in what became known as the "undercover house." The Davidians did not take long to figure out these were undercover agents. When David Koresh called 911 in the middle of the February 28 gunfight, at a point when he had no source of knowledge save what he'de known before the raid, he casually told the Sheriff's dispatcher that he had invited "Robert, you know, the guy you--your agent" to talk with him. (Click here for the audio).

Fact: Koresh was understating the matter. On February 19, nine days before the bloody raid, the ATF agents went over and asked David Koresh to go shooting. He agreed. In fact, he provided the ammunition. And the agents handed him their guns. Don't take my word for it. Here's the agents' report.

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GOA Action Alert:

Senate “Deal” Would Impose
Even More Gun Bans
Gifts, gun raffles and multiple sales of guns would be effectively banned
Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will mark up four bills arising out of the Newtown tragedy:
* The Feinstein bill — which would ban millions of shotguns, rifles, handguns and magazines that Americans can legally own -- but which will probably die on the Senate floor.
* The universal gun registry — which may also die on the Senate floor — unless a last-minute deal with Sen. Tom Coburn brings it to life.
* Legislation by Barbara Boxer, which throws away $100,000,000 on school safety studies, but doesn’t immediately mention guns.
* And, currently the biggest danger, the Leahy-Gillibrand-Kirk bill, which has ominously been labeled a “gun trafficking” bill.
In regard to this latter piece of legislation (S. 443), the bill is being sold inside the Beltway as a bipartisan “compromise” because anti-gun Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) is a cosponsor of it.
But S. 443 would dramatically threaten to put gun owners in jail with horrendously long sentences for the most minor of infractions.
Essentially, the bill would impose a 15-year prison sentence for “negligent multiple sales by a dealer,” “negligent gifting” or “negligent raffling.”     
Increasingly, there are more and more individuals who are “prohibited persons” for non-violent reasons — for instance, they smoke marijuana or they are military veterans suffering from maladies such as PTSD. 
But if S. 443 is passed, any person who sells to such prohibited persons two or more firearms ... or gives them a firearm as a gift ... or raffles a firearm (where they are the recipient) ... does so only at the considerable risk of spending 15 years in a federal penitentiary.  
You don’t need to know the person is a prohibited person under either example.  Nor does the recipient need to know they’re a prohibited person. 
In fact, you don’t need to do anything more than plan (“conspire”) to transfer the gun.  In addition, the recipient doesn’t need to be on the NICS list to be a prohibited person.   
Not only that, under section 4 of the bill, if you even “intend” to sell a firearm to a person who turns out to be a marijuana smoker — or one of the prohibited military veterans suffering from PTSD — you become a prohibited person yourself.
When all is said and done, this bipartisan “compromise” is as bad as the Feinstein gun ban (S. 150).

Your Oath, A Reminder


bracken hey general

Democrat Bill Requires Anger Management Course For Ammunition Purchases


Florida State Senator Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville) introduced legislation on Saturday that would require a three day waiting period for the sale of any firearm and the sale of ammunition for anyone who has not completely and anger management course first.

Critics of Gibson say she is the “latest example of local lawmakers reaching for constitutionally-dubious solutions to the problem of gun violence.” I say she is violating her oath of office and is committing treason by such actions.

Rand Paul is currently approaching hour 9 of John Brennan filibuster

“I rise today to begin to filibuster John Brennan’s nomination for the CIA,” Paul began. “I will speak until I can no longer speak. I will speak as long as it takes takes, until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our constitution is important, that your rights to trial by jury are precious, that no American should be killed by a drone on American soil without first being charged with a crime without first being found to be guilty by a court. That Americans could be killed in a cafe in San Francisco or in a restaurant in Houston or at their home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is an abomination. It is something that should not and cannot be tolerated in our country. I don’t rise to oppose John Brennan’s nomination simply for the person. I rise today for the principle.”

Paul has been on the floor of the Senate since 11:45am EST, allowing for questions and statements at intervals during his call for the American people to listen to what the real issue is.

