Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cranked-Up Earbuds Next On Mayor Bloomberg’s Health Hit List

Via III Percent Patriots

 A man listens to an iPod  player through earphones (Photo Illustration by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

  After launching campaigns against the Big Gulp, “big” salt and “big” junk food, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is embarking on a new target.

He wants to stop New Yorkers from going deaf, so he’s put in motion an attack on ear buds, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Wednesday.

Now hear this … there’s a new enemy of the nanny state: people who choose to listen to loud music on their favorite devices.

Bloomberg, who apparently has never met a health crusade he didn’t think worthy of embarking on, is launching a campaign to warn people about the risks of losing their hearing from blasting music on their headphones.

The initiative is aimed at the iPod generation, the people who were the first to put buds directly into their ears.

Officials say an iPod reaches 115 decibels at maximum volume. Doctors say sound has to be below 85 decibels to be safe.

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  1. GEE, I hope I don't forget to brush my teeth, I might get life in prison.

  2. Too bad for the a-holes who put this American Jew back into power AGAIN. He is a scab on the buttocks of mankind. But the bastards reelected him....what ? Three times ?

    Screw NYC.

    1. Indeed. Last I saw he still had a 59% favorable rating even after falling from the 70's because of his gun bills. Says it all for the majority of New Yorkers.