Monday, August 17, 2015

Bleeding Republican States Dry

Via Billy

We’re about to coin a new phrase that perfectly captures the deliberately destructive tool of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the hands of Barack Obama and the socialist Left. We’ll call it the “psychosis of socialism.”

The psychosis of socialism is on display as the final rule of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) has been set into motion. It mandates by 2030 a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions — the same gas you exhale upon healthy respiration — 32% lower than levels of 2005. The CPP will cost the U.S. economy an estimated $2.5 trillion lost in economic growth, with 66 power plants closed and 125,000 jobs eliminated that generate America’s electricity. That’s on top of 200 plants already forced into retirement.

To achieve this Leftist government-sanctioned objective, Obama has employed the power and bureaucracy of a radicalized and weaponized EPA coupled with an almost unseen but very effective Sierra Club activist group, Beyond Coal, which is funded by former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg.


  1. Unleash the Trumpster on the EPA. YOUR FIRED!

  2. EPA won't be around much longer is my prediction.
    I'm thinking there'll be 2 to 3 cycles of Right leaning control coming.
    The EPA will be neutered and gutted and put into a box - where it belongs.
    If not outright dismantled.

  3. This is also the permanent de-industrialization of the USA if we let this agency 'live' after they do this; once grid capacity is lost we can't add capacity within a time frame that would aid a start up big business given EPA's 10-yr approval cycle on power plants. Worse still, demand will quickly meet declining supply and prices will shoot up. Counting on Progressive RINOs to dismantle the EPA is up there with believing in the Easter Bunny; we are being deliberately & methodically dismantled.

  4. once grid capacity is lost we can't add capacity within a time frame that would aid a start up big business given EPA's 10-yr approval cycle on power plants.

    we are being deliberately & methodically dismantled.


    Mind boggling, as usual these days, .

  5. It's all part of Obama's plan to destroy America. Obama attended "God-damn America"-Reverend Wright's church for 20-years. Obama has a hate-Whitey chip on each shoulder. He plans to bring America to its knees and assume the position of a third world country. This is how the live in Kenya and Indonesia, how do you like it Americans.

  6. As we have seen with the elite in Ailifornia with the water, Bloomberg can afford the increase in electrical bills. On the other hand, the darkies and lower class will get crushed.

  7. While our coal industry is being decimated, the rest of the world is spewing out more and more "carbon" as they do not utilize pollution controls, and continue to use more and more coal.

    While our industries suffer from regulations and jack booted invasions of alphabet agencies, China, India and Russia are not confronted about their 'damage' to the environment.

    It's obvious the environmental movement is the vehicle to knock the usa down to third world status. And the influx of illegals to reside it in aided and abetted by our own government.

    We get the government that we deserve.