Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Empire State Building’s $1M Cecil the lion display outrages ‘Black Lives Matter’ supporters

Via comment by Anonymous on U.S. Pays Black Comedian to Deliver Anti-White Rac...

 Large images of endangered species are projected on the south facade of The Empire State Building, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015, in New York. The large scale projections are in part inspired by and produced by the filmmakers of an upcoming documentary called "Racing Extinction."  (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)

 Seems they would have better things to complain about, like intact families.

The Empire State Building’s projection of Cecil the lion and other endangered animals is being criticized for ignoring the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Along with Cecil, whose illegal killing sparked an international uproar, a snow leopard, tigers, lemurs and various snakes, birds and sea creatures were projected onto the building using 40 projectors, CNN reported.


  1. That mass of zombies taking
    picture and videos with their
    leashes ain't no fucking better.

    1. That mass of zombies taking picture and videos with their leashes ain't no fucking better.

      My sentiments exactly, kind Sir! :) Reminds me of when I drove my mother to NYC to see my brother who was working for the Department of Fisheries. A couple of recollections: 1. Driving was a piece of cake compared to DC considering the difference in how the streets were laid out. 2. Took my mother to the Peppermint Lounge where a man politely asked me of my relationship to my mother since he wanted to ask her to dance, but evidently thought I might be her boyfriend! :) 3 I liked the fact that the bars stayed open all night. 4. My brother took me on a short ride on the subway since I had never before and as we approached the doors he stated "This is how pigs live :)

  2. I had a biology professor who I recall stating that when just one species becomes
    extinct, it upsets the whole balance of nature. Since then I can just imagine how many
    have gone extinct and what was is no more.