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Don't Miss This: Sheriff Dean Wilson Del Norte County, CA Stands Tall For U.S. Constitution

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In honor of Obama's bungling ban.......

Kalashnikov - Brand new reality


NC: Durham cops lied about 911 calls


Several Durham police officers lied about non-existent 911 calls to try to convince residents to allow them to search their homes, a tactic several lawyers say is illegal. The officers targeted residences where individuals with outstanding warrants were thought to be living, and told them that dispatch had received a 911 call from that address, when no such call had been made.

However, Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez says the 911 tactic was never a part of official policy. Last month, the department officially banned the practice, according to a memo from Lopez.

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BIG UPDATE— Baptist Child and Family Services Withdraws Bid for Palm Aire Resort

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The Obama administration has awarded a $50 million contract to a charitable group to buy a Texas resort hotel and transform it in to a 600 bed facility for juvenile illegal aliens.

The beautiful Palm Aire resort and hotel has an indoor Olympic sized pool and an outdoor pool.  Free Wi-Fi and cable TV are included in the simply decorated guest rooms.

The Palm Aire Hotel and Suites is set to be sold to Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) operating under a federal contract, pending local government approval, according to reports from Weslaco, Texas where the hotel is located. Weslaco is a few miles north of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County.

The resort hotel for illegal alien children is reportedly the ‘first in the nation’.

Now this…

Due to backlash the charity received after the story was posted on The Drudge Report, Baptist Child and Family Services withdrew it’s bid for the Palm Aire Resort.

"...the US just froze any transactions involving products made by the world's most popular assault rifle..."

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If you thought the latest round of US sanctions against some largely unknown Russians and a few new companies listed here, most notably Rosneft and Gazprombank - but not Gazprom, never Gazprom - that would cut off Russian gas to Europe and Merkel doesn't want that - would be largely a non-event, you are right. Unless you own a Kalashnikov, aka AK-47 rifle. In which case read on.
From the updated sanctions FAQ:

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‘No illeagles’ graffiti treated as hate crime

 No Illeagles

CBS Baltimore notes that the graffiti is being treated as a hate crime, which is puzzling insofar as the message merely raises an objection to people entering the country illegally. Is it now a crime to express opposition to lawbreakers? More quizzical still was the reaction of Maryland State Police Sgt. Marc Black, who is quoted as saying:

Obama Pulls Immigration Judges From Cases, Gives Illegal Aliens Many More Years to Stay

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muslimgivingthefinger.jpg has exclusively learned that Barack Obama is using the Southern border crisis as a way to stop immigration courts around the country from functioning and allow many illegal aliens already in our interior to stay. In a clever and tricky move, he’s pulling immigration judges off cases they were set to hear, allowing illegal aliens to start all over again at the back of the line and stay here for many more years, if not forever, as a document exclusively obtained, shows. This is his “comprehensive immigration reform” by personal fiat.

Concealed Carrier Defends Herself, Helps Destroy Carjacking and Robbery Gang

Victoria Davison was going to her car when she was attacked by  brazen carjackers that had been terrorizing citizens in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The difference between Davison and the previous victims is that she was able to get her hands on the concealed weapon she kept in her car.
Victoria Davison said two boys came up behind her and one of them shouted for her to give up her keys.
According to Davison, one of the robbers told her, “I want the keys, car, everything.”
Davison said when she didn’t produce the keys fast enough, one of the boys said, “Go get the cannon.”
Thinking it meant a gun, Davison managed to unzip her gym bag, produce her own concealed gun, and fired at one of the boys.
“I shot the one that was in front of me. The one in the back of me, he said a curse word, and then he looked at his friend, and then he ran off while his friend was on the ground,” Davison said.
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House Cuts IRS Tax Enforcement Budget 25%


The GOP-controlled House passed a $2 billion measure Wednesday that would slash budgets for enforcing tax laws and new financial regulations, and a healthy food initiative that's a pet cause of first lady Michelle Obama.

The House passed the bill on a nearly party-line, 228-195, vote.

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The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America!


1. Pistols

2. Revolvers

3. Rifles

4. Shotguns

5. Derringers (Seriously)

Somewhere the Musket and the Muzzle loader are drowning their sorrows in a bottle of Jack, wondering what it’ll take to crack the top five.

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Immigration Reform

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The youthful tidal wave plunging over America’s southern border has brought the immigration debate to a critical crescendo. While most Americans are struggling with what is the moral and ethical thing to do with the children, the two political parties are struggling with how they are going to out-maneuver the other in a political chess match that has the future control of America at stake. The debate centers on giving citizenship, with full voting privileges, to people who come to America illegally.

Nearly every decision collectively made by elected officials is done with one of two main goals in mind; either to stay in political power or gain more political power. These two goals are the prime motivator for nearly every decision made, every law passed, and every political speech delivered. In short, human political philosophy holds, if a law is passed that is beneficial for the people, then so much the better, but if it is not and one can politically get away with it, then so be it as long as the law increases their chances for re-election.

Released Alien from Border Crisis Arrested for Alleged Murder, Kidnapping in Texas

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An illegal immigrant who was released by U.S. authorities with a Notice to Appear has been arrested for the alleged murder of a woman and kidnapping of children on U.S. soil. The alleged crimes occurred after the man was released.

The man, Pedro Alberto Monterroso-Navas, entered the U.S. illegally with children and turned himself in to U.S. Border Patrol agents. He was processed and released, as are all illegal immigrants who come as unaccompanied minors or incomplete family units from Central America. The alien is from Honduras.

The arrest was first reported by the Associated Press (AP), but Breitbart Texas has exclusively confirmed that the man was part of the Obama Administration’s catch and release policy for family groups from Central America.

