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Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia

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art-link-symbol-small.jpg The hatred of America is open. The desire to undo American constitutionalism is explicit. And this exposure will only accelerate in the coming months and years, as the left realizes ever more acutely that its days as an accepted political faction are numbered, and it is forced to take increasingly drastic and sudden measures to achieve its brutal aims before the clock runs out, says Daren Jonescu in this article, Conservatives Have a Secret, at American Thinker.
(Hat tip: PW, reader and friend of Woodpile Report)

All governments, no matter how constituted, are implacably hostile to their subjects' possession of the means of resistance. The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is words on a page. It is not self-enforcing.
Francis Porretto at

We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals and our banks destroy the economy.
Chris Hedges at Zero Hedge via reader MG

Redoubt - If you want to be safe in life, move to places that the government can't be bothered to provide you help in. These places tend to be clean, safe, prosperous, healthy and sane. At least until the government finds out that evil monoculturalists are trying to live this way without them.
Texas Arcane at

Benchmark - The day is coming when a 3D printer will replicate itself completely in one step.
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The Truth about Guns

The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, has led to a lot of unfortunate misinformation about firearms. Let’s try to add some facts to the justified emotion.

Are Some Guns More Dangerous than Others? The shooter in Aurora had three firearms when he entered the theater: a pump action shotgun, a semiautomatic rifle and a semiautomatic handgun.

In a closed, crowded setting like a movie theater, the shotgun was probably the most lethal of the three. Every shotgun shell can spray a half-dozen or more pellets, each capable of killing or maiming a person. Twelve-gauge shotguns often fire five shells, and sometimes more, before needing to be reloaded. And unlike semiautomatics, they don’t typically jam.

Yet in most American cities, just about anybody can buy a shotgun at the drop of a hat. Antigun activists and politicians almost never propose banning them.

Instead, the focus these days is on so-called “assault weapons.”

Should We Be Especially Worried About Assault Weapons? Assault weapons are not usually the weapon of choice. Neither of the two worst shooting sprees in U.S. history involved assault weapons. James Huberty, who killed 20 people at a McDonald’s restaurant in San Ysidro, California, in 1984, used a shotgun, a pistol and a hunting rifle. George Hennard, who killed 22 people at a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, in 1991, used two ordinary pistols.

Still, gun opponents seem obsessed about them. So what exactly is an “assault weapon”?

What Are Assault Weapons? You would think that the definition would hinge on a weapon’s fire power or its capacity to maim or kill. Not so. Assault weapons are mainly defined by their appearance. As Steve Chapman explained the other day:

Assault weapons are functionally indistinguishable from ordinary semiautomatic hunting rifles. They don’t fire more rapidly, they don’t deliver more lethal rounds, and they don’t spray bullets. They only look like military arms.

The features that disqualified a gun under the federal ban were ones that didn’t affect destructiveness, such as pistol grips and bayonet mounts. If accused [Aurora] killer James Holmes had been prevented from buying this gun, he could have found plenty of others that would have served his purpose just as well.

Basically, what disqualified a weapon when the short-lived assault weapons ban was in effect was looking like a military weapon. The offensive features included plastic stocks, extended ammunition clips, collapsible butt-stocks, and other decorative devices that made them look like, but not operate as, a fully functional assault rifle.

Contrary to the claims that military-looking weapons are only designed to kill human beings, they are, in fact, the fastest growing segment of the hunting rifle market!

What About Machine Guns?

Another Case...Domestic Terrorism?

The Feral Irishman

The Detroit Princess boat a 1900 passenger, 4 deck entertainment boat sits in the Detroit River in this 2005 archive photo.

Woman opens fire and shoots 7....

The altercation apparently began as an argument aboard the boat, Quinn said. Radio One Detroit's station Hot 107.5, which plays hip hop and rap, was hosting the On Deck Sunday Moonlight Cruise. The event is touted on the boat's Facebook page as a nightclub atmosphere on a cruise from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. The Detroit Princess also provides a DJ for the cruise, playing softer music on the boat's top deck.

Last minute effort to insert Magazine Ban dies with bill…

On Thursday, August 2nd, the US Senate failed to gain the 60 votes needed to move forward with S. 3414, otherwise known as the “CyberSecurity Bill”. Particularly important to gun owners was that the bill contained a last ditch effort by anti-gun Senators that would have, in part, effectively banned all magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds.

