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I dreamed Romney was Abraham Lincoln

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Nancy Pelosi recently claimed she’s been visited by the spirits of famous American women of the past.

“If I ever had a vision like Nancy Pelosi did,” Savage told listeners, “I’d have to call 911 and ask to be relieved of my duties.”

That said, Michael Savage admitted to having a dream about American politicians past and present that gave him plenty to think about.

“I dreamed that Mitt Romney was Abraham Lincoln,” Savage said, adding:

Now, Lincoln was not such a decent man. He was a pretty vicious, horrendous murderer, incidentally.

But image-wise, I somehow morphed Romney and Lincoln.

If you actually study Lincoln, he was a ruthless politician. He decimated the South for no reason. He had his generals burn Southern cities to the ground.

Yet he’s seen as the great liberator. You have to see the bigger picture.

There are arguments that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, or very little to do with it; that it was more of an economic war between the North and the South. I don’t want to get into that right now.

What’s relevant is the fact that I dreamed that Romney was Lincoln.

That means that, in my mind, he’s coming across as sort of a tragic figure. That’s the whole point.

We’re no longer living in 1860. Back then, if you had a tragic look about you, it was somewhat appealing to a nation that still had morality and still understood that there was a God in heaven.

But America no longer has any sympathy with a man who has a tragic look. Today, everybody wants a winner.

They want a fake winner with fake teeth and fake hair, fake heart, fake soul.

In other words, they want a complete phony.

Therefore, with Romney as the GOP candidate, and a liar on the other side, we have real trouble on our hands.

A few from the Moneychanger

The Moneychanger

On 15 August 1863 the Confederate States Ship Tallahassee captured six yankee schooners. I bet the yankees were hot about that.

If I hang around here I don't see anything but my family and cows, sheep, pigs, & chickens, but travelling shows me the faces of America -- well, and lots of other body parts as well. My trip revealed to me two of America's great dilemmas. First, there is clearly a shortage of mirrors around the country, so people have no chance to look at themselves before they leave the house. I think this calls for Federal Government Mirror Stamps for everybody -- Mirror-Care, Obamer ought to call it. Second, the women's fashion industry is suffering a terrible cloth shortage. Poor things, I don't know how they keep from freezing to death, & lots of 'em are so desperate they've taken to wearing their underwear OUTside their clothes.

On 15 August 1947 after 200 years of British rule Indian became independent and was divided into India & Pakistan.

On 15 August 1861 East German workers began constructing the Wall of Shame, the Berlin Wall, to keep all the workers in the Workers' Paradise, or make it easier to shoot 'em when they tried to leave.

Maine’s Gov Threatens RNC Boycott Unless Ron Paul Delegates Seated


Last week Romney supporters sought to try and challenge the seating of Maine’s delegates to the Republican National Convention. Team Romney has been behind the scenes in various states, including Nevada, Arizona and Massachusetts trying to remove official delegates in an attempt to silence those of the liberty caucus who support GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul.

However Maine GOP Chair Charlie Webster made an attempt to compromise with the Ron Paul contingent, but those supporters rejected the compromise. The agreement really was one sided in the fact that it would have bound delegates to vote for Mitt Romney and prevented them from voicing their opinions publicly.

The compromise laid out to Maine National Delegates is as follows:

1. A majority of the delegates sign a statement agreeing that, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, they will vote at the Convention for Mitt Romney.

2. Instead of Brent Tweed, Charlie Webster or Paul LePage would serve as the spokesperson for the delegation and announce the votes cast for president. That spokesperson would also handle all media on behalf of the Maine delegation.

3. There will be nothing negative said about Mitt Romney or positive said about Obama (especially to media)

4. The Delegation will be admitted to the Convention, and to all committee assignments, without barrier.

5. The Contest brought by Jan Staples and Peter Cianchette will be withdrawn

Now ladies and gentlemen, this is no compromise at all. This is only to benefit Mitt Romney and that is all. It is a stifling of these people’s First Amendment rights to speak their consciences in public and on the floor of the RNC. Personally, I find it offensive that such a thing would even be presented as a “compromise.”

