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"I have only committed the mistake of believing in you, the Americans."

Comment by Anonymous on Congress cuts military aid to South Vietnam: 1974

Same thing is going on in Baghdad which is in ruins by the US. This Iraqi doctor working
in Baghdad sent out this email in response to an incoming email:

"Thanks so much for remembering us…In fact we are the same if not worse. Our hearts are broken at the organized ruining of our country. We are targeted by those criminals and gangs coming from everywhere, even from the west who are all witnessing this drama and, if not supporting it, are keeping silent. We wonder what sin we committed to face this gloomy black fate. In fact, what is going on is beyond words. “

Which reminded me of:


I Have Only Committed The Mistake Of Believing In Americans

Dear Excellency and friend,

I thank you very sincerely for your letter and for your offer to transport me towards freedom. I cannot, alas, leave in such a cowardly fashion.

As for you and in particular for your great country, I never believed for a moment that you would have this sentiment of abandoning a people which has chosen liberty. You have refused us your protection and we can do nothing about it. You leave us and it is my wish that you and your country will find happiness under the sky.

But mark it well that, if I shall die here on the spot and in my country that I love, it is too bad because we are all born and must die one day. I have only committed the mistake of believing in you, the Americans.

Please accept, E

 LT GEN Sisowath Siri Matak.jpg 

Lt. Gen. Prince Sisowath Siri Matak

"Man is born to die. I will not move. I shall stay here and face everything that happens. They can arrest me. If they kill me, what of it? I stay for my country."

NC: Masked, armed man arrested at State Capito

Via comment by Anonymous on NC: Confederate monument vandalized for the second...

 Perren Tremayne Moss, 32

A masked, armed man carrying a backpack full of spray paint was arrested at the State Capitol early Saturday, state authorities said.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety said State Capitol Police officers saw the man wearing a full face mask, gloves, heavy clothing and the backpack shortly before 5 a.m.

Perren Tremayne Moss, 32, was taken into custody and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon on State Capitol grounds and wearing a mask on public property.

More with video @ WRAL

Empire State Building’s $1M Cecil the lion display outrages ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters

Via comment by Anonymous on U.S. Pays Black Comedian to Deliver Anti-White Rac...

 Large images of endangered species are projected on the south facade of The Empire State Building, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, in New York. The large scale projections are in part inspired by and produced by the filmmakers of an upcoming documentary called "Racing Extinction."  (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

 Seems they would have better things to complain about, like intact families.

The Empire State Building’s projection of Cecil the lion and other endangered animals is being criticized for ignoring the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Along with Cecil, whose illegal killing sparked an international uproar, a snow leopard, tigers, lemurs and various snakes, birds and sea creatures were projected onto the building using 40 projectors, CNN reported.

Civil War Arbitrage


Wouldn’t it be great if an act of Congress enabled your federal government bonds to be worth twice what you paid for them?

That’s precisely what happened for many federal Civil War bond investors during the Reconstruction Era.

In the second year of the War in 1862 it was obvious the federal government could not finance the war without creating new financial instruments and issuing an unprecedented amount of bonds. Federal indebtedness increased from $65 million to $2,700 million during the war. The federal government also issued about $450 million in greenback paper currency. Greenbacks were legal tender for all debts except for customs duties, which still had to be paid in gold.

Consequently, the value of the greenback dollar fluctuated in relation to the gold dollar based upon market confidence, or lack of it, that greenbacks would ultimately be redeemed in gold at face value. In June 1864, for example, the market quote required 2.7 greenback dollars to buy a single gold dollar. In reciprocal terms, 37 cents in gold could be exchanged for a greenback dollar.

The differential created an arbitrage opportunity in the US Government Bond market.

Kentucky commission votes to keep Jefferson Davis statue at state Capitol

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A Kentucky historic commission has voted to keep a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis in the state Capitol rotunda.