Interestingly, while Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) voted just as he indicated he would to kill the measure, North Carolina’s other Senator, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) voted for the Bill to move forward, even with the Magazine Ban amendment as part of it. While it’s been frustrating to say the least when trying to pry an actual position on gun rights from Senator Hagan, we need look no further than her voting record to get a clearer picture.

While the “Cybersecurity” Bill that contained the Amendment to limit magazine capacity is now effectively dead, this will not prevent further attempts by anti-gun politicians from inserting similar language into future bills until they get their way. GRNC will remain vigilant for future legislative attempts to limit your rights, but we also need your help.




To US Senator Richard Burr:

Dear Senator Burr,

As a North Carolina gun owner I am happy that you have cast your vote to defeat the “Cybersecurity” bill, which contained language to limit magazine capacity. Anti-gun politicians will stop at nothing and will use last-minute tactics to chip away at our rights as citizens. This latest attempt to resurrect limitations on magazine capacity was attached as an amendment in the final days before a vote was held on the bill.

I thank you for standing up for my rights as a gun owner while serving the great State of North Carolina as our US Senator, and for quickly identifying the attempt to attach anti-gun legislation to an already suspect Senate Bill.

I ask that you remain vigilant in the future for similar anti-gun language in bills that you will be asked to vote for while serving in the US Senate. I will also be monitoring future bills via GRNC legislative alerts.


To US Senator Kay Hagan:

Dear Senator Hagan,

As a law-abiding American and gun owner I am outraged and insulted by your recent vote on the proposed Senate Bill S. 3414: A bill to enhance the security and resiliency of the cyber and communications infrastructure of the United States. As you well know, this bill contained an amendment which would have resurrected an outdated ban on magazines with a capacity of over ten rounds.

Despite your insistence to hundreds of thousands of gun owners in the State of North Carolina that you respect the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, your voting record sings a much different song. I find it hard to believe that voting for such a measure could, in any way, solve any problem related to gun violence. Instead, it would only limit those who would actually follow the law, which is a far cry from the description of the average violent criminal.

This is your second anti-gun action in recent weeks. Previously, you failed to join other senators on a bipartisan letter opposing the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

In the future, I would hope and expect that you would consider the impact of such laws and how they affect law-abiding gun owners. Laws such as magazine capacity limits have absolutely no effect on criminals, and only limit those who follow laws.

I will be monitoring your voting record very closely, and will follow the progress of future legislation via GRNC legislative alerts.


Flagging Lexington - Va Flaggers 8-5-2012

On Sunday, August 5th, the Va Flaggers returned to Lexington, Virginia, to forward the colors and remind the City Council that we have not forgotten their despicable act of passing an ordinance in September 2011, banning the flags of Lee and Jackson from flying on city light poles in honor of the State Lee-Jackson holiday, and to continue to educate citizens and tourists.

Arriving at 10:00, we started the day with some quiet time in Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. While visiting General Jackson's grave, we met and spoke with a couple who were in town for a family reunion for descendants of Stonewall Jackson. They knew nothing of the flag ban and were very unhappy when they learned the lengths to which City Council went to remove the flags of their ancestor from the streets of Lexington.

As is our custom, we left a battle flag to honor Jackson and decorate the grave site.

At 11:00, we joined the congregation of Lauderdale Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church for Sunday Services. The church is adjacent to the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. The Pastor and congregation were some of the friendliest and most welcoming folks we have ever met. We thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship, and the opportunity to worship with these good folks.

After worship, and determined to uphold a TOTAL boycott of Lexington, we headed out of town for a quick lunch.

Upon returning to Lexington, we gathered our battle flags and began walking Main Street. Our very first encounter was with a couple from just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, who were visiting. They had not heard about the ban and were outraged that such a thing had occurred in the town which was the home to Lee and Jackson. Although they are not Southerners, they inquired as to what they could do to assist in our efforts, and vowed to make sure their voices were heard before they left Lexington.

