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Obama Threatens to Veto Military Bill Because It Protects Religious Groups

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On D-Day, FDR famously asked a country of many faiths to pray that God protect our troops as they “struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization” against tyranny. Given our military’s tradition of defending religious liberty from attack, it is disappointing to see President Barack Obama threaten to veto the military’s main authorization bill if it contains protections for religious freedom.

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BREAKING: FBI Notes Reveal Security Concerns Over Huma Abedin

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Witnesses say Clinton aide “overrode security protocols,” hoarded classified information at home.

Protective detail assigned to guard former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her two residences complained that her closest aide Huma Abedin often overrode standard security protocols during trips to the Middle East, and personally changed procedures for handling classified information, including highly sensitive intelligence briefs the CIA prepared for the president, newly released FBI documents reveal.

The security agents, who were interviewed as witnesses in the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of an unauthorized private email server to send classified information, complained that Abedin had unusual sway over security policies during Clinton’s 2009-2013 tenure at Foggy Bottom.

FBI interview notes indicate that Abedin, a Pakistani-American Muslim whose family has deep ties to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the radical Muslim Brotherhood, was granted Top Secret security clearance for the first time in 2009, when Clinton named her deputy chief of staff for operations.

Abedin said she “did not remember” being read into any Special Access Programs (SAPs) or compartments.

HERE YOU GO NON-BACKERS! Oregon standoff: All defendants found not guilty!!!!!!!!!!

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I believe this bodes well for a Trump win.

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'Burial slab' of Jesus found in Jerusalem church

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Researchers recently uncovered a stone burial slab which many believe Jesus Christ's body may have been laid on following his death.

The original surface of the tomb was uncovered in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem during restoration work and has been covered by marble cladding since at least 1555 A.D., National Geographic reports. 

The marble cover was pulled back, and researchers were surprised by the amount of fill material beneath the covering, Fredrik Hiebert, an archaeologist-in-residence at the National Geographic Society, and a researcher on the restoration project, told National Geographic.

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"How are we different from any other banana republic?" (Putin just mentioned the same)
".........if this is how we conduct elections in the United States of America, through abuse of the election system, shipping in votes from another country, how are we different from any other banana republic? We aren't and if we aren't, it is time for a rectification of the System. It is corrupt and we, the people, are the only ones responsible for setting it right. We are not obligated to ratify a corrupt election with our acceptance."

 For many years the nation has been building up to this election. The arrogance of Washington politicians have brought both candidates to the ballot. Trump as a protest vote and Clinton as a validation vote. If Trump wins, most people understand it as a stop command. If Clinton wins, it will be understood as a concession to The System.

But, that doesn't mean that it will solve anything. Far from it. It is like a Supreme Court decision with a 5-4 split. The decision does not validate the position of the five anymore than it invalidates the position of the four. It merely establishes a dividing line and those on the losing side wait until another justice can be installed so that the position of the four can be revisited and overturn the decision in their favor.

Whatever the outcome of this election it will represent a 5-4 decision of the people and more than any other election it will simply galvanize the opposition.

Russia holds drills for the general population. The US holds drills to insure "continuity of government".

Comment by Terry  on Russia: 4 Day nuclear war drill during involving 4...

"JJS at Radio Free Redoubt  had an interesting observation recently.

When the Russians hold drills, it is for the general population. When the US holds drills it is to insure "continuity of government". He cites the recent Cascadia Rising in the Pacific Northwest as an example. The comment was on one of his podcasts, don't remember which one."


Putin Asks: "Is America Now A Banana Republic" (Evidently)

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Moments ago, Russian president started speaking at the final session of the Valdai International Discussion Club’s 13th annual meeting in Sochi. More than 130 experts and political analysts from Russia and other countries are taking part in this year’s three-day meeting, titled ‘The Future in Progress: Shaping the World of Tomorrow’.

