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US troops in South Korea exposed to live anthrax

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 At least 22 members of US forces in South Korea have been exposed to bio-weapons accidentally shipped off by the Pentagon.

At least 22 members of American forces in South Korea may have been exposed to live anthrax spores, which the Pentagon says it accidentally shipped off to a military base there, a report says.

The announcement was made by United States Forces Korea (USFK), which is a sub-unified command of United States Pacific Command (USPACOM), on Thursday, Yonhap News Agency reported.

USFK said in a statement that the bio-weapon sample was destroyed after it was discovered that the deadly bacteria may not be an “inert training sample as expected.”

“Osan Air Base took prudent cautionary measures May 27, 2015, to investigate a potential exposure to a suspected sample of Anthrax,” it said.

It noted that the 22 US troops “may have been exposed during the training event,” but claimed that “none of the personnel have shown any signs of possible exposure and there is no risk to the public.”

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City of Waco II and McLennan County: Rogue governments gone mad

Neither the United States Department of Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, the Governor of Texas, the President of the United States nor any of the score of smurfs and fools currently running for President has so far dared to come to the defense of the scores of men and at least two women who remain unjustly imprisoned under cruel and unusual circumstances in the McLennan County Jail.

The Southern Nevada Confederation of Clubs has stated that the jail is desperately overcrowded, that some prisoners are not being fed and that others cannot get needed medical attention. A week ago a Bandido named Jeff Battey had to post a $1 million bond before he could go to a Dallas hospital to have bullet fragments removed from his arm.

Yesterday on its Facebook page, the Southern Nevada COC said it had received the following messages from “family members” of men who were rounded up in the indiscriminate mass arrests that followed the shooting deaths of nine men and the hospitalization of 17 more following a barrage of gunfire outside the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17.

Please Help

“Third world conditions – please help!”

“My husband still has a bullet in his chest and can’t use his right hand. He has a heart condition, has a stint and a-fib, and they are trying to change his medication. He is afraid he might bleed out in his cell.” “Heart meds not being disbursed. Has bullet in chest and cannot feel hand. Believes he has nerve damage but they will not treat him”

“My brother is type 1 diabetic and is not receiving insulin. His blood sugar is 550.” “Meds not being distributed – takes insulin”

“Blood pressure meds not being given”

“No blankets or pillows. Sleeping on cold floors”

“Husband just had back surgery and was on prescription meds for pain. Simply decided to go to the meeting to get out of the house. He was told he was being given a sleep med and instead they gave him ADHD /bi-polar medication. He has also not eaten anything for almost 10 days now since surgery”

Trouble in the Skies

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FOX Business’ “Trouble in the Skies,” a six month investigation of the FAA’s new hiring practices, uncovered changes that may put the nation’s flying public at risk as well as allegations that the newest air traffic control recruits had access to answers on a key test that helped them gain jobs with the FAA.

Lawmakers are taking notice, in a statement to FOX Business Correspondent Adam Shapiro U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL) said. “The latest report elevates the need to dig deeper to find out what the FAA is hiding. What is clear is that the FAA’s lack of transparency and disturbing agenda puts the safety of our skies at risk. I repeat: it’s time to compel the FAA to come before Congress to answer for their actions.”

Also uncovered was an FAA effort to promote diversity that discarded 3,000 qualified college graduates with degrees in air traffic control despite their following FAA procedure and obtaining FAA accredited degrees.

Fort Benning: Black armed intruders, shots fired (Muslims?)

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 Image result for Fort Benning: Black armed intruders intruders, shots fired

Fort Benning Police have given the “all clear” to residents in Patton Village housing area, after responding to an incident today, in which a firearm was discharged on post. At approximately 2:25 p.m., two vehicles entered post through the Sand Hill Access Control Point exit at a high rate of speed. Both vehicles’ tires were flattened by the mechanical "tiger teeth,” but the vehicles continued into the Patton Village housing area and stopped near the construction site of a new elementary school. There 3 to 5 black males exited the first vehicle and ran into the wood line.

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Lost in the Fifties- Another Time, Another Place

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Montana Bullet Works For Sale

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 Dear customer,

Because of some recent, troublesome physical disabilities, I am no longer able to operate Montana Bullet Works. However, it is for sale, at a very attractive price.

The price includes over 400,000 bullets already cast and waiting to be sized and lubed. Also included is all of the necessary equipment, materials and customer contacted needed to re-open MBW. Once relocated, it truly is a turn-key operation.

I have a large and loyal customer base, including you, who appreciate the quality and variety that MBW offers. They would respond very favorably to a re-opening of the business.

If you are interested in purchasing MBW and/or need additional information, please contact Mr. Platt through his email, Please feel free to forward this email as well to anyone you feel would be interested.