Foot traffic was EXTREMELY light in town in the afternoon. Automobile traffic was steady, and we were greeted with honks of approval, thumbs up, and shouts of "God bless you" and "Love your flags". Many residents mentioned the lawsuit, and we tried to update them as best we could as to the status of the appeal. We had ONE negative comment all afternoon. A young couple was walking past and just as they went by, the gentleman (I use that term rather loosely) turned around and shouted "Why don't you people go back where you came from and leave us alone?". We smiled, thanked him for his Southern hospitality, explained that the town of Lexington belongs to ALL Southerners who honor and revere Lee and Jackson, and continued down the block.

This was the first time since the January Lee-Jackson holiday that the Va Flaggers have returned to Lexington, but by the time storms chased us away a little before 4:00 p.m., we were determined to return more often. Local residents we spoke with assured us that support for our efforts is overwhelming in Rockbridge County. If Mayor Elrod can be voted out of office in November, the door will be open to repeal the blatantly prejudicial flag ban and RETURN THE FLAGS to Lexington.

What can you do?

*BOYCOTT Lexington! Visit the town to pay your respects to Lee and Jackson, but do not spend a dime inside the city and do not leave without letting someone know what you are doing and why. We went to the Visitor's Center and signed the guest book, leaving a message that we would not be patronizing any businesses until the flags are returned.

*Become a Flagger! We need to keep this issue in the forefront of the citizens and the City Council. Contact us for more information if you are interested in joining in this effort.

*Make plans NOW to attend Lee-Jackson day in January. and spread the word!

MY TWO CENTS: Why I will not spend a dime in ANY establishment in Lexington, Virginia until the flag ban is lifted:

1) Because I gave my word... see below... and

2) Because NOT ONE Lexington business owner stood up and spoke out against the ban.

3) Because we saw the smug faces and heard the comments about how a boycott of "our kind" would be welcome.

4) Because every penny spe in LEX, even at a "friendly establishment", means money into the coffers of Mayor Mimi and the Lexington City Council, and funds the very people who spit on the graves of Lee & Jackson.

5) ...and finally, because the days of compromise are over. You are either for us or against us, and NONE of these people were for us, Lee, Jackson, or our ancestors in that crowded, sweaty hall on September 1st!

RETURN the flags!

RESTORE the honor!


My remarks to the Lexington City Council

Madame Mayor, Council Members, Lexington residents, and guests. I wish to begin by thanking you for the opportunity to address you all on the subject of the proposed ordinance that would ban the flying of Confederate flags from city light poles in celebration of Lee-Jackson day in Lexington.

My name is Susan Hathaway. I am not a Lexington resident. I drove from Richmond after work today to humbly represent those of us who, although we do not call Lexington home, consider it “our” town, as well. My father brought me here as a child, to pay honor to the memory of two of the greatest Virginians that ever lived. We visited their graves, and he taught my brother, my sister, and I, the importance of honoring our history and remembering the brave men who answered the call of duty in defense of Virginia. Years later, I brought my own children here, as well, aspiring to teach them the same valuable lessons.

I understand that the proposed ordinance is a result of the complaints of approx. 300 people who claimed they were offended by the flags that flew during the week leading up to Lee-Jackson Day this past January. With your permission, I would like to present a petition opposing this ordinance, signed by over 1600 individuals…FIVE times as many as the original petition that led to this ordinance…people like me…potential tourists, eager to visit the final resting place of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. My daughter and I attended the Lee-Jackson Day services in January. We stayed at the Lexington Inn, spent time and money in your shops and enjoyed dining in several local restaurants. By my receipts, we spent over $500, money that went directly into the pockets of Lexington merchants.

I know others have made, and will make the arguments about how ridiculous it is to let the rants of a few misinformed, prejudiced people make policy for a town that owes its very existence to these two men, so I will just say this… Those of us who, without malice toward any race, creed, or nationality, choose to honor our Confederate Ancestors and the sacrifice they made, are no longer willing to sit by quietly and allow their honor and memory to be denigrated!

If this ordinance is passed, I will use my sphere of influence and personally spearhead a boycott of Lexington. We will still gather to honor and celebrate these great men, but I will do everything in my power to make sure that everyone from New York to Florida with any interest in the War Between the States is made aware that the town that once accepted the sacred duty as the honored caretakers of our the final resting places of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, now despises the association and does not welcome us or our “tainted” money.

