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Shank & Bone Vietnamese Restaurant, San Diego

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The Kingston Manifesto: Multiculturalism, globalism, “open borders,” and the dissolution of nations



THE CORROSION of Western civilization can be seen in a group of interrelated political events, as exemplified in Canada, my own country: multiculturalism, globalism, “open borders,” the dissolution of nations, my concerns especially since the period of 2008 to 2011, when I was in the Middle East and saw these things from a perspective not possible for the average Canadian.

Most Westerners live in a world of illusion. They might spend their time “catching the news” on a TV set or a computer, but they are unaware that the main news-media are owned by gigantic corporations, which have a hidden globalist agenda. Yet most people nowadays do not often read serious books, and so they have little access to genuine in-depth information. If you push them far enough, they will only say, “Well, I believe. . . .”

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The Civil War (sic) and Just War Doctrine: Beneath the Virtue-signaling Propaganda of Total War

The Nineteenth Century concept of Just War was derived principally from Biblical roots, but both Greek and Roman thought and especially Roman experience undoubtedly influenced Augustine (354-430 AD) in what is generally recognized as the first systematic treatment of Christian doctrine as it applies to the State, its citizens, and its soldiers in time of war.

First of all, Augustine recognized that war is often a necessity to defend the State and its citizens from aggressive enemies and that Christians may justly bear (ing) arms in that defense. Categorical pacifism is unrealistic, unloving, and un-biblical. Moreover, isolationism is often short-sighted and unwise, and may result in war and excuse callous abandonment of loyal allies to tyranny and tragic human slaughter.

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                                          May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'DONALD TRUMP IS NOT A POLITICIAN. He IS A LEADER. POLITICIANS ARE A DIME A DOZEN: LEADERS ARE PRICELESS. Clarence Henderson American Civil Rights Activist'

Democrat Report Indicates Party Panic over Socialism, Defund Police Narrative with Working Class and Latino Voters & Marco Rubio: Shift in Hispanic Vote Toward GOP Under Trump ‘Permanent’ Unless Republicans Revert to Pre-Trump Ways

 People protest the Minneapolis death of George Floyd while in police custody outside CNN Center on May 29, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

A Democrat report indicates party panic over far-left initiatives that Republicans exposed as inconsistent with working class and Latino voters’ values in the 2020 election cycle.

The report created by three Democrat groups, Third Way, Collective PAC, and Latino Victory Fund, asserts Republican messaging is carving inroads with voters, which “moderate Democrats struggled to counter since some within the Party identify as Democratic socialists.”

The report states, “The socialism attack… hurt campaigns in states and districts with immigrant populations that fled socialist governments, including among Venezuelan, Cuban, Vietnamese, and Filipino voters.”

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 Marco Rubio: Shift in Hispanic Vote Toward GOP Under Trump ‘Permanent’ Unless Republicans Revert to Pre-Trump Ways

Mythbusting: Shooting A Tire


We’ve all seen Hollywood movies where cops or bad guys are shooting tires to end a high-speed chase. Realistic or not, we’ve frequently seen tires shot from the windows of moving cars. Or other unlikely scenarios, like the hero standing in the middle of the road to shoot the tires of an oncoming car. The most realistic, and least exciting plot, is shooting the tires of a parked car, so there’s no chance of it being used to follow someone on screen.

While all of these options may be clever ways to move a storyline, they may not be an efficient way to stop a speeding vehicle in real life. So which calibers out of what guns can actually penetrate a tire? We set out to test this theory and see if we could bust the myths and answer a few questions along the way.

Testing Goals

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Six Bombshell Revelations from Fauci's Emails

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 Six Bombshell Revelations from Fauci's Emails

Townhall read through the thousands of pages of emails Dr. Fauci sent and received about the Wuhan coronavirus that Buzzfeed and the Washington Post obtained via FOIA requests so you don't have to, and here's our roundup of the best of the worst takes the left's scientific savior offered as COVID spread around the world.

1. Scientists told Fauci that COVID-19 might be engineered but he ignored them

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Wandrea Shaye Moss Gets Subpoenaed for Deposition in Fulton County GA

 Wandrea Shaye Moss Gets Subpoenaed for Deposition in Fulton County GA

Fulton County election supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss, who was identified as one of the individuals who appeared to continue to tabulate ballots in Georgia last year after observes left, has been subpoenaed in relation to the election.

The story: The subpoena asks Moss to produce evidence, as part of a civil case, related to the 2020 election in November. The document shows that Moss is scheduled to make an appearance for a deposition on June 10 “for purposes of discovery” and notes that investigators will question Moss until the “examination is completed.”

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WaPo Publisher Slams ‘Unprecedented Assault’ on Media by Biden DOJ (Amazing)

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WaPo Publisher Slams ‘Unprecedented Assault’ on Media by Biden DOJ

The op-ed: Ryan claimed in an op-ed published over the weekend that the matter has worsened since Biden took office. He argued that the current administration “intensified the government’s attack on First Amendment rights before finally backing down in the face of reporting about its conduct.”

The publisher of The Washington Post, Fred Ryan, accused the Department of Justice of an “unprecedented assault” on the media under President Joe Biden.

How we got here: Last month, CNN reported that the DOJ, under the Trump administration, managed to obtain work and personal phone and email records of longtime CNN Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr. The obtained information included dates, senders, and recipients, but not text and audio of emails and phone calls.

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