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What’s at Stake in 2018

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America has created institutions of government, economy, and law that provide unprecedented freedom for its people and a body of natural scientific knowledge and technological achievement that together make possible a level of health and material prosperity undreamed of in earlier times and unknown outside the West and the areas it has influenced.

Do we fully appreciate this?

This is what is at stake, right now.

Elections matter!

Forces on the Left seek to destroy the very roots of our culture and the foundation of the rule of law and market economies.

We should not let them.

The International Financing of Engineered Migration

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Immigration Congress Must Act to Deter Future Caravans

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It’s the only way to meet the challenge to our national sovereignty posed by illegal immigration.
King Leonidas had his 300. President Trump has his 800. That’s the number of soldiers Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has ordered to the southern border to greet the caravan of illegal immigrants originating from Honduras. The band of families and singles, traveling en masse to avoid exploitation by smugglers and coyotes, now numbers 10,000 souls, according to one report. It may take them weeks to reach the United States. A second caravan is already taking shape behind the first. It won’t be the last.

An unauthorized march on a border — any border — is a challenge to national sovereignty. And it is precisely the idea of sovereignty that one of the groups supporting the caravan, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, wants to undermine. The confrontation is all the more emphatic when the men at the head of the column bear the flag not of the country they seek to enter but that of their homeland. Americans who oppose illegal immigration and are concerned at the mounting crisis in our border states, where thousands of family units and unaccompanied children are detained as an inundated bureaucracy decides their fates, look to Trump, Mattis, and the Army for relief.

Migrant caravan: Mexico offers temporary work permits


Mexico has offered temporary work permits to migrants who register for asylum, as a big caravan of Central American migrants makes its way through the country toward the US.

The plan also envisages temporary ID cards, medical care and schooling.

But to qualify, migrants must remain in Mexico's southern Chiapas and Oaxaca states.

The US has warned that about 800 troops may be sent to the US-Mexico border to stop the migrant caravan.

"I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency," US President Donald Trump tweeted earlier this week. "They [migrants] will be stopped!"

The president also threatened to cut aid to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

More @ BBC

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Suspect Identified As Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist Who Hated President Trump

Another post from Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter Robert Bowers. His profile clearly illustrates that he’s a Nazi, admired Hitler, hates Trump, believes Trump is controlled by Jews, he did not vote for Trump. That’s all I was able to archive before his profile was wiped. Sickening.

The man suspected of shooting up a Pittsburgh synagogue Saturday morning, causing multiple fatalities and wounding several others, has been identified as Robert Bowers.

Before Bowers’ social media accounts were deleted, movie director Robby Starbuck managed to screengrab several Gab and Twitter posts showing the suspected shooter’s hatred of Jews and President Donald Trump.

“This monster is an unhinged anti-Semitic terrorist,” Starbuck tweeted.

Posts from the suspected Pittsburgh shooter Robert Bowers. He hated Trump and thought Trump was controlled by Jews. This monster is an unhinged anti-Semitic terrorist.

Chi Coltrane - Go Like Elijah

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Someday my time to die will come
When that will be I don't know
I only know that when I have to go
Oh yeah

'Cause when I go (When I go), I wanna go (I wanna go)
Just let me go (Just let me go), oooh, yeah, when I go (Yeah, when I go)
I wanna go (I wanna go), Lord, let me go
Just let me go like Elijah when I go

I wanna rise right up into the sky
And ride white horses with fiery eyes
Lord, for my sins I apologize

Just let me go (Just let me go), Lord, when I go (Lord, when I go)
When my time comes for me to go
I wanna go like Elijah when I go

I don't want no tombstone above my head
And I don't want no pinebox for my bed, oh no
And I don't want anyone to say I'm dead, oh no

'Cause when I go (Yeah, when I go), I wanna go (I wanna go)
Just let me go (Just let me go), oooh, yeah, when I go (Yeah, when I go)
I wanna go (I wanna go), Lord, let me go
Just let me go like Elijah when I go