Not only that, but Romney supporters are apparently in favor of unseating Paul delegates, though they are not making the same attempts with Santorum or Gingrich delegates. A.J. Higgins writes:

(Charles) Cragin is a government affairs counselor with an Augusta lobbying firm who has extensive experience in Washington in military affairs and national security. He lost his bid to become chair of the GOP state convention this spring when Paul supporters elected Tweed. He said the Maine challenge to the Paul delegates is the result of a failure between members of the Romney and Paul organizations to reach a compromise. Romney is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, but Paul’s supporters maintain their candidate still holds a plurality in at least five states. That’s the minimum threshold he must meet in order to be on the ballot at the convention. Paul has not endorsed Romney, nor has he suspended his presidential bid and his supporters want him to have a prominent speaking role at the convention. Cragin said Romney’s supporters do not want their candidate’s victory diminished by a competing message from Paul.

“This is Mitt Romney’s convention,” Cragin said. “He’s the presumptive nominee and he will be the nominee and therefore his folks are very engaged in making determinations as to who will speak at the convention, when they will speak at the convention and to a great extent what they will said when they speak at the convention. So when you’re dealing with outliers, there’s a substantial negotiating process that takes place.”

Outlier is hardly a word that Matt McDonald, a GOP national convention delegate from Belfast and Paul supporter, would use to describe his candidate. He expects all 14 of Maine’s unbound delegates who support Paul will be seated by the convention committee. But Paul’s delegates to the national convention are facing challenges in other states and McDonald said there will be some unhappy people in Tampa if they are not allowed in.

This is the Republican National Convention. It is not Mitt Romney’s convention and the people should have their say at the convention whether Romney supporters like it or not. They don’t want people to disagree with anything that Mitt Romney would say apparently.

Mr. Tweed has it absolutely correct when he said, “The national convention was never intended to be a coronation. It was intended to be the place where the nominee was chosen.” He also went on to point out in a statement that,

“It is unreasonable for the Republican Party at either the national or state level … to attempt to pressure the Maine delegation to vote any particular way. We will not be intimidated into signing political deals under threat of being unseated. We are accountable to the Maine Republicans who elected us, not the Mitt Romney campaign.”

Mike Tipping writes,

Tea Party leader and Ron Paul delegate Pete “The Carpenter” Harring even took to YouTube fully-eagled to speak out against the proposal.

Today, conservative talk show host Ray Richardson announced on Faceboook that Governor Paul LePage, the only elected member of the delegation not challenged by Romney’s supporters, has announced that he will boycott the convention if the Ron Paul delegates are not seated. From Richardson’s post:

More @ Freedom Outpost

Law Abiding Gun Owner Saves Police Officer In Shootout


Freedom Outpost

Mr. Charles Conner 58 years old became angry and commenced to kill his neighbor, his neighbor’s live in partner, and their dogs. Mr. Connor became angry about David House’s dogs using the bathroom in certain places located in the Peach House RV Park located in Central Texas where they resided.

and had previously filed several complaints about the dogs using the bathroom on the tree. On July 29, 2012 (actual date unknown) Mr. Connor went into his place of residence retrieved a gun, shot and killed Mr. David House, Ms. Iris Calaci 53, and their family dogs.

Sgt. Steven Means was the first officer on the scene. When Sgt. Means arrived on scene he was ambushed by Mr. Connor with an array of gunfire. Vic Stacy (a local law abiding citizen and gun owner) heard the shooting, and went to his door to find out what was going on. Mr. Stacy saw two people had already been shot, and that Sgt. Steven Means was in trouble. “I knew if I didn’t do something that the officer was going to be killed.” That is when Mr. Stacy retrieved his (LEGAL) gun to help the trapped officer. Mr. Stacy shot Mr. Conner several times helping to save Sgt. Means life.

Sheriff Bobby Grubbs of the Brown County Sheriff’s Department stated that he was very thankful for Mr. Stacy and “had he (the concerned citizen) not had his gun, there is no telling what the outcome may have been”.
Thank God for Law abiding citizens with a gun. Thank you Mr. Stacey for helping a police officer in need, and proving once again that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are a necessity not a desire. Thank God for our Second Amendment to the Constitution giving us the right to bear arms.

Editor’s Note: Mr. Stacy shot Mr. Connor from 165 yards! Kudos to Mr. Stacy!