I lost my father a few months ago, after an extended illness. He was an amazing example to me of a Christian gentleman in every aspect of his life, and one of the most important things he taught me was to ALWAYS stand firm for what I know is right. It is in his memory, and the memory of so many others who have gone before him, that I stand before you today and respectfully request that if you came to this meeting determined to cast a vote in favor of this ordinance, that you reconsider, ignore the political pressures that you may be facing, and do the RIGHT thing…speak for those who no longer have a voice, and stand for those long buried, who…at least as long as I have breath,…will NOT be forgotten!

Join the fight to remove Lexington Mayor Elrod here:

3 from the Moneychanger


On 6 August 1861 Lincoln's yankee government violated Kentucky's neutrality by establishing a military camp near Lexington.

On 6 August 1881 was born Alexander Fleming, Scottish bacteriologist & discoverer of penicillin. If justice were done, all the statutes of politicians in the whole world would be torn down & replaced with statues to heroes like Fleming.

On 6 August 1945 the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, for the first time in warfare. An estimated 140,000 were killed immediately.

1925: 4 Confederate Veterans at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville

Via Calvin

Confederate Veterans in front of the Hermitage hotel in Nashville. Records show that from left to right: General Harry Rene Lee: was the commanding General for the United confederate veterans from 1935 to 1936; General W. B. Freeman from: 1925 to 1926.

Liberal Versus Jacobin Democracy

Via Bernhard

“[The close relationship between mass society and mass democracy] was expressed with the utmost clarity long ago by that classical writer….Alexis de Tocqueville. I have in mind especially the famous passage in his great work [Democracy in America], where, groping his was on untrodden ground, he tried to show how egalitarian democracy was bound to develop into a new form of despotism.

The essential point becomes clear if we consider the difference between liberal democracy of the Anglo-Saxon and Swiss kind on the one hand and the Jacobin brand of democracy on the other. The latter has increasingly become the dominating form of democracy in our times precisely because it is appropriate to mass society.

If we say that liberal democracy places the accent on liberty and Jacobin democracy on equality, this means in practice that the former rests on government with the consent and under the control of those governed and the latter on the principle of the sovereignty of the people, ascertained by majority decision and intended to realize the identity of people and government.

Now while this Jacobin sovereignty of the people is a fiction, it is a highly dangerous one because it opens the way to the worst despotism and makes it possible for a majority decision to establish a totalitarian government. Liberal democracy is a source of freedom because it is liberal, that is, respectful of the individual’s right to liberty, and because it is, at the same time, democracy, that is, makes government the subject to the consent of those governed.

Jacobin democracy, however, is the ultimate ruin of freedom. [Mass] society fosters Jacobin mass democracy by paralyzing and destroying the countervailing forces of federalism. Even where these still survive they are clearly on the defensive, and their prospects of victory are constantly deteriorating.

In Germany….federalism seems to have no live roots anymore. Witness the case with which recently….Wurttemburg and Baden were wiped out as historical entities and, like two factories, merged in the name of administrative convenience.

It is therefore hardly surprising that some years ago a socialist minister…declared, in all seriousness, that federalism, autonomy, and local government were quite unnecessary in a democratic state because, in contrast to the old authoritarian state, there was no longer any division between people and government.

One is reminded of the Communists, who, when reproached with the total absence of independent trade unions in Soviet Russia, reply ingenuously that in a state where government and working class have merged into one, there is no need for any independent trade-unions to safeguard the workers’ interests.

This is, in fact, what goes on in the mind of the Jacobins, and they are under the spell of a myth whose pseudo-religious content is unmistakable – even without the recent incident when an election poster of the Swiss Communist party blasphemously put the “sovereign” people in the place of God and parodied the Bible by declaring: “The fear of the people is the beginning of wisdom.” It is ominous that much the same used to be said by the leaders of National Socialist Germany.”

(A Humane Economy, Wilhelm Ropke, Henry Regnery Company, 1990, pp. 65-68)

Authorities Identify Sikh Temple Shooter as Army Vet

Via Michael

Self Destruct


Kevin The Elder Posted on August 6, 2012 at 9:23am

I’m outraged that the press, including The Blaze here, is referring to this guy as an ex Army vet. Hell, he joined over 20 years ago and served six years. I was in over 50 years ago, but haven’t been referred to as an ex vet during all the ensuing years. Is it only when one commits a crime that the left can tie into an agenda. that the perp is ex Army vet?