I wanna rise right up into the sky
And ride white horses with fiery eyes
Lord, for my sins I apologize

Just let me go (Just let me go), I wanna go go (I wanna go)
When my time comes for me to go
Just let me go like Elijah when I go

Ooohooohooo, yeaheah

I don't want know one cryin' or feelin' sad
Or standin' in the rain without their hat, oh no
I wanna go happy, imagine that

'Cause when I go (Yeah, when I go), just let me go (I wanna go)
I wanna go (Just let me go), oooh, yeah, when I go (Yeah, when I go)
Just let me go (I wanna go), Lord, when I go
I wanna go like Elijah when I go

I wanna rise right up into the sky
And ride white horses with fiery eyes
Lord, for my sins I apologize

Just let me go (Just let me go), I wanna go (Lord, when I go)
When my time comes for me to go
Just let me go like Elijah when I go (When I go, when I go)

I wanna go like Elijah when I go (When I go, when I go)
Just let me go like Elijah when I go

March Into College and Turn Left!

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Anyone in this benighted age who tries to tell me colleges and universities do not have a very decided Leftist bent is someone I will probably tell to go and whistle Yankee Doodle. I have worked at two of these “institutions of learning” over the years and have seen firsthand the direction they travel in and try to push their students in. And this is not just in the Left-leaning northeast but all over the country, even here in the South, although far too many Southern folk seem to have a problem grasping that fact.

The college that grand-daddy went to ain’t the same school you are paying scads of money to so junior can be “educated” or rather, in our day, indoctrinated.

A Colossal Waste of Life

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As evidenced by sergeants and lieutenants commanding Southern regiments in early 1865, the Northern war killed off the promising political and social leadership of the South. These men would have risen to positions of authority, achievement and genius had it not been for a war against their homes, State and country, which they died defending.
Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

“As we prepare for another slam-dunk cakewalk preemptive war, this time with Iran, it may be well to recall that the GOP had its origins in big government, which leads to, and thrives on, war. Only weeks after the first Republican president took office, the United States were at war against their estranged sister States,

It proved to be the bloodiest war in American history, consuming 600,000 young Americans [and not including another 400,000 American civilians, black and white]. Setting moral and political questions aside, we can really never know what was lost. How many of these young men, had they lived, would have blossomed into Edisons, Fords, Gershwins and other geniuses whose fruits we would still enjoy and profit from?

All we know is that the country was perpetually impoverished by this colossal waste of life. You never hum the tunes that never got written.

Nevertheless, we still celebrate – no, deify – the man brought on this horror by refusing to countenance the peaceful withdrawal of seven States. Of course Lincoln is chiefly honored for ending slavery. It’s a nice story, but it isn’t exactly true.

When the Confederacy was formed, so many Southern Democrats left both houses of the U.S. Congress that both the House and Senate were left with were left with Republican majorities. With this near-monopoly of power, the GOP – in those days, the GYP, I suppose – passed two “confiscation “ acts in 1861 and 1862, authorizing the seizure of any private property used to assist the “rebellion.”

These powers were so vaguely defined that they permitted limitless repression, such as the closing of newspapers critical of Lincoln’s war. In combination with Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus, anyone could be arrested for anything in the Land of the Free.

The 1862 act expressly declared slaves in the seceding State “forever free.” This was the real Emancipation Proclamation, but Lincoln was actually reluctant to act on it, doubting its constitutionality. For months the radical Republicans attacked him and egged him on, and finally he gave it effect in the most famous executive order of all time. He argued that in wartime he might take a punitive step that would be illegal during a time of peace.

Lincoln had other plans for ending slavery. He’d always thought it should be done gradually, with “compensation” to the slaveowners and the freed blacks to be encouraged to leave the United States. It was his conviction, repeatedly and openly stated, that though all men are created equal, abstractly speaking, the Negro – “the African,” he called him – could never enjoy political and social equality with the white man in this country; the black man would find his equality somewhere else, “without [i.e., outside] the United States.”