Requiem Aeternam

This should be viewed in full screen. If not, you will miss many details such as the cartridge wrappers at around one minute.

Eternal Rest Grant unto Them
Breaks my heart.

My great grandfather and great uncle knew all the men in the "Civil War Requiem" video as they were part of the 53rd NC which was the sole unit defending Fort Mahone. (Fort Mahone was named "Fort Damnation" by the Yankees) *Handpicked men of the 53rd (My great grandfather was one of these) made the final, night assault at Petersburg in an attempt to break Grant's line. This was against Fort Stedman which was a few miles to the slight northeast. They initially succeeded, but reinforcements drove them back. This video is made from photographs which were taken the day after the 53rd evacuated the lines the night before to begin the retreat to Appomattox. I have many more pictures taken by the same photographer, one of these shows a 14 year old boy and the other is the famous picture of the blond, handsome soldier with his musket.

*General Gordon promised the men a gold medal and 30 days leave if they accomplished their task and many years after the War my great grandfather wrote General Gordon, who was then governor of Georgia about this incident. They exchanged several letters which I have framed. See first link below.

*The Attack On Fort Stedman

His Colored Friends"

Lee's Surrender

My Black NC Kinfolks

Punished For Being Caught!

Bill O’Reilly – A New & Powerful Anti-Gun Advocate

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Moderate (never a conservative) Bill O’Reilly has as demonstrated through his comments over years, and those of the last couple of weeks, especially those on air this last Tuesday, August 14 2012, now easily established himself as the strongest and most powerful anti-gun, anti-NRA and anti-Second Amendment (which he claims to support) advocate in the Country.

His all-knowing, arrogant, impossible to correct and flat out lying (he knows the facts) in the face of facts, given to him by those who can contact him, are typical of the anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment comments we have heard for decades.

Statements such as “AK-47s and AR-15s are heavy-weapons” and “assault weapons and bazookas should not be available to people”, “AR-15/AK firearms can be easily be converted to machine guns”, “anyone can get a machinegun”,people should not be allowed to have such guns” and so much more.

It all displays his left leaning arrogant anti-gun advocacy. BUT it is not ignorance—in his position he knows the facts from well informed people, he know the truth and yet he continues on his own personal propaganda war against firearms and the Second Amendment.

We can ask why, but then again why ask?

The pompous arrogant nature of this buffoon and his lies cannot be corrected, even by his on and off air friends. So why support his show and his advertisers any longer? If you do—don’t, (I never did because of all of the above on air character issues).

Tell your friends too, because while he may blow off in his blowhard way efforts of this type –the FOX network does not.

He needs to get a new job at MSNBC. Pass it along.

Jim Shults: A proven supporter of our Constitution and Bill of Rights–while we still have one (how about you?)

Americans Are Snatching Up Russian AK-47s In record Numbers

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Afghani Soldiers Firing

Business Insider

I'll never forget the first thing my ex-wife's father said to me: "Wanna go shoot an AK?"

I obliged.

It turns out Americans are turning to AK 's in droves to fill their home armories.

Russia doesn't mind, and neither do it's arms companies, like Izhmash, which are quickly shifting from military to civilian fabrication in order to fill all the orders.

Overall it's been a good deal for American enthusiasts, and for Russian investors, since existing laws banning Chinese imports essentially subsidizes Russian businesses.

Andrew E. Kramer of New York Times reports "And in the United States, Izhmash cannot be underpriced by Chinese competitors. The federal government has banned most imports of Chinese handguns and rifles since 1994.

Selling Saigas in the United States is integral to the enterprise’s evolving business model of making single-shot civilian guns to occupy workers and equipment in between government orders for fully automatic assault rifles. About 70 percent of the factory’s output is now civilian rifles, up from 50 percent two years ago. Of the civilian arms, about 40 percent are exported to the United States."

To be clear, we're talking about perfectly legal to import, and to own in some states, civilian versions of the AK-47. One shot, semi-automatic. These companies have cut back on their fully automatic, military versions in order to supply the U.S. market.

Due to the Second Amendment and America's widespread culture of gun ownership, the US market for civilian weaponry is among the largest on the globe. The AK has not only a violent history, but a history of consistency and reliability.