Thank you all for your years of loyalty,


Montana Bullet Works
3390 Canyon Drive
Unit D28
Billings, MT 59102

ARIZONA: Bikers plan armed anti-Islam protest outside mosque that hatched the two Garland, Texas would-be Muslim jihadist assassins

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On Friday, May 29, 2015, a group of bikers in Arizona plan to host an anti-Islam demonstration outside of the Islamic Community Center in Phoenix. Dubbed as “Freedom of Speech Rally Round 2,” a reference to American blogger Pamela Geller’s ‘Draw Muhammad’ cartoon contest in Garland, Texas earlier this month, the event, organized on Facebook, is described as a “response to the recent attack in Texas where 2 armed terrorists with ties to ISIS, attempted to kill a bunch of people.”

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Baton-Wielding Woman Flattened by Police Taser in Street Scuffle.

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Image source: YouTube

The sister of a woman taken down by a police Taser during a street fight in downtown Reno, Nevada — a Saturday night altercation captured on a now-viral video — said she should have received a warning before police tased her.

Lena Conway, 28, was seen in the video holding a baton in her right hand while walking toward a fight allegedly involving her brother near the Reno Arch.

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Baltimore Mayor Stands Aghast At Challenging Questions From Fox News…

Baltimore for you

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake did not like the challenging questions from Fox News in her presser regarding the severe increase in homicides and shootings – cast against the backdrop of fewer arrests by law enforcement who feel under attack from city leadership.

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Research Update: Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – Only Four Officers Fired Shots…

                   waco 11 - 1                                     

                                        Thousands of shots by by only 4 officers?
You might find this interesting.   We continue to look at resource avenues to unearth the factual story of what took place in Waco Texas at the Twin Peaks restaurant.  Toward that end we reached out to a local reporter covering the entire story with some general communication and questions.

As a result of that contact the following excerpt is direct from them (emphasis mine):
…[…] Also, to be clear, according to my research, 18 PD officers were on scene but only 4 fired weapons. All of those officers are considered “involved”, even without having fired.

Ten Years Ago – A Remembrance

 Book Front Cover 001

It was hot–very hot–on Saturday, August 27, 2005. While sitting in a wicker rocker sipping iced coffee and enjoying the cool of my balcony, I observed over two-thousand people moving steadily along Gulfport’s picturesque 2nd Street. Along the way, homeowners had set up cooling stations comprised of frozen bottles of water and garden hoses spraying a fine mist of cool water. People ran. People walked. They laughed. They perspired. Everyone was out to have a good time for a good cause–the American Heart Association.

As I sat admiring the runner’s determination, a dear friend from church dropped by and ask me to babysit his three-year-old son while he continued the run. I agreed. As little Weston and I built castles out of empty Cheerio boxes, the hot morning passed. Once his father had completed his run, he returned, out of breath and sporting a man-sized thirst.

He guzzled down an icy glass of water and then asked a question— a question that would change my life forever. “What are you going to do for the storm. Leave? Or stay?” And then came my never-to-be-forgotten reply, “What storm?”

Turn Out the Lights and Lock the Door: I Hear the Fat Lady Singing

Breitbart: A white man in Baltimore was sitting in his car when two female er, teens got into a fight. To continue this enterprise they climbed atop his car, perhaps mistaking it for a tree. He got out and asked them to take their dispute somewhere else, whereupon fifty er, teens beat him nearly to death, leaving him with $200,000-$400,000 in medical bills. The daily grind. Life as usual. If fifty whites similarly beat an er, teen, cities would burn and the media would go crazy. In this case, silence will prevail. American-Africans can do no wrong. But something is wrong in America.

We read over and over of the Culture Wars, and the War between the Sexes, of Red States and Blue States, as if these were amusing disputes between parents and adolescents in a sitcom. Methinks something far uglier and more dangerous brews.

Almost daily, friends send me links to accounts of what seem to them, and to me, lunacy, usually accompanied by notes expressing incredulity and—this will matter one day--anger. The stories deal with things utterly repugnant to much of the country, especially the South and West, the blue collar, the military, and much of the Mid-West:

racial lawlessness, glorification of every sexual weirdity anyone can imagine, hostility to Christianity (but not to Judaism or Islam), phony charges of rape, compulsory Ritalin-ingestion, grotesque affirmative action in the hiring of cops and firemen, attacks on academic standards, little boys dragged from school in handcuffs for drawing a soldier, the anti-gun crusade, the truffle-hound search for "stereotypes" and discrimination, and the denigration of masculinity and every aspect of white European culture.

From dream to nightmare as Obama’s immigration scheme backfires

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Hope soared for almost 5 million undocumented immigrants when President Obama announced last year that he would unilaterally spare them deportation and bestow work authorizations. It was too good to be true.

Federal courts have blocked Obama from making good on his decree, with all signs suggesting that his plan will remain legally dead for the remainder of his presidency.

Worse, by high-handedly claiming authority, he infuriated congressional Republicans and doomed any hope of even piecemeal immigration reform.

Declassified docs: Hillary aided rise of ISIS

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Hillary Clinton testifying on the Benghazi attack

More than 100 pages of previously classified Department of Defense and Department of State documents implicate the Obama administration in a cover-up to obscure the role Hillary Clinton and the State Department played in the rise of ISIS.

The documents were obtained in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Washington watchdog Judicial Watch.

They confirm WND reporting over the past three years of evidence that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was involved in shipping weapons from Benghazi to support the al-Qaida-affiliated militias fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria, effectively arming the Sunni jihadists who morphed into ISIS.

The documents further confirm WND reporting that the goal of the terrorists behind the Benghazi attack that killed Stevens was to force the release of Omar Abdul Rahman, the “blind sheik” in U.S. prison serving a life sentence for his involvement in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and to avenge death of a prominent Libyan al-Qaida leader killed by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan.

“These documents are jaw-dropping,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “No wonder we had to file more FOIA lawsuits and wait over two years for them.”

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Speak Free or Die

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I damn sure didn’t go to war for this country twice to come home and be told by a bunch of homely chicks with daddy issues, effete literary fops scandalized by the notion of resistance to Third World pathologies, and nimrod sons of politicians playing at journalism what I can and can’t say. And I don’t think most Americans are ready to have everything they speak, write, or think perused for possible hate criminality by these same goose-stepping creeps.

We’d rather die than “live” on our knees, begging permission to exercise the right God gave us to say whatever we damn well please, whenever we damn well please, and in the manner we damn well please. And those who want to shut us up better be equally committed if they want to succeed.

After Garland, they went too far.

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Here’s how much corporations paid US senators to fast-track the TPP bill

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 TPP protest

A decade in the making, the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is reaching its climax and as Congress hotly debates the biggest trade deal in a generation, its backers have turned on the cash spigot in the hopes of getting it passed.

“We’re very much in the endgame,” US trade representative Michael Froman told reporters over the weekend at a meeting of the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum on the resort island of Boracay. His comments came days after TPP passed another crucial vote in the Senate.

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U.S. pushback against Muslim refugees 'growing'

Via comment by Anonymous on Planned refugee resettlement in Spartanburg, SC pr...

 Somali refugees get ready to meet with city officials in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

WND has discovered what amounts to the government playbook for countering the rising “backlash” against the secret planting of Muslim refugees into cities and towns across America.

The 2013 report anticipated two years ago that resistance would increase to the seeding of communities with Muslim refugees if counter measures were not undertaken.

The report was prophetic.

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America's Ethnic Achilles Heel

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By Yuji Aida
Volume 6, Number 2 (Winter 1995-1996)

[The editors of the San Francisco Examiner gave this brief preface to the article which we second This article is indicative of an influential minority viewpoint in Japan which some people may find offensive. We publish it to illustrate what is being said there.]

TOKYO - Americans are proud of their melting-pot heritage. But as blacks, Hispanics and Asians gradually come to outnumber whites, that ideal will fade. Like the Soviet Union today the United States will have to deal with contentious ethnic groups demanding greater autonomy and even political independence. That could prove to be industrial America's undoing.

Many Americans, however, feign ignorance of the problem, partly because of the official ideology. The United States sees itself as a pluralistic, multiethnic society with a single national identity based on the principles of freedom and democracy. In fact, discrimination is rampant, but the illusion of equality is vital to maintain a sense of unity.

Nonetheless, it is only a matter of time before U.S. minority groups espouse self-determination in some form. When that happens, the country may become ungovernable.... Do blacks and Hispanics, for instance, have the skills and knowledge to run an advanced industrial economy? If the answer is yes, America will maintain its vitality through the next century and beyond. But I'm skeptical.
As am I, and I am part-Hispanic. It's because I know my Hispanic Catholic relatives that I am extremely dubious they are capable of serving as an adequate replacement for the Anglo-Saxon Protestants that they will eventually replace as the USA's dominant ethnic group. The ironic thing is that even though we are 20 years deeper into the experiment of ethnic America and Mr. Aida's case looks stronger than ever, his article would probably not be publishable today; it might even be deemed criminal in some places.

But no amount of pretense, thought policing, and determined belief in the magically transformative powers of geographic translocation are going to make any difference in the future. Either the replacement population will be capable of maintaining a First World European-style society or it will not be capable and that society will see its living standards degraded.

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