So Lincoln waged war to prevent the political separation of North and South, but in the hope of achieving racial separation between black and white. Both goals entailed vast expansions of federal and executive power. Limited government, anyone?

With its current Jacobin-Wilson zeal for spreading “democracy” around the globe, the Republican Party today is more or less back where it started. And once again, a Republican president is claiming wartime powers, under the Constitution, to act outside the Constitution.

Still, the myth persists that Lincoln lived his whole for the purpose of abolishing slavery, and was finally able to do this with a single inspired sovereign act. Like most historical myths, this one ignores all the interesting details. As Lincoln himself said, “I have not controlled events, but plainly confess that events have controlled me.”

(The Reluctant Emancipator, Joseph Sobran, Sobran’s, Volume 13, Number 8, August 2006, excerpts pg. 12)

GROWING SCANDAL: Undercover FBI Agent Paid Thousands Supporting Gillum Fundraiser, Report Says


The new development is just the latest disaster for the Gillum campaign with only 11 days before the election. Earlier this week, Gillum was caught lying about accepting a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton after newly released records showed that an undercover FBI agent was the one who gave him the ticket.

The corruption scandal surrounding Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum continued to grow on Friday as newly-released documents show that an undercover FBI agent, who posed as a developer seeking to do business with Gillum's Tallahassee government, allegedly paid thousands of dollars to support a fundraiser for Gillum's political action committee, Forward Florida.
"It is the first piece of evidence linking the ongoing FBI probe to Gillum's campaign for governor," the Tallahassee Democrat reported. "The emails and receipts released Friday as part of a supplemental records request from the Florida Commission on Ethics shows that the agent, Mike Miller, was invoiced $4,386 by 101 Restaurant and Mint Lounge, a restaurant owned by lobbyist Adam Corey at the time."

4 Thoughts On The Attempted Mail Bomber, And Why Everything Is Garbage Right Now

1. Politicians Are Not Responsible For Inciting Violence Unless Their Rhetoric Amounts To Incitement. Naturally, the media excitedly reported that because this particular Crazy Guy happened to be a huge Trumpster, that means that President Trump’s rhetoric was responsible for Crazy Guy sending pipe bombs through the mail. They made no similar argument regarding the Congressional baseball shooter last year – an enormous Bernie Sanders fan who began firing at Republicans while shouting, “This is for health care!” just weeks after Sanders stated that Republican health care plans would kill millions of Americans. Neither Trump nor Sanders are responsible for crazy people doing crazy things. I said so in 2017 with regard to Sanders; I said so in 2016 with regard to Barack Obama; I agree with me now.

2. Some Political Rhetoric Is More Closely Connected With Incitement Of Particular Violence Than Other Political Rhetoric. 

8 Dead, Several Others Shot At Pittsburgh Synagogue

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 Lets see, how can we blame this on Trump since he has a son-in-law and a daughter who are Jews?  There must be a way - keep thinking boys.......Communism is at stake.......

 Eight people have been killed and a number of others injured after a shooting situation at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill on Saturday.

KDKA’s Meghan Schiller reports that a suspect, a heavy-set white male with a beard, has surrendered. The SWAT team had been talking with the suspect, and he was crawling and injured. It is unclear the extent of his injuries.

KDKA sources confirm to Andy Sheehan that the suspect’s name is Robert Bowers.

More @ CBS

Bomber Cesar Sayoc: Pipe bombs wouldn`t hurt anyone because, I didn`t want them to hurt anyone

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Former bodybuilder and Chippendale’s manager Cesar Sayoc was arrested today in connection with the 12-13 bomb packages sent to Democrats and two former presidents this week.


 More @ The Gateway Pundit

They Would Run Out Of Ammo In Two Months: 516th A37 Battalion at Bien Hoa Air Base Supporting Xuan Loc 2-14-1975

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Where I first touched down in 1967