Kalashnikov rifles can be buried in beach sand, dug up, loaded, and fired. Rinse, repeat, and it'll fire still. Russian brandname Saiga AK's saw a sales rise of 50 percent just last year.

Josh Laura, a former Marine from Maryville, Tenn., told the Times, "I bought a Saiga because it was made in Russia, right beside its big brothers, the AKs. No rifle in the world has been as reliable as this one.”

Even in combat, Marine have been known to use confiscated Kalashnikov 's instead of their own general issue M16's. The preference, no doubt, is due to consistency of performance and caliber, which, at 7.62mm, packs a bit more of a punch than the NATO 5.56 mm.

Sunday, June 27, 2004 Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

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nh-obama.jpg (12114 bytes)

Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.

More @ Sunday Standard

Possible Chick-fil-A Link to Shooting at Family Research Council

A security guard at the Family Research Council was shot and wounded in the arm Wednesday morning after a scuffle with a man said to be carrying a Chick-fil-A bag in the lobby of the organization's headquarters in Washington.

The shooter walked into the lobby and was confronted by the security guard, according to The Washington Post. The man had a gun and opened fire at at the guard but the guard and bystanders wrestled him to the ground.

Fox News reported that the case is being treated as a case of "domestic terrorism."

The FBI is investigating and they have the shooter, who received bullet wounds himself, in custody. His identity has not been released, but Fox News said he was "posing as an intern." The name of the guard, whom police are calling a hero, has also not been released.

Fox News said the man, said to be in his 20s, "expressed disagreement with the organization's conservative policy poistions," and when the guard asked him where he was going he opened fire. Sources told Fox the man may have been carrying a Chick-fil-A bag and after the guard took his gun said, "Don't shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for."

“The security guard here is a hero, as far as I’m concerned,” D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said. ”He did his job. The person never made it past the front.”

More @ Newsmax

Good Old Boys Like Me


Elementary catechism on the Constitution of the United States : for the use of schools (1828)

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Baker feels heat for denying EBT users from buying her sweets

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Good job, sweetie.

A Walpole baker — appalled that welfare abuse now seems almost as American as apple pie — is putting her whoopie pies where her mouth is in a dispute with the Braintree Farmers Market, refusing to take EBT cards for her baked treats.

“To me it’s no different than nail salons and Lottery tickets,” Taber said. “It’s pastry, it’s dessert. My pies are great, but come on.”

Organizers of the farmers market insist that they just want poor people to have access to the market’s healthy, fresh foods.

“We just thought that people that were on food stamps a lot of times don’t have healthy choices,” said Braintree Farmers Market chairwoman Donna Ingemanson. “What better chance to buy healthy foods than at a farmers market?”

More @ Boston Herald

Navy SEALS Start ‘Swift-Boating’ Obama

Video via Robert

Dishonorable Disclosures


A group of former U.S. intelligence and Special Forces operatives is set to launch a media campaign, including TV ads, that scolds President Barack Obama for taking credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and argues that high-level leaks are endangering American lives.

Leaders of the group, the Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund Inc, say it is nonpartisan and unconnected to any political party or presidential campaign. It is registered as a so-called social welfare group, which means its primary purpose is to further the common good and its political activities should be secondary.

In the past, military exploits have been turned against presidential candidates by outside groups, most famously the Swift Boat ads in 2004 that questioned Democratic nominee John Kerry's Vietnam War service.

The OPSEC group says it is not political and aims to save American lives. Its first public salvo is a 22-minute film that includes criticism of Obama and his administration. The film, to be released on Wednesday, was seen in advance by Reuters.

"Mr. President, you did not kill Osama bin Laden, America did. The work that the American military has done killed Osama bin Laden. You did not," Ben Smith, identified as a Navy SEAL, says in the film.

"As a citizen, it is my civic duty to tell the president to stop leaking information to the enemy," Smith continues. "It will get Americans killed."

More @ W Tax


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one of the shortest runways in the world, with a length of 525 metres (1,722 ft) and a gradient of 18.5% in order to help slow landing aircraft. The airport has a dangerous approach through deep valleys which can only be performed by specially certified pilots. On landing there is no go-around procedure.

Why Do We Obey?


If some random guy ordered you to submit to his will – or else – most of us would at least consider it assault. Many of us would try to escape – or defend ourselves. Very few would quietly submit. And almost no one would submit willingly.

But when exactly the same thing is done to us by a person wearing a uniform, most of us not only submit and obey – we do so without even questioning the rightness of the thing.

The uniform – and other totems of officialized authority – confer legitimacy upon the illegitimate. It is a startling thing. It reveals that most people are incapable of grasping the concept of a moral principle – that something which is wrong when committed by an unsanctioned individual is just as wrong when committed by a sanctioned individual – or a group of them.

If it is wrong to kill, then it is always wrong to kill. If it is wrong to steal, then it is always wrong to steal. Neither killing no theft nor any other intrinsically wrong act becomes not-wrong because it’s sanctioned, approved or euphemized by the state, or by a politician, or by a bureaucracy. Stalin reportedly once said that a single death is a tragedy, but a million deaths a statistic. Nothing could be further from the truth. A million single deaths is an atrocity – as much as a single individual death is a tragedy. And you are no less the victim of theft if the theft is done by a collective or its purported agent – under color of law, or via the ballot box.

Theft is theft. The essential nature of the thing is not altered by how it is done – or by whom.

There may be shades of grey in many aspects of life – but not when it comes to questions of basic morality. Your life is yours – and it follows that you are entitled by right to be at liberty. Else your life is not yours, but rather the chattel property of someone else – to whatever extent that other person (or persons) exercises control over your life, and against your will.

Similarly, it follows that if you own your life, then you also own the fruits of the labor of your body and mind, of that which is you.

Hogjaw - Gitsum


Via Walter Zoomie's comment suggestion on New Black Panther Chief To White Republicans: ‘OUR ‘FEET WILL BE ON YOUR MOTHERF***ING NECKS’

Hogjaw - Gitsum

Some say they wanna take my guns away
They will find to rue that day... yes they will

Blame it on the villain in the street
Truth is they wanna heard us like sheep

Come on, bring it on
Just getting started, I ain't done
Come on, bring it on
Step right up and get yourself some
Come on, bring it on
Seen you before, ain't gonna run
Come on, bring it on
Standin' right here, come get you some

We hold our rights and values dear
Your laws don't mean nuthin to us here

Come on, bring it on
Just getting started, I ain't done
Come on, bring it on
Step right up and get yourself some
Come on, bring it on
Seen you before, ain't gonna run
Come on, bring it on
Standin' right here, come get you some
[ Lyrics from: ]
I remember real clear, years ago in the swamps of South Georgia
Cane pole and Crossman in my hands was all I need to be growed up
Home made ice cream and BBQ and the family on Friday nights
Ten lane ramp on Saturday right before the morning light

There came a time I's old enough and learned about the gun
And every night at suppertime I'd answer to what I'd done
Folks today plum forgot about the way it used to be
Got no respect and no cold steel, just games on TV

And I'll burn in hell before I sell my rights away from me
It's high time we embrace the tool that keeps all men free

Come on and get you some
Come on
Come on and get you some
Come on
Come on and get you some today

Come on and get you some
Come on
Come on and get you some
Come on
Come on and get you some tonight

Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets

Via Brandon1

First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.

A solicitation posted by the SSA on the FedBizOpps website asks for contractors to supply 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.”

An online ammunition retailer describes the bullets as suitable “for peak performance rivaling and sometimes surpassing handloads in many guns,” noting that the ammo is “a great personal defense bullet.”

The synopsis to the solicitation adds that the ammunition is to be shipped to 41 locations within 60 days of purchase. A separate spreadsheet lists those locations, which include the Social Security headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland as well as major cities across the country including Los Angeles, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

Hollow point bullets are designed to expand as they enter the body, causing maximum damage by tearing apart internal organs.

It’s not outlandish to suggest that the Social Security Administration is purchasing the bullets as part of preparations for civil unrest. Social security welfare is estimated to keep around 40 per cent of senior citizens out of poverty. Should the tap run dry in the aftermath of an economic collapse which the Federal Reserve has already told top banks to prepare for, domestic disorder could ensue if people are refused their benefits.