More with video @ Breitbart

Obama administration refuses to release illegal alien sex offenders wherebouts

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On Friday, a top elected official in Virginia accused the Obama administration of valuing the privacy of illegal immigrants more than that of Americans.

Appearing on Friday's Laura Ingraham Show, Corey Stewart, the Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in exurban Virginia, said that it is ironic that "under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, if you are a U.S. citizen and you are a sex offender, you are registered and you’re tracked," but "if you are an illegal alien, the local police have no way of knowing where you are, because ICE will not tell you."

"The American citizens that have been convicted are being treated worse than illegal immigrants convicted for the same crimes, and this is happening repeatedly across our nation," he said. "The justification that the Obama administration gives, when one inquires about the whereabouts of the 7,000 convicted illegal immigrants handed over to ICE, is shocking... 'privacy.'"

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DUAL WIELD SIG M400 AR-15 V-Drill in 3 seconds in Slow Mo! (Jerry Miculek

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White House Defies Subpoena from Darrell Issa

The White House is defying a congressional subpoena by keeping a top political aide to President Barack Obama from testifying at a hearing Wednesday, setting up a potential new legal battle in this midterm election year.

The White House argued that Obama adviser David Simas is immune from the "extraordinary demand" of being forced to testify before the House Oversight Committee as part of its investigation into the White House Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, which he directs.

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Border-security theater

After years of  effort, celebrity “immigration activist” and proud member of the “undocumented-American” community Jose Antonio Vargas finally managed to wake up the moribund U.S. immigration system and provoke it into taking action against him.  A great deal of what is happening on our southern border is an abject farce, but some of the people who slept through the first few acts are waking up now.  CNN reports:

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Near mutiny among Border Patrol agents as DHS makes traitorous demands

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border patrol

Border Patrol agent Hector Garza, in a recent interview with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, said that despite agents along the U.S. southwest border being inundated with tens of thousands of illegal border crossers in recent weeks, most nevertheless went to work with positive, upbeat attitudes.

It appears, however, that attitudes might be taking a hit, as the Obama administration pushes policies that are anathema to American ethics and national security requirements.

According to the Guerilla Media Network (GMN), an "exclusive expose" regarding the standoff in Murrieta, California, between local and federal law enforcement and residents opposed to the government's shipping of scores of illegal aliens to the community, "a confidential informant inside the Murrieta U.S. Border Patrol facility" says "the real reason busses stopped delivering illegal immigrants was due to a virtual mutiny" within the agency's ranks at the station.

'They threatened to stand down'

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Fema Trains Pastors to Prep for Martial Law

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Two pastors have come forward and blown the whistle on a nationwide attempt by FEMA to train up religious leaders as secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in event of martial law, natural disasters, or a flu pandemic.

FEMA warned the pastors that citizens would stand up for their second amendment rights and to be prepared for rebuttal. In return they were promised to be of the first vaccinated in event of an outbreak and were given assurances that they would be covered by full compensation in the event of problems.

Furthermore they encouraged the pastors to preach from Romans 13 – a chapter devoted to solely to ‘government submission.’

Here are the pastors disposition on the matter:

“We get the picture that we’re going to be standing at the end of some farmer’s lane while he’s standing there with his double barrel, saying we have to confiscate your cows, your chickens, your firearms,” said Pastor Revere.

The Pastor elaborated on how the directives were being smoke screened by an Orwellian alteration of their names.

“They’re not using the term ‘quarantine’ – this is the term they’re going to be using – it’s called ‘social distancing’ don’t you like that one,” said the Pastor.

He also highlighted how detention camps had been renamed to give them a friendly warm veneer.
“Three months ago it was quarantine and relocation centers and now it’s ‘community centers’ and these are going to be activated at the local schools,” he said.

NC: Armed Homeland Security Agents in ‘Community Outreach’ to “Let People Know They’re in the Area”

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Leave us the hell alone and go play in your sandboxes.

Armed Homeland Security agents are now conducting “community outreach” programs based around maintaining a visible presence in order to “let people know they’re in the area.”

News channel WNCT 9 received calls from alarmed residents in response to reports of numerous DHS vehicles parked outside a bankruptcy court in Greenville, North Carolina. However, the “heavy presence” was not because of any specific threat associated with the building.

DHS officials told the station that armed Homeland Security agents were out in full force “as part of their community outreach to let people know that they are in the area.”

The feds were also present in order to remind people about the DHS’ “See Something, Say Something” domestic snitch program.

More with video @ Info Wars

Mildred Lewis Rutherford: Southern Educator and Historian

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Did you know?

The first woman to be recorded in the Congressional Record “Mildred Lewis Rutherford” was 10 years young at the outbreak of the American War Between the States in 1861. Fifty-five years later she said in a 1916 speech:

  “The civilization of the Old South was very different from the civilization of today. There was leisure then to think, to read and to meditate. There was time to be thoughtful of others, to be courteous, to be polite. In this rushing life of today we have lost the social graces, the charming manners, the art of letter writing, the gift of conversation. It is now hurry, hurry to keep up with the telegraph, the telephone, the type writer, the phonograph, the automobile, the moving picture shows, yes, and the flying machine, too.”

Team McDaniel Exposes The Decepticon – FEC Filings Reveal Karl Rove As A Liar – American Crossroads DID Contribute To Thad Cochran In The Mississippi Run off….

Via comment by Sioux on McDaniel Camp Found '8,300 Vote Irregularities': “...

This might not come as a surprise to many, heck, actually anyone who knows the depths the Republican Establishment class of professional liars;  but thanks to the continued digging and efforts of Charles C Johnson, and Team McDaniel in Mississippi, Karl Rove is exposed yet again.   LIAR !

Rove is not called a “Decepticon” for nothing 

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