Thursday, September 30, 2021

Interview at end of fight at LZ Xray as Hal Moore's unit was being redeployed back to base camp

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The National Archives Labels the Constitution “Racist”

				                                The statue honoring the Confederate soldiers of Sampson County was vandalized last month, in an apparent attempt to pull it off its pedestal. The statue was later removed by county officials, leaving just the base of the monument.
                                 File photo|Sampson Independent

 Whether the craven response by Congress and national conservative leaders, or, more locally, the action of a Republican Gerald Kivett in Sampson County, North Carolina,  member of the county commissioners, who made the successful motion to remove the Confederate monument in that largely rural county, it amounts to the same thing: cowardice, the fear of being labeled a racist and perhaps being “cancelled,” hoping to stave off something worse, but at base a lack of conviction and faith.

The Revolution is not mollified by weakness and groveling. Offering up half a pig will kill the pig, as it will kill what is left of this country.

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. After all it was completely logical, the inevitable result of the insane “woke” political correctness that has been building and raging, largely unabated, in the United States now for years. Indeed, in my regular columns and essays I have been writing that this insanity, spread and imposed like a highly contagious and fatal infection—far worse than COVID—would not and could not be stemmed by the pitiful half measures of spineless Republicans and of despicably cowardly “conservatives.”

Yet, the news that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C.,  had begun to re-label the nation’s founding documents, characterizing them as reflecting “racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes” and being   “discriminatory towards or excluding diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more, ” still caught me off guard.

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Republicans Call on Marine Corps to Release Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, Jailed after Criticizing Afghanistan Withdrawal

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Republicans in the House and Senate are calling on the Marine Corps to release Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who was thrown in a military jail this week after he criticized military leadership for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal on social media and continued posting about his disposition.

According to a Marine Corps spokesperson, Scheller is currently in pre-trial confinement in the Regional Brig for Marine Corps Installations East aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune pending an Article 32 preliminary hearing. The time, date, and location of the proceedings have not been determined.

The Marine Corps notes that he has not been charged with anything but the “general nature” of offenses being considered at the hearing are:

Article 88 (contempt toward officials)
Article 90 (willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer)
Article 92 (failure to obey lawful general orders)
Article 133 (conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman (Ha! Guess they'll have to add gentle women....:)

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More Than Slogans


The $3.5 trillion-dollar spending bill I warned about the other day is revealed as a communist takeover in this excellent article. No one in this audience is fooled by the idea of elections, knowing the method for years, unveiled in the 2020 election because of the desperation of the left. It might startle some of those less attentive, however. Your Republican senators are willing to vote for this, which shows the contempt they have for not only the American people, but the American process, the republic itself.

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Professor suspended for refusing to give Black students easier final exams sues UCLA

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A UCLA professor who was briefly suspended after declining a request that Black students get easier final exams after George Floyd’s death sued the school Wednesday, accusing it of defamation and loss of financial opportunities.

Gordon Klein, a lecturer at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management who has taught there for decades, filed the lawsuit in state court against the school’s dean, Antonio Bernardo, the University of California Board of Regents, and a host of unnamed “co-conspirators.”

“I did this because the school has continued to retaliate against me, and other scholars are facing retaliation, and I thought it was important for someone to step up and say, ‘enough,’” Mr. Klein told The Washington Times. “I have the legal skills and training to do so, so I’m stepping up.”

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Tom Cotton To General Milley: ‘Why Haven’t You Resigned?’

                                Tom Cotton

Cotton later blasted Milley, saying, “General Milley, I can only conclude that your advice about staying in Afghanistan was rejected. I’m shocked to learn that your advice wasn’t sought until August 25 on staying past the August 31 deadline. I understand that you’re the principal military adviser, that you advise but you don’t decide, the president decides, but if all this is true, General Milley, why haven’t you resigned?

On Tuesday, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) grilled Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Mark Milley about their interactions with President Biden vis-à-vis the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, ultimately demanding to know why Milley still holds office.

Cotton asked Milley, “It’s your testimony that you recommended 2,500 troops, approximately, stay in Afghanistan?”

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If you are a doctor and you think it is OK to ask a 15 year old if they wants a vaccine and not the Mother you are the biggest problem in this world right now. My son doesn’t even drive and if he is allowed to make a choice for him regarding a vaccine and his health being underage then he should be out of the house paying his own bills already. 
Today I took Akai to the doctor for a sick appointment with the doctor on call I usually don’t go to. She asked Akai NOT ME, wouldn’t even look at me if he wanted the vaccine. Which I purposely looked at her on purpose to see if she would look me in the face. Akai said no I do not want it. I don’t need it.
 She repeatedly asked if he wanted the vaccine trying to persuade him to get it. He had to tell her three times no as he started getting annoyed and she could tell. It is not ok to try persuade someone into getting something they don’t want PERIOD. I am very proud of Akai for standing his ground and not taking this forceful movement against our Freedom. As much as I wanted to say my two cents to this doctor, I stood quiet and watched Akai handle it perfectly.
My Father did not evacuate my Mother from a communist country, her home place for you or anyone to tell her children how to live our life. If you don’t like our choices too bad. And just remember as a doctor I am your customer and I am paying you and you do not tell me what to do with my body, my health and definitely not my children. I am their Mother and a damn good one. It is MY CHOICE. That being said if you are for the vaccine that is great you can spread your knowledge and whatever you want to do but when you start to do it forcefully and being pushy about it that is when I have a problem. That goes for both sides.

~~Daughter Christine

Stupidity, definition of

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The Weeks House and farm complex are notable for containing the only known surviving log dwelling in Edgecombe county $30K

Weeks Homeplace


The Weeks House and farm complex are notable for containing the only known surviving log dwelling in the county and a reasonably intact early 19th century woodworking shop. Enlargements of the house in two stages and a cohesive cluster of outbuildings add to the interest of this farm.

The appearance of the house today is L-shaped with an attached rear ell; a kitchen/dining room is also located in the rear, connected by a breezeway. The front ell, on the right, dates from Victorian times; the gabled section on the left dates from about the time of the Civil War. Behind that section is the log room that Silas Weeks (1796-1860) built in the 1840s, according to family tradition. It has beaded weatherboard and batten doors with the exposed logs and horizontal battens forming the interior walls.

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Parents Of Imprisoned Marine: ‘His Crime Was Speaking Truth To Power, And Power Couldn’t Handle It’


Sen. Joni Ernst Releases Response To Claim That Republicans Haven't Offered Immigration Solutions