More @ Info Wars

Kid Thomas Band at Preservation Hall: Bill Bailey - Darktown Strutters Ball - Kid Thomas Boogie (1982)

Montanans are white, racist rednecks

Via Nancy

Just the other day, Politico said Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s rhetorical prowess is a valuable asset and a dangerous liability for his future political ambitions.

Case in point: Less than two weeks ago, Schweitzer delivered the keynote address at the Ohio Democratic Party’s annual dinner. In the speech, he told a gripping tale of his grandmother immigrating to the United States to start a new life.


In the same address, Schweitzer dipped into darker rhetoric to blast Caucasian Montanans as racist toward American Indians.

Through his 30-minute speech to Ohio Democrats, Schweitzer repeatedly boasted of his gubernatorial achievements, putting special emphasis on the Indian Education for All project. Schweitzer spearheaded the program, which requires Montana school children to learn both American-Indian and U.S. history.

Why did Schweitzer shepherd the innovative and groundbreaking program? Well, because Montanans are a bunch of white, racist rednecks – the governor’s words.

More @ Watchdog


Via kp

The Internet has been burning up about the "Comeback Team" after Willard Romney announced his VP choice as Paul Ryan. Star of conservatives because of his "leadership" in heralding "smaller government" and Ryan's much touted efforts to solve America's financial crisis. Sounds good - until you read the label.

The problem with those who think Paul Ryan has solutions is they don't even know the how the problem got started and neither do reporters or journalists who write this type of flashy trash:

"Ronald Reagan famously challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear down this wall!” Mitt Romney has just challenged President Obama to “Show us your plan!” Mr. Obama has painted this presidential election as a stark choice; in choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, GOP contender Mitt Romney has answered in kind. While Reagan pushed Gorbachev to free his country, Romney will now push Mr. Obama to address our nation's fiscal abscess -- something the president has resolutely refused to do.

"Paul Ryan is the nation's premier budget wonk; he understands better than anyone that the looming fiscal cliff is nothing compared to the chasm that lies further down the road. He has studied the future, and he has a plan. Nothing could be more important. Without a clear program for reducing our deficits, our social safety net will unravel and our investments in our future – in schools, in infrastructure, in defense -- will wither."

As Dr. Edwin Vieira wrote in one of his scholarly columns in 2005:

"Contrary to a widespread belief, socialism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe did not collapse because of the clever geostrategic maneuvers of the Reagan Administration. Neither did the East Bloc break up because its leaders were incompetents who put into practice the wrong plans. Particular politicians and policies--East or West--had next to nothing to do with it....

"Economic theory also teaches that any scheme of fiat currency and fractional-reserve central banking is just as inherently flawed, incapable of permanent existence, and inevitably doomed to disaster as all-around, full-blown socialism, because fractional-reserve central banking systematically subverts the free market's structure of prices through expansion of currency and credit--which results in redistribution of wealth, misallocation of scarce capital, and collapse in either depression or hyperinflation followed by depression. This is no new insight. The problems fractional-reserve banking causes were widely discussed in the 1800s; and the whole subject of political versus free-market money was exhaustively examined by Ludwig von Mises, in his treatise The Theory of Money and Credit, first published in the 1920s. (Probably the best book on this subject now available for the average reader is Murray Rothbard's The Mystery of Banking.) But, throughout the Western world during the 1900s and even unto the present moment, the political elite, high finance and big business, and their hired intelligentsiia have generally ignored these problems--doubtlessly because irredeemable currency and fractional-reserve central banking have served their short-term interests, and the costs of the system have always been paid by picking the pockets of the common man."

Paul Ryan's budget is another Band Aid because he, like Romney, either don't seem to understand the problem with fiat currency or they know where the butter comes from for their bread. Both of them are polished salesman and what they're selling you is not in your best interests. Slick PR techniques and the usual buzz words meant to appeal to those who don't understand the problem, but are so desperate for the solution. Paul Ryan did not support Ron Paul's critical bill in 2007 - H.R.2755 - Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act. Not one member of Congress became a cosponsor because they need the unconstitutional "Federal" Reserve candy store to continue their toxic spending for endless wars, unconstitutional cabinets and agencies. That alone should tell you all you need to know about the "Comeback Team."

