Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Staffer Records AZ Republican Congressional Candidate Alex Stovall Contradicting Public Statements

65 years ago tonight was the impromptu meeting/session that was labelled "The Million Dollar Quartet."

Homeless Drifter From Miami With Extensive Record Killed 14-Year-Old Boy

 Via Reborn "It ain't weakening me, just making me more resolved and learning to hate. And hate I do every time psychotic crimes like this happens for no reason at all. I use to ride my bike everywhere,
miles and miles of riding and even hitchhiking but never even thought of a killer and I am female: Why was this beast even on the streets. This kid would be alive if the beast was kept in a max security place. America's curse, why I don't know."

Semmie Lee Williams

“He appears to be a homeless drifter spending most of his time on the streets of Miami” is how Clint Shannon, Chief of Police of Palm Beach Gardens’ Police Department, described 39-year-old Semmie Lee Williams Jr.

Williams was arrested Wednesday and was taken into custody in Miami on a first-degree murder charge for the killing of Ryan Rogers, 14.

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                        May be an image of 6 people and text that says 'THERE AGE IN 1776 Marquis de Lafayette: James Monroe: 18 Henry Lee II: 20 Nathan Hale: Aaron Burr: Alexander Hamilton: 20 21 JUST A BUNCH OF KIDS, RIGHT? WHAT DID THEY KNOW? THEY KNEW ENOUGH TO OWN WEAPONS THEY ALL HAD JOBS LIVED ON THEIR OWN WERE FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT AND I'LL BET THEY DIDN'T NEED SAFE SPACES" TO HIDE FROM POLITICALLY INCORRECT PEOPLE!'

Social Justice Algebra II 

It seems likely that Saint Jude is watching over the staff at Benilde-St. Margarets, a Catholic prep school in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Catholics revere Jude as the patron saint of lost causes, and when it comes to lost causes, there is perhaps no better example than a Catholic school foisting anti-Biblical principles onto its young students.

Just last week, on Nov. 25, the school’s student newspaper — Knight Errant — published an article detailing the many new additions to the school’s new “social justice” curriculum.

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Elon Musk: ‘Government Is Simply The Biggest Corporation, With The Monopoly On Violence’

 Elon Musk rants against media on Twitter, proposes website ...

Elon Musk argued in recent remarks that “government is simply the biggest corporation, with the monopoly on violence.”

Musk — who serves as chief executive of both Tesla and SpaceX — made the remarks during The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit, where he also slammed President Biden’s domestic agenda.

“It does not make sense to take the job of capital allocation away from people who have demonstrated great skill in capital allocation, and give it to an entity that has demonstrated very poor skill in capital allocation, which is the government,” he commented.

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RFK Jr.’s New Book Exposes Big Pharma Pressure to Suppress Ivermectin


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health has exposed criminal levels of medical establishment corruption.

The Amazon and New York Times best seller provides a glimpse into the war on health and civil liberties waged by parasitic government bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci.

It also dives into the unimaginable influence pharmaceutical companies have in directing public health policies.

One excerpt from the book highlights the diabolical smear campaign waged against ivermectin.

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Despite Proposal of $100,000 to Buy the Robert E. Lee Statue, Charlottesville City Council Votes Unanimously to Award Monument to African American History Museum So They Can Melt It Down

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Ritualistic humiliation of a conquered people.

Just part of the Communist coup going on across America.

 Humiliating a conquered people… this is what Bolsheviks do.[Charlottesville’s Robert E. Lee statue will be melted down by city’s African American history museum, Washington Post, December 7, 2021. 

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The Kyle Rittenhouse Memorial Shooting Championship

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"Meanwhile Polish right organizes shooting championships in three categories: pistol, revolver, and machine gun. They call it "the Kyle Rittenhouse memorial". Joking you not: