Tuesday, October 27, 2020

1,000 Car ‘Jews for Trump’ Caravan Rolls Thru New York City; Punches, Rocks Thrown

 Jews for Trump (David Dee Delgado / Getty)

Others launched from Brooklyn. Mark Kennedy, narrating on Periscope, said: “We’ve had enough. Enough of the antisemitism … and just enough of this communist crap.

A “Jews for Trump” vehicle rally rolled through the streets of New York City on Sunday afternoon — and met with violence from left-wing counter-demonstrators in Manhattan.

According to Yeshiva World News, “1,000 cars boasting Trump flags from Monsey, Flatbush, Boro Park and Manhattan” were expected to participate, culminating in a rally in Marine Park, Brooklyn.

Some participants began in Monsey, New York, some 60 miles away:

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'Terrorist tones' in left's post-election plan for Trump supporters: 'The first people lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution'

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Reza Aslan, a CNN contributor, went further. He wrote on Twitter that all Trump supporters "must be eradicated from society." "After today there is no longer any room for nuance. The president is a white nationalist terror leader. His supporters – ALL OF THEM – are by definition white nationalist terror supporters," he said. "The MAGA hat is a KKK hood. And this evil, racist scourge must be eradicated from society."

Anticipating victory next Tuesday, allies of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are discussing how they will handle supporters of Donald Trump after the election, and they don't have in mind sitting down and hashing out differences over a beer, warns Stella Morabito in a commentary for The Federalist.

In fact, the plans have "ominous tones, even homicidal and terrorist tones," she said.

"Increasingly, through mainstream media and Big Tech, high-profile leftists are speaking openly about violence to be inflicted on Trump and all his supporters."

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Zorro and the Southern Tradition

Through the centuries since Jamestown was founded, the South has held certain values, virtues, and ideals in high esteem: Courage, duty, humility, integrity, courtesy, chivalry, gallantry, self-control, reverence, selflessness, strength, wisdom, and a willingness to defend what was right, no matter the odds. To be noble, to be a gentleman, was to exemplify those ideals. Sir Walter Scott’s novels were the most popular fiction in the antebellum South for a reason: his protagonists embodied (or learned to embody) those Southern Virtues. Captain John Smith, George Washington, Light Horse Harry Lee, Francis Marion, Sam Houston, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Jeb Stuart, John S. Mosby, Nathan Bedford Forrest – these men are all Southern heroes because, to some extent or other, they possessed those Southern Virtues.[1]  If we intend to preserve these Southern Virtues, we must do we everything we can to pass them on to posterity. The best way of doing that is by telling our children the right stories.

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No Quarter for Old Men and Beardless Boys



The Body of Confederate General Clement A. Evans Lying in State in the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta (1911)

Marianna, Florida was a peaceful west Florida town of prewar Whigs who bitterly opposed their State’s secession. Aware of the theft and destruction Northern forces had visited upon other Florida towns, Marianna made ready to defend their homes. Though a disaster for the town, the old men and boys succeeded in causing sufficient casualties to thwart the enemy advance to Tallahassee, and force its retreat to Pensacola.

No Quarter for Old Men and Beardless Boys

“On the morning of the 25th of September, 1864, the usually quiet town of Marianna, in west Florida, of about 2,000 inhabitants, was in a state of great anxiety over the report that the “Yankees were coming.”

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6 Ways a Biden Democrat Run Economy Would Hurt Suburban America


The 2020 election is the most important one America’s suburban families have faced in more than a century. This November, voters will be deciding whether or not to endorse Joe Biden’s radical plans for rezoning our suburbs, raising taxes on our savings, surrendering to China on trade, and flooding our labor market with cheap foreign workers.

Here are six major problems Americans should brace themselves for if Joe Biden is elected.

1. The value of your home will plummet.

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What Trump Has Done to Change Health Care and How It’s Helped Battle COVID-19

Our health-care system is experiencing rapid, powerful change, far more consequential than is generally recognized. Although these changes are welcomed by many in the health-policy community (see our assessment a year ago), even those who applaud them have been surprised at their speed and impact.

What follows is a brief overview of what the Trump administration has done to reform the health-care system—in some cases, with the compliant help of Congress. The vision behind the Trump reforms can be found in Reforming America’s Healthcare System Through Choice and Competition. This 124-page Health and Human Services document from 2018 argues that the most serious problems in health care arise because of government failure, not market failure.

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The Gods of Gravity

 Lies of Omission by 12 Round Productions

I've heard from a number of people since my last post and want to address some of the issues.

This close to the election, there is a lot of speculation as to what is going to happen. There are rumors that may be fact, or may be fiction, who knows? This is the fog of war that has vexed man since the beginning. It's the whole purpose of spies and intelligence organizations. We find now, that some of these organizations are working for the enemy. The FBI, quick to arrest anyone planning to do anything against the government, takes a leisurely back seat when it comes to people planning to do something against other people. Therefore, they are not synonymous. Even then, it seems to matter what part of the government is under threat. The FBI was quick to jump in on the Obama administration side when it came to Trump. 

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2020 Polls Almost IDENTICAL TO 2016 Polls In Swing States, RCP Says


 According to a running average of polls at Real Clear Politics, the polls in key swing states are almost identical to polls taken in 2016 which suggested Hillary Clinton would win. Real Clear Politics shows that in the most competitive swing states, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and North Carolina, Biden holds roughly the same size lead Hillary Clinton did last time around.

The RCP average polling numbers show Biden four points ahead in these states, compared to Clinton’s 3.5-point lead four years ago. It means that Biden is only 0.5 points ahead of the Democratic candidate who ultimately lost in key swing states and failed to win the 2016 presidential election.

 Could 2020 see another surprise Trump victory? 

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NC: Police State: Ex-Marine Receives Regular Antifa Death Threats, Aggressive FBI Harassment, and Lost His Gun Rights. He Isn't Accused of Any Crime

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“I’m being hounded just because some left wing extremists have friends in the government and they don’t like what they think my political beliefs are. While our civil rights have been eroded across the board, I didn’t think the right to just live my life as a law abiding citizen would be one of them.”

A former servicemen who has been subjected to years of death threats from Antifa groups and aggressive harassment from the FBI has decided to speak out about the terror and mental anguish he and his family have been forced to endure for two and a half years.

North Carolina based Vasillios Pistolis first made headlines in 2018, when far left activists “doxed” (revealing a private citizen’s personal information to hurt them) him as an active-duty Marine who protested in defense of the Robert E. Lee Statue at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12th, 2017.

Aside from being discharged from the Marines Corps for engaging in political advocacy, Pistolis has not been charged with any crimes.

When It Began

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Police Departments in Urban Centers Preparing for Post-Election Unrest, Rioting

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A few months ago, a misnamed group calling itself the “Transition Integrity Project” war-gamed various post-election scenarios, some of which resulted in catastrophic violence and unrest.

In one scenario, the three coastal Western states of California, Oregon, and Washington threatened to secede following a close reelection victory by President Donald Trump. Others predicted things would get so bad in the country that the U.S. military would be forced to intervene (a scenario suggesting that even state National Guard forces would become overwhelmed).

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