The Historic Properties Advisory Commission on Wednesday voted 7-2 to keep the statute and to add an educational component to the display for the thousands of schoolchildren and other visitors who pass through the Capitol each year.

More @ AL

WACO II: "The giant pile of chicken shit that is also known as the City of Waco and the County of McLennan."

 Must Clendennen's Lawyer Remain Silent
 Clint Broden, the attorney for the scapegoat named Matt Clendennen 

There have been a couple of motions filed in the last 24 hours with the Court of Appeals for the Tenth District of Texas that argue the issue of whether defense attorneys for the 177 scapegoats in the Twin Peaks Massacre, and the scapegoats themselves, and any witnesses interviewed by police who managed to avoid becoming scapegoats, must be silent or whether they have a right to tell their tales.

Abelino “Abel” Reyna, the Criminal District Attorney for McLennan County, Texas filed his motion about five yesterday afternoon. Clint Broden, the attorney for the scapegoat named Matt Clendennen filed his about 10:30 this morning.

Reyna’s brief is a bubble of hot air that stinks. He begins with a “Statement of Facts” that alleges:

More with video @ The Aging Rebel

They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy

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 Image result for 1984

You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You're wrong. Dead wrong.”—They Live
We’re living in two worlds, you and I.

There’s the world we see (or are made to see) and then there’s the one we sense (and occasionally catch a glimpse of), the latter of which is a far cry from the propaganda-driven reality manufactured by the government and its corporate sponsors, including the media.

Indeed, what most Americans perceive as life in America—privileged, progressive and free—is a far cry from reality, where economic inequality is growing, real agendas and real power are buried beneath layers of Orwellian doublespeak and corporate obfuscation, and “freedom,” such that it is, is meted out in small, legalistic doses by militarized police armed to the teeth.

All is not as it seems.

Last moment escape: Cop saves driver stuck on railway crossing

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2 Million Bikers to DC providing security for Johnny Cooper marching from Montgomery to DC with the Confederate flag


Confederate flag walker joined by Dukes of Hazzard cast member

Image result for 2 Million Bikers to DC 

Johnny Cooper of Hazel Green is continuing his march from Montgomery to DC with the Confederate flag.

Cooper met Ben "Cooter" Jones from Dukes of Hazzard on his journey.

Jones and his wife, Alma Viator, joined him in Virginia for part of his march to DC and had dinner with him.

Cooper began the 790 mile journey on the Fourth of July, and when we spoke to him two days in, the trip had been peaceful.

But that all changed in July as he continued his march through the state of Georgia. The walk turned violent as one person threw glass bottles at Cooper and two cars swerved to try to hit him. One man even got out of his car and waved a tire iron at Cooper.

His wife tells me Cooper thought about coming home because of the danger, but a group called 2 Million Bikers to DC stepped up to provide security for his march.

More @ WAAY

NC: 1,000+ expected at Confederate flag rally Saturday in Hillsborough

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Kiley Mangum has Confederate flag shirts and a Confederate flag beach towel. Her boyfriend has a Confederate flag on his truck.

 It’s just a normal thing for us out here,” said Mangum, 25, one of the organizers of a pro Confederate flag rally planned for 2 p.m, Saturday at Hillsborough Town Hall, 101 E. Orange St.

August 5 1861: The Tyrant Lincoln imposes first federal income tax

On this day in 1861, Lincoln imposes the first federal income tax by signing the Revenue Act. Strapped for cash with which to pursue the Civil War, Lincoln and Congress agreed to impose a 3 percent tax on annual incomes over $800.

As early as March 1861, Lincoln had begun to take stock of the federal government’s ability to wage war against the South. He sent letters to cabinet members Edward Bates, Gideon Welles and Salmon Chase requesting their opinions as to whether or not the president had the constitutional authority to “collect [such] duties.” According to documents housed and interpreted by the Library of Congress, Lincoln was particularly concerned about maintaining federal authority over collecting revenue from ports along the southeastern seaboard, which he worried, might fall under the control of the Confederacy.

