Thursday, December 2, 2021

Meet Ernie Adams. He Builds Tiny Cars Out Of Old Fridges

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Ernie Adams, of Maricopa, Arizona, has been creating his incredible scaled-down replicas of full-size cars since 1965, starting with his version of a 1928 Chevy two-door sedan. The original car, known as ‘Grandpa Dwarf’, was made out of nine old refrigerators and is still running today. Since then, Ernie, now in his late-70s, has made hundreds of 11/16th scale dwarf cars, from racers to cruisers – all fully drivable and road-legal. One of the gems of his collection is his take on the 1949 Mercury two-door coupe, which he built entirely from scratch using flat sheet metal.

Inflation: A broken clock is not necessarily right twice a day.

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A stopped clock is because it always says the same thing, and twice a day the hours and minutes glide past that point. But a clock may be slow, or fast, or simply running from the wrong starting point. In that case, it might not be right ever. So it has been with the establishment media and many economists when it comes to inflation. When Donald Trump imposed tariffs on steel, aluminum, and imports from China, there was a seemingly unending number of articles, studies, and essays decrying the inflation that was sure to "squeeze the American consumer." We were told the price of televisions, cars, computers, and appliances would soar. When nothing of the sort happened—prices of many things, particularly televisions, fell after the tariffs were imposed—it still took years before the Very Smart People admitted they had been very wrong. Fast-forward to this year. This time, the establishment went the opposite way. 

Economists assured us that inflation would stay subdued. And then they said it would be "transitory," as Fed Chairman Jerome Powell memorably put it. Janet Yellen soon adopted the word as her own. Joe Biden told us that no "serious" economist worried about inflation becoming unchecked. We suppose some progress has been made. Instead of being wrong for years, this time the establishment caught on to its error after only nine or ten months. That's likely because the political costs of inflation were mounted. As the pollsters at Gallup said Thursday, 45 percent of American households say their financial situation has been hurt by inflation. Among households with annual incomes lower than $40,000, that number jumps to 71 percent. That's an untenable position for any politician but especially for one that considers himself progressive and ran promising to reduce the costs of living for middle and lower-income Americans. 

~~Alex Marlow & John Carney Breitbart News Network

Alec Baldwin Claims a Single Action Revolver Went Off Without a Trigger Pull. Here’s Why It’s Hard to Believe Him


Alec Baldwin claimed that he did not pull the trigger on the single action revolver at the center of the Rust shooting. It’s hard to believe and here is why: the single action mechanism requires multi-step manipulation in order to fire.

The best way to explain this is by noting that there are two classes of revolvers: single action and double action. Ironically, the single action requires two actions to be performed in order to fire while a double action requires only one.

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Rand Paul: Fauci “SHOULD Go To Prison FOR 5 YEARS” Video

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Enes Kanter Freedom celebrates becoming a US citizen with Tucker Carlson: "It is the greatest feeling that I ever had."

FAUCI ALERT — American Heart Association issues warning on mRNA vaccines…

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Abortion remarks by 9 court justices indicate how they lean

The fate of the court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion throughout the United States and its 1992 ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which reaffirmed Roe, probably won't be known until late June.

But during nearly two hours of arguments on Wednesday, conservative justices indicated they had questions about the court's current abortion framework. The justices were being asked to overrule the two seminal decisions in the context of a Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. The court's Roe and Casey precedents say a state can regulate but not ban abortion before the point of viability, which some place at about 24 weeks and others place earlier.

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Gov. DeSantis seeks to reinstate Florida State Guard

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Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday he's recommending $3.5 million be used to re-establish the Florida State Guard.

DeSantis spoke from the National Guard Armory in Pensacola with Major General James O. Eifert, the Adjutant General of Florida.

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Podcast Promo Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 Satellite Phone

 Via Periosity2 "One woke son-in-law is in the process of getting rid of his iphone, looking for a more dumb phone. In 2022 the 2G and 3G cell tower service will be gradually shut down  and most lower ability cell phones will become paperweights.  Another option:"


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Salvation At Last.....


Albert Einstein's desk photographed the day after his death.
Einstein once said:

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk a sign of?"