Tuesday, December 22, 2020

NSA Puzzle Palace Technical Director: Simple Mathematics reveals massive Biden fraud. .



William Edward Binney, a former ranking National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence official, former NSA Technical Director, and a cryptoanalyst-mathematician by profession, has pointed out the irregularities and self-evident fraud on behalf of the Biden and Harris candidacies among other things. 

Binney’s notoriety for integrity and independence is intact as he played whistleblower amid abuses under both the George W. Bush administration as well as that of Barack Obama. The collective popular vote surpasses the number of eligible voters. Fraud at this point is self-evident. Anyone who denies it is gaslighting you and part of the organized conspiracy of denial. If Trump got 74 million votes that only leaves 66.344 million possible votes for Biden. Accordingly the numbers don’t add up and they’re untenable. Fraud is self-evident. The dereliction of duty of other parties in the judiciary and executive branches does not change this reality.

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  1. Compare Joe Biden's Dark Winter, and endless Despair, Message the other day versus this Message of Faith, Hope, and LIGHT from President Donald J. TRUMP. Truly Dark vs Light. Thank You!