The Revenue Act’s language was broadly written to define income as gain “derived from any kind of property, or from any professional trade, employment, or vocation carried on in the United States or elsewhere or from any source whatever.” According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the comparable minimum taxable income in 2003, after adjustments for inflation, would have been approximately $16,000.

Congress repealed Lincoln’s tax law in 1871, but in 1909 passed the 16th Amendment, which set in place the federal income-tax system used today. Congress ratified the 16th Amendment in 1913.

Congress cuts military aid to South Vietnam: 1974

Nguyen Van Long 
Saigon Police Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Long marched to the Marine Monument [seen partially above] in downtown Saigon, saluted, stated "It is finished," then committed suicide, a single shot to the head with a .45.

      105's, Just In From The States     

Congress places a $1 billion ceiling on military aid to South Vietnam for fiscal year 1974. This figure was trimmed further to $700 million by August 11. Military aid to South Vietnam in fiscal year 1973 was $2.8 billion; in 1975 it would be cut to $300 million. Once aid was cut, it took the North Vietnamese only 55 days to defeat the South Vietnamese forces when they launched their final offensive in 1975.

County: Confederate statue to remain on courthouse lawn

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The Confederate memorial statue that has stood on the Bulloch County Courthouse Square for over 100 years will remain in place in spite of efforts by some to have the memorial moved.

Bulloch County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to leave the Italian marble statue on the southwest corner of the square, where it has stood since 1909, when the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy erected it as a memorial to area soldiers who lost lives in the Civil War.

A Georgia Southern University political science major initiated a recent effort to have the statue removed, claiming it is racially offensive and does not represent all of Bulloch County’s citizens. James Major Woodall, 21, spoke during previous meetings before commissioners, asking that a committee be formed to discuss the statue and the possibility of moving it to a location other than government property.

This led to significant opposition by many, including members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Ogeechee Rifles Camp 941 and members of the Georgia chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, which actually claims ownership of the statue since the Bulloch County chapter of the group dissolved

Rockville, Md. forced to put Confederate statue in a box. Now Tweeters want to vandalize the box

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Image result for confederate box spray painted rockville maryland

Did you hear about the statue of a Confederate soldier that was vandalized last week in Rockville, Md.? Somebody spray-painted “Black Lives Matter” on the base and the town decided to protect it from future vandals by putting it in a box. We mean a literal box where just the head of the statue is visible:

Ignorant comments @ Twitchy

Shots reported at Camp Shelby; second time in two days

Via comment by Shane on Camp Shelby soldiers report shots fired near train...

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Patterson said Tuesday that guards at all base entrances were armed under a recent order from Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant. ( I assume this means that they weren't always so.  Imbeciles. )

Soldiers training at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center reported shots fired into the air Wednesday near the Mississippi military facility grounds one day after reports of gunfire near its southern boundary.

At about 8 a.m. Wednesday, soldiers training at the Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center reported shots fired into the air, said Lt. Col. Christian Patterson. It was in the same area where soldiers reported gunshots fired from a pickup truck a day earlier, Patterson said.

The description of the shooter was the same in both instances, Patterson said: a white male in a red pickup truck.

More @ Fox

The Guns Of The Confederacy plus Men & Guns Of Vietnam

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Preview video @ Down Range TV


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Preview video @ Down Range TV

German politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans "Nazis" and their extinction "fortunate"

Via comment by Anonymous on The Islamic State's Campaign Plan


Calls for Cameron to call in the army to deal with the migrant crisis were bolstered today after Germany brought in troops to deal with the huge wave crossing its borders, in a move which potentially may have broken strict post-Nazi era laws.


A record 79,000 asylum seekers arrived in the European Union’s most populous country last month alone, leading to mounting pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel to act.


Troops from the Bundeswehr were deployed to erect tents and sanitary facilities, despite the nation’s strict constitutional ban on deploying the military for anything other than defence or national emergencies.

The edict was imposed by Allied forces after the Second World War in 1945.