Monday, August 17, 2015

The first Walther .45!


New to the Walther line of legendary pistols is the PPQ .45 ACP.

Designed for personal protection and recreational shooting, this .45 represents the pinnacle of German craftsmanship.

The gun is equipped with the Carl Walther signature quick defense trigger, which improves accuracy and allows for precise follow up shots. The PPQ .45 is fashioned with the traditional front and rear slide serrations for superior handling during use, and features fully ambidextrous controls like all PPQ models.

More with video @ Guns America


  1. The first thought that popped into my mind was, it looks like a highpoint. Thats not a good thought to be having about a handgun.

    1. :) Dixie has a .22 which looks almost like their .380 and the .45 looks similar also.

  2. Technically this could be called the second Walther .45.

    S&W offered the SW99 and SW990 in .45 (which was actually a modified Walther P99).

    I know this because I own one!