Paul stated that this is not about politics. He reminded people that in the end, though he had opposed some of Obama’s nominations like Senator John Kerry for Secretary of State and Check Hagel for Defense Secretary, he did vote to confirm them.

However, in the case of John Brennan, there is a very real Constitutional issue in the fact that Mr. Brennan will not answer a very real, straightforward question and that is does he think the Federal government have the power to assassinate Americans on U.S. soil? Both he and Barack Obama have dodged the question which should be very simple to answer.

Paul has quoted all sorts of people in his speech and referenced the Constitution several times, especially the Fifth Amendment and the idea of due process.

“If there was an ounce of courage in this body I would be joined by many other Senators,” Sen. Paul said. “Would you tolerate a Republican who said I like the first amendment, I don’t plan to violate the first amendment, but I might,” he asked rhetorically.

Images of Wounded Knee

Many more @ HRTC

Public school: The Children I Teach

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1. The children I teach are indifferent to the adult world. This defies the experience of thousands of years. A close study of what big people were up to was always the most exciting occupation of youth, but nobody wants to grow up these days and who can blame them? Toys are us.

 2. The children I teach have almost no curiosity and what they do have is transitory; they cannot concentrate for very long, even on things they choose to do. Can you see a connection between the bells ringing again and again to change classes and this phenomenon of evanescent attention?

 3. The children I teach have a poor sense of the future, of how tomorrow is inextricably linked to today. As I said before, they have a continuous present, the exact moment they are at is the boundary of their consciousness

4.  The children I teach are ahistorical, they have no sense of how past has predestined their own present, limiting their choices, shaping their values and lives.

5. The children I teach are cruel to each other, they lack compassion for misfortune, they laugh at weakness, and they have contempt for people whose need for help shows too plainly.

6.  The children I teach are uneasy with intimacy or candor. My guess is that they are like many adopted people I've known in this respect - they cannot deal with genuine intimacy because of a lifelong habit of preserving a secret inner self inside a larger outer personality made up of artificial bits and pieces of behavior borrowed from television or acquired to manipulate teachers. Because they are not who they represent themselves to be the disguise wears thin in the presence of intimacy so intimate relationships have to be avoided.

 7. The children I teach are materialistic, following the lead of schoolteachers who materialistically "grade" everything - and television mentors who offer everything in the world for free.

8.  The children I teach are dependent, passive, and timid in the presence of new challenges. This is frequently masked by surface bravado, or by anger or aggressiveness but underneath is a vacuum without fortitude.

Police Nationwide Say "You're On Your Own" @Project_Veritas

UPDATE: East Texas veteran organization denied participation in local event



Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization met Monday evening to discuss how they planned to proceed after being denied participating in the upcoming Palestine Dogwood Festival on March 16th.

A member of the group tells KETK, they plan to have their own booth - seperate from those participating in the festival - a couple blocks down from the actual event.

The booth will be in a new plaza, which the group plans to dedicate in April.

ORIGINAL REPORT (Tuesday, March 5th, 5:11pm): The John H. Reagan Camp #2156 Sons of
Confederate Veterans organization has been denied the option of renting a booth at the Palestine Dogwood festival, which begins on March 16th.

The Palestine area Chamber of Commerce informed the group of their decision on Monday.

KETK spoke with members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization, who said they were confused by the Chamber's decision not to allow them to participate in the event.

"We are a historical group," one member told KETK. "We've participated in past events without any problem."

KETK reached out to the Palestine Chamber of Commerce for an explanation as to why the group was denied participation.

The Chamber released the following statement on Tuesday:

More @ KETK

Maryland County Exec. Discovers Secretive Network of 500+ Surveillance Cameras Operated Out of Unmarked Room

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 Little Known Network of 500 Cameras in Anne Arundel County Public Buildings Spurs Investigation

A network of hundreds of cameras inside and outside Anne Arundel County public buildings in Maryland, unbeknown to the local authorities and county officials, was shut down earlier this week. 

