Monday, September 27, 2010

Catch Up Links

An Open Letter To The Atlanta History Center

Britain Populating Its American Colony

Southerners Point To Rhode Island’s Record

The True South Through My Eyes By H.K. Edgerton

See it.

I'll Stop Illegal Immigration Cold

Just watch me.

Confederate Flag Display Years Ago

"Confederate 1864 battle flags displayed on car loaded w. Univ. of Maryland students giving evidence of the lastest fad to hit the South." From a reply on SLMN.

The Calamity Of Appomattox By H.L. Mencken

Sept., 1930 "......of the men who run the South today, and represent it at Washington, not 5%, by any Southern standard, are gentlemen."

D.C. Turns To GPS To Monitor Young Criminals

Now if they can just get around to tagging the following critters.

Politico Poll: Only 38% Would Vote To Re-Elect Obama

Surprise, surprising, surprise, SGT. Carter!

Obama On Jobs: Liar

"We need 150,000 jobs to be added every month to cover the people coming into the workforce. We haven't had that - not even once."
Obama, a liar? Who would have thunk'.........?

Most People Are Idiots

"Millions of people genuinely believed that Barack Obama was going to bring hope and change. Millions of people genuinely believe that the Republican Party has been chastened by its 2006 and 2008 defeats and will lead the charge for small government when it again holds the upper hand in Washington."
Truer words were never spoken.

"Hell No........There Ain't No Forgettin!"

Do you think our surviving descendants will have forgotten about the upcoming multi-player gang-rape of the former United States a mere 110 years after the fact?

For the answer to that question, ask our Southern brethren and sistren today about 1865 and "Reconstruction".

The Market Ticker - Just Steal In The Open

"There is no longer a fair and open market in which you can trade. There is now a market full of pick-pockets who roam the exchanges with impunity and in fact legal sanction and permission from the exchanges and regulators, stealing as much money as they can, targeting random stocks on any given day."
I learned my lesson a long time ago. You only get to screw me once.

‘Black Swan’ Author: Obama Stimulus Worsened Crisis


DoJ Slumbers As Dead Voters Head To The Polls

"What is the quietest spot in Washington, D.C.? The Rose Garden? The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier? Actually, it’s the Justice Department’s Voting Section."
DC is infested with crooks who need to be tarred, feathered, ridden out of town on a pole and deposited in the filthy Potomac where they will feel right at home.

Hussein Obama's Job Approval Hits New Low

Such a surprise........