Tuesday, December 22, 2020

NSA Puzzle Palace Technical Director: Simple Mathematics reveals massive Biden fraud. .



William Edward Binney, a former ranking National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence official, former NSA Technical Director, and a cryptoanalyst-mathematician by profession, has pointed out the irregularities and self-evident fraud on behalf of the Biden and Harris candidacies among other things. 

Binney’s notoriety for integrity and independence is intact as he played whistleblower amid abuses under both the George W. Bush administration as well as that of Barack Obama. The collective popular vote surpasses the number of eligible voters. Fraud at this point is self-evident. Anyone who denies it is gaslighting you and part of the organized conspiracy of denial. If Trump got 74 million votes that only leaves 66.344 million possible votes for Biden. Accordingly the numbers don’t add up and they’re untenable. Fraud is self-evident. The dereliction of duty of other parties in the judiciary and executive branches does not change this reality.

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Mike Adams interviews Constitutional Law Scholar Stewart Rhodes who warns Jan. 6th will be DISASTER for Trump if Insurrection Act is not invoked



"Blackface" Northam Removes Robert E. Lee Statue from U.S. Capitol in Dead of Night

 Twitter/Ralph Northam 

Democrat Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who faced controversy for dressing in black face while in medical school, ordered a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee removed overnight from the United States Capitol. 

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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Southern War Songs

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The war songs of the South are a part of the history of the Lost Cause. They are necessary to the impartial historian in forming a correct estimate of the animus of the Southern people.

Emotional literature is always a correct exponent of public sentiment, and these songs index the passionate sincerity of the South at the time they were written.

Poetic merit is not claimed for all of them; still each one embodies either a fact or a principle. Written in an era of war, when the public mind was thoroughly aroused, some may now appear harsh and vindictive. Eight millions of people read and sang them. This fact alone warrants their collection and preservation.

A greater number of the songs have been gathered from Southern newspapers. The task has been laborious, but still a labor of love, as no work of this kind has before been offered to the public.

Thanks are due Mr. Henri Wehrman, of New Orleans, for permission to use valuable copyrights, also to the Oliver Ditson Co., Boston; A. E. Blackmar, New Orleans; and J. C. Schreiner, Savannah, Ga. Mr. G. N. Galloway, Philadelphia, has given material assistance.

The work is not complete, still the compiler claims for it the largest and only collection of Confederate songs published.


Havana, Ala., December 1, 1889.

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The “New Confederacy”? Yes, It’s Time For Conservatives To Unite Against The Globalist Reset

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The narrative could not be more transparent or obvious, but then again, the elites are becoming lazy in their propaganda and the leftists are not all that bright. Essentially, every time conservatives (or moderates) organize to defend themselves against communist or globalist attack we are called “Nazis”, brownshirts, populists, bullies, etc. Now, I would remind these people that if we were really going the path of the Sturmabteilung then there would be rampant intimidation and assault on leftists to the point that they would be afraid to leave their homes or even identify as leftists. Conservatives believe in self defense, not coercion and terror tactics.

Such actions are the wheelhouse of the political left these days. They are far better than we are at imitating Brownshirt behavior. The reality is that across the board the only people engaging in widespread censorship and violence are on the political left, yet we are supposed to be the “Nazis”?

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If You Think Trump Is The Worst President Ever, You’re Either Ignorant Or Have Fallen For Media Propaganda

 Texas Republicans follow Trump's lead, spread misinformation about election  | The Texas Tribune

The more extreme the vitriol for Trump becomes, the more extreme the response from the Left will be.

If ignorance continues to be rewarded and disinformation allowed to flourish, Americans will continue to embrace extreme responses. One day soon, we might end up with a leader who actually should be considered among the worst ever. And, of course, we might already be there. I don't like this and from the Daily Wire on top of it. (Unless I'm taking it the wrong way.)

This week, a Fox News poll showed that 42% of Americans believe Donald Trump to be among the worst Presidents in our nation’s history, a number unmatched by any outgoing President in the history of modern polling. 

While shockingly absurd on its face, the poll should serve as a reminder of just how successful the Left has been at vilifying their arch nemesis, using a litany of tools to mislead and misinform. 

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Video: CNN’s Host Compares ISIS to Trump Supporters ‘Radicalized’ by The ‘Right-Wing Media Machine’

 Video: CNN’s Host Compares ISIS to Trump Supporters ‘Radicalized’ by The ‘Right-Wing Media Machine’

CNN’s Brian Stelter compared the “radicalization” of President Donald Trump’s supporters by the “right-wing media machine” to that of ISIS members.

Stelter made the comments on his Sunday CNN show “Reliable Sources,” during which he blamed conservative media for radicalizing America. Fox News, Newsmax and One America News Network are among the networks responsible, Stelter said – Facebook, he added, harbors some blame as well.]

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Andrea Bocelli - Hallelujah (live at Teatro Regio di Parma) Dec 13, 2020

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"Italians have been at the crest of civilization, in all its aspects, for more than 2000 years.
The Italian language is a beautiful song in itself.  Bocelli epitomizes that and his daughter is as cute as they come and has her own set of angelic pipes. Enjoy !"