Monday, August 17, 2015

Muslims Slaughter Dozens of Hindus and Buddhists at Erawan Hindu Shrine in Bangkok.

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 Bangkok Thailand - Erawan Hindu Shrine 2 (resized)


 Lets see, what's the old saying about the only good (fill in the blank) is a dead one...?


A bomb has exploded outside a religious shrine in a bustling hub of the Thai capital, killing at least 19 people and injuring more than 120 others in an attack authorities said targeted foreigners.


The blast occurred about 6.30pm (2130 AEST) on Monday when the streetside Erawan Shrine close to upscale shopping malls was packed with worshippers and tourists.


‘I heard a very loud bang, it made the whole building shake so I ran outside to see what had happened,’ Panupan Chansing, 20, a hotel worker at the nearby Grand Hyatt Erawan, told AFP.


‘I saw bodies lying on the ground and I saw vehicles on fire. I feel very sad and sorry that this has happened to Thai people … I’m scared.’


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Immigration — Issue of the Century

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Immigration — Issue of the Century

“Trump’s immigration proposals are as dangerous as they are stunning,” railed amnesty activist Frank Sharry.

“Trump … promises to rescind protections for Dreamers and deport them. He wants to redefine the constitutional definition of U.S. citizenship as codified by the 14th Amendment. He plans to impose a moratorium on legal immigration.”

While Sharry is a bit hysterical, he is not entirely wrong.

For the six-page policy paper, to secure America’s border and send back aliens here illegally, released by Trump last weekend, is the toughest, most comprehensive, stunning immigration proposal of the election cycle.

The Trump folks were aided by people around Sen. Jeff Sessions who says Trump’s plan “reestablishes the principle that America’s immigration laws should serve the interests of its own citizens.”

One Year Later=> #Ferguson Real Estate Worth 1/3 of Pre-Riot Value

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looters ferguson

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The fruits of the mob…

One year after robber Michael Brown’s shooting death and #BlackLivesMatter riots, the Ferguson housing market is reeling.

The 2014 vandalism and destruction was enormous.

Over 100 businesses were vandalized, looted and/or destroyed during the violence.
Here is an interactive map of the attacks, shootings, lootings, and destruction.

Many of the local businesses were looted not just once, but twice.

'The video is worse for women than Trump': University of Alabama sorority slammed for 'racially-homogeneous' recruitment film

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Looks fine to me. :) 

A University of Alabama sorority has been slammed for their recruitment video which critics are saying is racially-homogeneous and lacks diversity.

Alpha Phi, who are based at the Tuscaloosa campus, uploaded the footage to YouTube and it has since been viewed 500,000 times.

But some have accused them of selling themselves on looks alone while one writer has said they are doing more damage to women than presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The very glossy and professional film includes the group of 72, mostly-white, members partying and attending events inside their sprawling sorority house. 

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Bleeding Republican States Dry

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We’re about to coin a new phrase that perfectly captures the deliberately destructive tool of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the hands of Barack Obama and the socialist Left. We’ll call it the “psychosis of socialism.”

The psychosis of socialism is on display as the final rule of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) has been set into motion. It mandates by 2030 a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions — the same gas you exhale upon healthy respiration — 32% lower than levels of 2005. The CPP will cost the U.S. economy an estimated $2.5 trillion lost in economic growth, with 66 power plants closed and 125,000 jobs eliminated that generate America’s electricity. That’s on top of 200 plants already forced into retirement.

To achieve this Leftist government-sanctioned objective, Obama has employed the power and bureaucracy of a radicalized and weaponized EPA coupled with an almost unseen but very effective Sierra Club activist group, Beyond Coal, which is funded by former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Estonian Folk Dancers Attacked by Immigrant Mob in Sweden with Rocks and Fire

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 folk singers

Estonian folk dancers, who visited Sweden to participate in a folk dance festival in Helsingborg, were attacked by immigrants.

The news of the attack on the Estonian dancers has been widely reported in the Estonian media including at Õhtulent , which is a Schibstedägd sister publication to the Swedish Aftonbladet, wrote about the incident.

According to the newspaper the folk dancing week began with good food and nice accommodation, but ended with the Estonians having to flee head over heels from the school they were staying at after immigrants attacked them and smashed windows and tried to burn down the school.

GA: Dan Almond for State House

 banks of the potomac 19 april 2010

Good morning!

I’m Daniel Almond, and I’ve been literally waving the III% flag since 2009. I’m now running for a State House seat in Georgia, and it’s a 100% grass roots campaign. If you call yourself a Three Percenter, support the cause with just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Literally less than three minutes of your time:

Donate $3 (or more, of course) at the link below, and pass this on to 3 friends, asking each of them to donate $3 (or more) and asking each of them to pass this on to three more friends, and so on….

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Kalashnikov USA Releases Prices for American-Made AKs

 MSRP: $924.00

Last month when Kalashnikov USA announced their new lineup of American-made AKs and shotguns there was really only one question: How much?

Well, on Facebook Monday the company released pricing for each model.

Below is the MSRP for each model. At first glance these prices may induce a bit of sticker shock but remember they’re American Made.

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The first Walther .45!


New to the Walther line of legendary pistols is the PPQ .45 ACP.

Designed for personal protection and recreational shooting, this .45 represents the pinnacle of German craftsmanship.

The gun is equipped with the Carl Walther signature quick defense trigger, which improves accuracy and allows for precise follow up shots. The PPQ .45 is fashioned with the traditional front and rear slide serrations for superior handling during use, and features fully ambidextrous controls like all PPQ models.

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Celebrities want Mississippi flag changed, comment on

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Celebrities Demand Removal of Confederate Symbol


I have never trusted the integrity of Bertram Hayes Davis, he is another Benedict Arnold who has betrayed his birthright. Jefferson Davis would disown him if he were alive today!


The Miss. vote to keep their old flag in 2001 was supported by upwards of 30% of the black voters in Miss. The flag issue everywhere is only an issue because the whore press/media/socialist government leaders make it an issue! 


The damned flag that needs to come down is the federal rag that now stands for abortion on demand, queer marriage, forced social association by government fiat, phony fiat unbacked currency/illegal income tax, common core, illegal and un-declared wars all over the globe, selling aborted baby body parts for profit, an illegal invasion of people from every third world country with no citizenship, Obamacare, an increasing movement to destroy Christianity, the family and the rule of law, and I could go on and on!


Not to mention it's the flag that was carried by those who destroyed our civilization and murdered raped and pillaged our people all across the South both black and white, and the flag under which we are an occupied nation to this very day! I say, down with the striped rag and up with the Battle Flag! The South is again under siege and, God help us, now by some of her own stupid people!



Environmentalists Post Photo of Scott Walker’s Decapitated Head on Facebook – Think It’s Cute

Via David "Can you just IMAGINE the - rightful - outrage if someone on the right did this with ANY leftist candidate?  Yet not only do they do this, they do this and get cheered on."

 walker head