More @ News With Views

An excellent edition of Some Goodies From Ol' Remus

Ol' Remus


We're asked to believe Wade Page, a 40-year old former Army enlisted man, decorated with the Army Commendation Medal among others, discharged in 1998 after five and a half years of service as a psychological operations specialist, joined a white-supremacist group, posed for a photo in front of a swastika flag, armed himself with a pistol, and shot up a Sikh religious service—who nobody hates, except Moslems of course. All on his own. File this one in the "Pending Further Information" basket.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg New York’s top Department of Homeland Security cop is suing DHS Chief Janet Napolitano in a federal lawsuit alleging DHS discrimination against straight male agents by Napolitano in favor of her lesbian girlfriend, and sexual harassment of male agents by Napolitano’s handpicked Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief of Staff, Suzanne Barr, says Debbie Schlussel in this article at her website, Debbie Schlussel.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg At least 3,000 white farmers in South Africa, known as Boers, have been brutally massacred over the last decade. Many more, including children and even infants, have also been raped or tortured so savagely that mere words could not possibly convey the horror... Genocide Watch raised its alert level for South Africa from stage five to stage six — the eighth and final stage is denial after the fact, says Alex Newman in this article at The New American.

art-link-symbol-small.jpg Getting pulled over for rolling through a stop sign is whack. But getting pulled over, having a gun pointed in your face, and then being strip searched on the side of the road in front of your two children for rolling through a stop sign is, well, really whack and probably an excessive use of force, says this article at Broward Palm Beach New Times.

To Romney - You're running against the capo of the Choom Gang, a guy with multiple names, multiple birthplaces, somebody who gave up his law license for never-explained reasons, a guy with a Social Security number from a state he never lived in.
Howie Carr at

Does a free society have hundreds of thousands of laws, codes, rules, regulations, and policies which effectively criminalize nearly every aspect of one’s existence?
Simon Black at

The Obama administration is working closely with Bernanke, Geithner and others not to save our economy, but to outright destroy it. He is not the first or only one to try this, but the most effective and most vetted for that purpose. Do you actually think that the fact that Timothy Geithner's father worked with Obama's mother in Indonesia was coincidental?
Rosebud, DHS mole, via Doug Hagmann at

43 percent of immigrants who have been in the U.S. at least 20 years were using welfare benefits ... Federal law requires that the government deny immigrant visas to potential immigrants who are likely to be unable to support themselves and thereby become public charges... Mexicans were most likely to use means-tested benefit programs, with 57 percent.
Stephen Dinan at

You mean that if we criminalize a routine type of transaction, then criminals will tend to dominate those who engage in this transaction? Who would have thought? If this were true, we might expect activities that normally are run by normal, honest participants—say, for example, alcohol distribution—to be replaced with gangs and violent criminals if the activity is prohibited. It's amazing to me that people can still use the the criminal activity that results from prohibition to justify prohibition.
Warren Meyer at

We started out with no gun laws, period. The Constitution says that Congress may not make a law infringing our rights to keep and bear arms, and for a while that restriction on government was honored. But, as always happens, someone wants to build a better place to live, a Utopia, and the first handgun ban was passed. Fortunately, it was ruled Unconstitutional. And so, we continued along until the Civil War with virtually no gun laws of any kind, and none at the Federal level.
PolyKahr at

Had Brady Campaign and their ethically deficient ilk been around during WWII, they would have pushed for the disarmament of the guerrillas and other civilians, while turning a blind eye to massacres perpetrated by government troops and their pet paramilitaries.
Oleg Volk at

Let the record show that I found it impossible to determine the sexuality of the two meals I ate at Chick-fil-A, even though one of them was a salad... As Sigmund Freud's kid brother Eddie Freud said many moons ago, "Sometimes a chicken sandwich is just a chicken sandwich."
Jim Goad at

Teachers and classroom discipline - If we're to believe the Obama administration, when they enter the classroom or become administrators, these eager proponents of white-privilege theory suddenly become retributive bigots, favoring fractious white students over pacific black students.
Heather Mac Donald at

War on drugs - Police are not permitted to search a citizen's car without a warrant citing probable cause, signed by a judge. Or if their dog says it's okay.
Ol' Remus at