While Putin's speech can be seen below, he has already had a handful of soundbites, most notably the following he just said in response to accusations that Russia could influence the US election:

"Hysteria has been whipped up in the United States about the influence of Russia over the U.S. presidential election," said Putin, calling it a ruse to cover up for the fact that the U.S. political elite had nothing to say about serious issues such as the country's national debt or gun control.

"It's much simpler to distract people with so-called Russian hackers, spies, and agents of influence.
Does anyone really think that Russia could influence the American people's choice in any way? The number of mythical, dreamt-up problems include the hysteria - I can't think of another word - that has broken out in the United States about the influence of Russia on the current elections for the US president. "

He ended that phrase as follows: "What, is America a banana republic?!" 

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Fury as German primary school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Muslim prayer

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 Merkel koran

PUPILS at a primary school were forced to chant "Allahu Akhbar" and “there is no God but Allah", an appalled father has claimed.

The father of the pupil at the girl's primary school in German ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen discovered that his daughter had been forced to learn the Islamic prayer when he discovered a handout she had been given.

He claimed she had been "forced" by teachers to memorise the Islamic chants and forwarded the handout to Austrian news service unsertirol24.

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It Probably Won’t End Well


Kurt Schlichter wrote an interesting article on Town Hall recently entitled Liberal Attempts to Silence Dissenters Will Not End Well. I thoroughly enjoyed (and agreed with) it. There was a place for comments at the bottom and I toyed with the thought of inserting my comment which would have entailed or encapsulated the words of Lord Acton and/or Robert E. Lee after THE War. However, even those who bevel genuine conservative angles to their voices somehow will recoil when the notion is presented that the most important event in the history of the American federated republic beyond the breaking away from the British Empire was the comparable War for Southern Independence and its results.

Russia: 4 Day nuclear war drill during involving 40million people

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Russian emergency services carry out a training drill for nuclear war in terrifying footage released yesterday

More than 200,000 emergency service staff are believed to have taken part in the drill.

Capital Moscow’s entire population of 12 million would be able to fit into refurbished underground shelters, Russian authorities confirmed.

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Former Rep. Joe Walsh calls for civil disobedience: If Trump loses, ‘I’m grabbing my musket’

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Conservative talk radio host and former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh fired off a series of tweets Thursday night in the aftermath of the sniper shootings of Dallas police officers, saying President Obama "has blood on his hands" for his outspoken support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Conservative talk radio host and former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh fired off a series of tweets Wednesday night advocating for Republicans to engage in civil disobedience if Donald Trump loses the presidency.

“On November 8th, I’m voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket. You in?” wroteMr. Walsh, host of the “The Joe Walsh Show,” based in Chicago.

UK Reporter Calls CNN “Clinton News Network – Your Coverage Is Totally Biased”

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Katie Hopkins: I think he’s going to win. I think you guys are in for a big surprise which I am quite excited about. I think we have seen a very similar thing here in the UK with Brexit. We saw a lot of the liberal press kind of sneering at Brexiteers. We see a lot of the sneering that we’re seeing from the Clinton News Network.
CNN host: That’s CNN, you’re calling us the Clinton News Network.
Katie Hopkins: That’s exactly correct.
CNN host: Why?…
Katie Hopkins: I will say having sat in the Republican convention and having watched your coverage, it is completely biased. And I think Trump is doing a great job. And I think what we saw from him today over… You’ll also find polls that find 70% of individuals find Clinton to be utterly distasteful. I find her abhorrent to look at. Her little smile there does nothing for me.


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At the conclusion of Tuesday’s Fredericksburg City Council meeting, and after hearing from dozens of citizens, the motion to appoint a commission to study renaming Jefferson Davis Highway failed to get a second, and died on the floor.  We heard from many of you who called, wrote, and emailed City Council and Mary Washington University and offer our sincere thanks for your efforts!

