Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Congress cuts military aid to South Vietnam: 1974

Nguyen Van Long 
Saigon Police Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Long marched to the Marine Monument [seen partially above] in downtown Saigon, saluted, stated "It is finished," then committed suicide, a single shot to the head with a .45.

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Congress places a $1 billion ceiling on military aid to South Vietnam for fiscal year 1974. This figure was trimmed further to $700 million by August 11. Military aid to South Vietnam in fiscal year 1973 was $2.8 billion; in 1975 it would be cut to $300 million. Once aid was cut, it took the North Vietnamese only 55 days to defeat the South Vietnamese forces when they launched their final offensive in 1975.


  1. AMartinez, no not that one!August 5, 2015 at 6:08 PM

    This is where a mass starvation of the U.S. Populace will finally come into place. With what upwards of 95 Million Americans on some sort of Goverenment Assistence, we were always told" If they can give it to you, they can Damn sure take it away!"

  2. They, the scum, knew what they were doing when they pulled the plug. The
    Bastards. This war was never suppose to be won by the US gov. They left
    these poor people to be slaughtered. Question everything they do.

    1. Can't believe people still take the word of the US.

  3. Same thing is going on in Baghdad which is in ruins by the US. This Iraqi doctor working
    in Baghdad sent out this email in response to an incoming email:
    Thanks so much for remembering us…In fact we are the same if not worse. Our hearts are broken at the organized ruining of our country. We are targeted by those criminals and gangs coming from everywhere, even from the west who are all witnessing this drama and, if not supporting it, are keeping silent. We wonder what sin we committed to face this gloomy black fate. In fact, what is going on is beyond words. “

    1. Thanks.

  4. Thanks. I suppose he was killed; do you know? Abandoned. Hard to face
    reality when one trusts. The US promised everybody would get out. Scoundrels.

    1. Thanks, *info from the link below his second picture and two links which are depressing needless to say.

      *Sirik Matak and the officials that remained along with him were likely executed by the Khmer Rouge on April 21, 1975.

      The exact details of his death are unclear, but Sihanouk received confirmation that Sirik Matak, along with Long Boret, had been summarily executed by firing squad at the Phnom Penh Cercle Sportif on April 21;

      other reports state he was beheaded.[24]

      Henry Kissinger and others, however, note a report that Sirik Matak was shot in the stomach and left without medical aid to die over three days.[25]

      "A pregnant lady" – abandoned by her lover to face her fate.

      Two excellent Memorial Day comments on Vietnam

  5. Killing and stealing is all they live. Forget about everything else. The expendables.