New details have just been released, including about how the shooter opened fire and hit an Linkofficer. Read them here.

TheBlaze’s Jason Howerton contributed to this report.

  • Authorities identify assailant as Wade Michael Page, 40, ex-Army serviceman
  • Described by some as a “white supremacist” and “skinhead” with tattoos
  • FBI investigating shooting as act of “domestic terrorism”
  • Suspect may have “recently broke up with his girlfriend”
  • Three victims, including police officer, in hospital with serious injuries; seven, including gunman, dead

More @ The Blaze

Autumn NC PATCON (Patriot Convention) October 4th - 7th 2012


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The October Patriot Convention (PATCON) will be held on October 4th through the 7th. The presentations and catered lunch will be on Saturday, October 6th. We have secured funding for the event and all checks and cash received will now be deposited.

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Dr. Dan Eichenbaum (Dr Dan's Freedom Forum)
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Short wave radio communications demonstration

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An overview course in Tactical Combat Casualty Course (TCCC) will be given after the end of the seminar. This free class will be limited in size to 14 due to the structure of the course's contents. The first 14 people who send in their checks and request to attend this course will be the attendees. A waiting list will be made for people who sign up after the class is filled.
As of September 2nd, there are two spaces left for this course.


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Be the hunter not the hunted

Via Peter

DHS trying to buy Primasheet

The Dorkfish Express

So now along with the 450M rounds of 40 cal and the armored check points, DHS want to buy thin, flexible, waterproof sheets of plastic explosives called Primasheet

Plus they don't want anyone to know about it.

Yep, cut it into strips and BINGO-BAMMO you have a nice breaching charge for small DIY projects.

via Activist Post
What was lacking in the solicitation was the quantity required, budget requirements, shipping dates, and other pertinent information a business would require to know in order to put forth a bid. Here is a screen capture of the solicitation request:

The TSA might use Prima Sheet to destroy luggage and other contraband. Fine. But when a request for more information is requested – that request is ignored.

When the material being solicited for does not show up in the search engine, and the solicitation number vanishes from the FBO website, now we have something here. We have a secret.

NC FIRE: Stop Presidential amnesty by fiat, call Congress now

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Amnesty by Presidential fiat
We have 9 days to stop President Obama's "Dreamer" Executive Order curtailing deportations of "undocumented" aliens.
The final nail in the coffin for America as we know it is scheduled to begin on August 15th.
August 15th is the day the Federal government officially starts accepting applications from foreigners for the illegal Presidential "amnesty".
The fee is $465.00.
For this price, foreigners, here illegally, can compete with our under employed US citizens for jobs.
In addition, These actions have caused major alarm among rank-and-file border agents that the Sinaloa Federation and Los Zetas drug cartels are now unrestrained to flood into the United States with drugs and violence.
In a joint union press conference by the customs agents and the border patrol unions, Chris Crane, President of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council (ICE) asked: “At what point do we say: enough is enough?”
Get mad, and make some real noise. Start calling your Congressmen ASAP.
It's time to melt down the DC telephone lines as was done a few years ago when the Amnesty proposed by President Bush was stopped.
Call every day.
GOOD NUMBERS TO CALL CONGRESS (FREE!): 1(877)762-8762, 1(800)833-6354 & 1(877)210-5351

James Johnson

Charlie Daniels unloads 'dag-blamed truth' on Obama


“There’s a move afoot to change life in America into a totally European – I’ve heard that so much I’m getting sick of it: ‘European’ – socialist thing,” says country-music legend Charlie Daniels, “but it’s the dag-blamed truth [sic], and it don’t work, it never has worked, and if America goes that way, America will never be America again.”

Daniels told WND in an exclusive interview that he expects 2012, with the nation’s very identity on the line, will be “the biggest election we have ever had.”

“In my 75 years on Earth, it’s never been as clear-cut as it is now,” Daniels said. “We’re either going to go into socialism, where part of the people work and the rest of them don’t, and the ones that do will be taxed to death, or – I got the point where I don’t trust politicians anymore, but hopefully – the other side represents, ‘Let’s put America back to work; let’s re-instill the work ethic back in people.’”

More @ WND