Now officials are trying to find out more about the extensive operation.

The system of more than 500 cameras, the Baltimore Sun reported, was discovered by County Executive Laura Neuman, who just recently was sworn into the position. The Sun describes the room where the surveillance operation was conducted as small, unmarked and unknown to many until now.

Neuman launched an investigation into the system, but the Sun reports that the former county executive John Leopold, who resigned when found guilty of misconduct, was a point person for the camera system.

Just how Neuman was alerted to the cameras is intersting in and of itself. Here’s what happened according to the Sun:

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The Dalai Lama speaks

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7.62x54R Comm-Bloc on Stripper clips, Light Ball FMJ ammo, 300rd tin $99.90


7.62x54R Comm-bloc ammo on 5rd charger stripper clips. Copper washed steel case, Light Ball 148 grain FMJ bullet, with lead core. Comes three clips per box of 15rds, in sealed 300rd round tin. Berdan primed and corrosive. Most likely Russian production. Two tins ships in a wood crate. For individual tin orders the shipping labels may be applied directly to the tins and they do not usually ship in a carton or box.

Researchers report sharp rise in 'patriot' groups

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More bogus, scare information to fill their already rich coffers.

                           The Despicable $outhern Poverty Law Center  


President Barack Obama's administration and the gun control debate after the Connecticut school shooting have led to surging numbers of anti-government "patriot" groups, according to a civil rights organization that tracks them.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reported the rising numbers on Tuesday in its annual report on extremist groups.

The number of anti-government patriot groups, one category tracked by the center, rose dramatically over the past four years, from 149 groups in 2008 t

The election and re-election of the nation's first black president and the rugged economy have fueled their growth, said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the SPLC.

"The anger, angst, frustration, fear surrounding the economy have very much poured fuel on this fire," Potok said.

More BS @ Yahoo

Obama Admin Wants to Deport Christian Home School Family

The Romeike family fled their German homeland in 2008 seeking political asylum in the United States – where they hoped to home school their children. Instead, the Obama administration wants the evangelical Christian family deported.

The fate of Uwe and Hannelore Romeike – along with their six children – now rests with the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In 2010 an immigration judge granted the family political refuge, but the  Dept. of Homeland Security objected and argued they don’t deserve asylum.

Neither the Justice Dept. nor the Dept. of Homeland Security returned calls seeking comment.
“The Obama administration is basically saying there is no right to home school anywhere,” said Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association. “It’s an utter repudiation of parental liberty and religious liberty.”

 The HSLDA is representing the Romeike family.

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Biden Control

Cyber Deterrence against China? The only route left is an Open Source Approach

Is there a way to deter cyber attacks?

Yes.  Two ways.  One takes a moral high ground.

I won't waste any time discussing that option.

Why?  After flame/stuxnet, and the unilateral escalation of the cyberweapons arms race by the US, that option is now closed.

The only option that's left is down and dirty open source warfare.

Leaked email adds fuel to claims White House playing politics over impact of cuts

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A leaked email from an Agriculture Department field officer adds fuel to claims President Obama's political strategy is to make the billions in recent federal budget cuts as painful as possible to win the public opinion battle against Republicans.

The email, circulated around Capitol Hill, was sent Monday by Charles Brown, a director at the agency’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service office in Raleigh, N.C. He appears to tell his regional team about a response to his recent question on the amount of latitude he has in making cuts.
According to the partially redacted email, the response came from the Agriculture Department’s budget office and in part states: “However you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”

The response noted that the administration had already told Congress that the APHIS would “eliminate assistance to producers in 24 states in managing wildlife damage to the aquaculture industry” without additional funds.

Arkansas Republican Rep. Tim Griffin said the administration’s response to Brown’s email shows a bid to undermine efforts to replace the cuts, known as sequester, with less onerous ones.

“This email confirms what many Americans have suspected: The Obama administration is doing everything they can to make sure their worst predictions come true and to maximize the pain of the sequester cuts for political gain,” Griffin said in a statement.

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