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The Loosening Grip: A Beginner’s Guide to Death Throes
"This election ..........actually matters, unusual in Presidential contests. It is Blowhard against Corruption, a swell choice, but Trump is firmly against war with Russia, and Hillary for. Her military understanding is that of a fried egg.

The woman is both a fool and a knave but, it seems, Trump has talked trash, and therefore she will likely be President. Weirdly, the future of the world depends on how an excited electorate of political middle-schoolers responds to one candidate’s dirty talk. From a curmudgeon’s point of view, it is pretty funny. It is funnier if one lives  outside of the radiation footprint."


 Oh good. The world reaches a crossroads, or probably a road off a cliff, just when I want to relax and watch gratuitous violence on the tube. To judge by the rapid drift of events aboard our planetary asylum, the talons of Washington and New York on the world’s throat are fast being pried a-loose. 

The Global American Imperium is dying. Or so it sure looks anyway.  

Brunell Donald-Kyei: Vice-Chair Of Diversity Outreach for Donald Trump.

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WIKILEAKS: Hillary’s Attorney Drafted ‘Political Attack’ on Trey Gowdy, Benghazi Committee

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Trey Gowdy David Kendall

Hillary Clinton’s longtime personal attorney, David Kendall, drafted a “political attack” on Rep. Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.) and the House Select Committee on Benghazi, according to emails published by WikiLeaks.

In an email dated Oct. 20, 2015, just two days before Hillary was scheduled to testify before the committee, Kendall emailed top campaign aides and confidantes about a “Possible pivot for HRC to go to political lynch party.”

Kendall outlined a draft of a “platform” Hillary could use “to launch into a political attack on the Committee,” adding: “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but here’s what I had in mind as a springboard.”


Conservative leaders step up for Trump, warn of a “Clinton Progressive Police State’

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Longtime conservative maven Richard Viguerie has produced an instant publication for these final, frantic days before the election, consisting of essays penned by a group of 18 conservative leaders who include Brent Bozell, Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell Jr., Craig Shirley, Joseph Farah, David Keene and James Dobson.

Mr. Viguerie says the compilation is meant to “attack the idea that not voting for Donald Trump somehow advances conservative principles.” The 25-page booklet is titled “Hail Hillary: Is a Clinton-Progressive Police State in America’s Future?”

Interesting. Some in GOP circles seem to suggest there’s virtue in shunning Mr. Trump.

“Hail Hillary is a cannonball through the doors of the ivory towers of those conservative who continue to obdurately claim that a Hillary Clinton presidency might not be that bad, that the country can recover after four or eight years, and that her policies won’t be aimed at marginalizing, if not outlawing, the conservative worldview,” says Mr. Viguerie.

Top US General Pleads With Troops Not To Revolt Over 2016 Election

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Image result for Top US General  Pleads With Troops Not To Revolt Over 2016 Election

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  Gen. Joseph Dunford wrote a Medium blog post Monday to remain committed to its military oath amid the 2016 election.

“What we must collectively guard against is allowing our institution to become politicized, or even perceived as being politicized, by how we conduct ourselves during engagements with the media, the public, or in open or social forums,” Dunford reminded troops.

Ex-Bill Clinton aide says he helped arrange $50M in payments for former president

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A close aide to Bill Clinton said he arranged for $50 million in payments for the former president, part of a complicated mingling of lucrative business deals and charity work of the Clinton Foundation mapped out in a memo released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday.

The report was written by Doug Band, who has transitioned from his job as a Clinton aide to a partner in Teneo Consulting, a company whose client roster now includes some of the biggest companies in the world. Along the way, Band wrote, he also pushed his clients and contacts to donate millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and to help win business deals for Bill Clinton.

Band wrote the memo in November 2011 to John Podesta, now chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and sent copies to other key Clinton aides, apparently to explain and justify his work in the face of criticism from others in the Clinton orbit-- notably Chelsea Clinton.

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But, but I thought the Democrats might take Texas.....:)