Thursday, October 27, 2016

"How are we different from any other banana republic?" (Putin just mentioned the same)
".........if this is how we conduct elections in the United States of America, through abuse of the election system, shipping in votes from another country, how are we different from any other banana republic? We aren't and if we aren't, it is time for a rectification of the System. It is corrupt and we, the people, are the only ones responsible for setting it right. We are not obligated to ratify a corrupt election with our acceptance."

 For many years the nation has been building up to this election. The arrogance of Washington politicians have brought both candidates to the ballot. Trump as a protest vote and Clinton as a validation vote. If Trump wins, most people understand it as a stop command. If Clinton wins, it will be understood as a concession to The System.

But, that doesn't mean that it will solve anything. Far from it. It is like a Supreme Court decision with a 5-4 split. The decision does not validate the position of the five anymore than it invalidates the position of the four. It merely establishes a dividing line and those on the losing side wait until another justice can be installed so that the position of the four can be revisited and overturn the decision in their favor.

Whatever the outcome of this election it will represent a 5-4 decision of the people and more than any other election it will simply galvanize the opposition.

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