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THE SC Battle Flag Solution


(Info only:  the Stars & Bars is the 1st National whereas the one on the state grounds is the Battle Flag. BT) 

Food for thought:

The threatened and/or actual presence of determined, armed pro-freedom actors in the same immediate area as government troops causes predictable de-escalation by the government forces.

Related discussion:

While saying no is admirable, the word has to be backed up with action. Otherwise “no” is just uttered all the way to and over the ledge.

For example, first they had the Stars and Bars taken down from atop the capitol building and moved to a flag pole on the capitol grounds. People said no, but it was moved anyway. Now, it has to be removed from the grounds entirely. There are people saying no, but it will be taken down. Count on it.


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Help Us Honor Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis on Sunday!



& Sunday =

If you can be in Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday afternoon then I encourage you to come – and bring your Confederate flag!

The Political Cesspool Radio Program is proud to support the General Nathan Bedford Forrest Birthday Celebration on Sunday, July 12th, beginning at 2:00 PM. The event will be held at Forrest Park at the corner of Union Avenue and Manassas Street.

The festivities include: Guest speakers, flag parade, proclamations, music, wreath-laying, and a 21-gun musket salute!

This will be a family friendly event and is open to the public. We encourage everyone to attend and show Memphis that you care about General Forrest. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs. We are expecting a big crowd and want you to be part of the fun!

Come stand with James Edwards and show your Southern pride! For more information, please contact our team by e-mailing:

The inscription on Forrest’s tomb reads:

Those hoof beats die not upon fame’s crimson sod,
But will ring through her song and her story;
He fought like a Titan and struck like a god,
And his dust is our ashes of glory.

Facts about Nathan Bedford Forrest:
1) He became a self-made millionaire despite being born into poverty and having no formal education.
2) Invested a great deal of his personal fortune to aid the Confederate cause.
3) Despite being one of the wealthiest men in the South, he enlisted as a solider of the lowest rank in order to further serve his country. As a major planter, Forrest was legally exempted from having to serve, but chose to serve anyway.
4) He had no formal military training, but went on to become the greatest tactician in the history of mobile warfare. He retired as a Lt. General and his maneuvers are still studied today.
5) Personally killed over thirty enemy combatants. (He also had approximately the same number of horses shot out from under him. BT)
Forrest was the living embodiment of a “man’s man” and his real-life exploits rival that of any mythological god. He was a true hero.

Compare the bravery, character and integrity embodied by General Forrest to that which can be found in today’s business and political heavyweights. They are beneath him by absolutely every standard of measurement.

Nathan Bedford Forrest makes me proud to be a Memphian and proud to be a Southerner.

I will be there to defend his honor on Sunday afternoon. Will you join me?

Obama power grab: HUD unveils regs to diversify neighborhoods

Via Charlie

The Obama administration announced new rules on Wednesday that are meant to racially integrate America's neighborhoods but some conservatives claim are an attempt by Washington to play a heavy-handed role in creating “utopias.”

The new HUD housing rule comes on the heels of a landmark Supreme Court decision that reaffirmed the federal agency’s power to ban housing policies that hurt minorities.

The Fair Housing Act, which originally was passed in 1968 and barred racial discrimination, demanded the government end segregation.

The new rule takes this a step further and requires cities across the country to scrutinize their housing patterns for racial bias and report the results every three to five years.

Communities would also have to set and track goals to further reduce segregation.

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Should Alabama change its coat of arms? One state senator thinks so

Via Billy

Although the Confederate flags have come down in Montgomery, the symbol can still be seen on the state coat of arms, and one senator wants it changed.

State Sen. Hank Sanders, D-Selma, told on Wednesday he wants the flag removed from the symbol.

The state coat of arms features a shield with five flags that represent the five countries that have held sovereignty over Alabama, including the Confederate States of America, according the Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Gov. Robert Bentley's office said Tuesday he had no plans to take any action on Confederate issues.

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SCV NC Division STATEMENT on the Attempts to Suppress Confederate and Southern Symbols


Given the present, often ill-tempered, discussion about the display of Confederate symbols in North Carolina, in particular the formally approved Sons of the Confederate Veterans custom license plate, we believe it is important to correct certain misapprehensions and misstatements of fact that have appeared in the news media recently and that have been made by some political leaders.

In recent days our cemeteries have been desecrated (Durham’s Maplewood Cemetery) and our monuments defaced (in Asheville). Calls have been issued by Governor Pat McCrory to in effect punish thousands of Tar Heels who have no connection whatsoever to the dastardly event that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. Their only “sin” is to have had Southern ancestors who fought for the Confederacy, whom they memorialize with a custom license tag.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) is like other civic groups that have customized North Carolina plates.  We were founded in 1896 by the sons (and descendants) of those Tar Heel soldiers who left their homes and families to go fight for their states in a long, very brutal and bloody war between the states. We are a civic, not-for-profit, and charitable organization, an organization dedicated to conserving the heritage of our state.

We do considerable work in supporting the preservation of North Carolina’s history, including significant support for historic restoration, through participation in the activities of our historic sites, and by our contributions to artifact preservation. We have contributed more than $100,000 for these projects, plus countless man-hours of our time. Paramount for the SCV is our mission to commemorate our ancestor soldiers. We believe that by our civic activities, we honor our ancestors.

Fifteen years ago, after a long court case and after a favorable decision by the Court of Appeals, the SCV legally won the right to have the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles issue custom license plates for our members. The SCV’s specialized license plates bear the exact registered seal of the organization, as is normal for those civic groups that possess the right to custom plates.  Since that time until the past week or two, there has been no controversy about our licenses.

The registered emblem of the SCV is the square Battle Flag, with the historic Cross of St. Andrew (the cross of the Scots who settled in the Southern colonies prior to the American Revolution) emblazoned and surrounded by our name. The Battle Flag was carried by soldiers in 1861-65, and historically it was a soldiers’ flag. Of course, regrettably, it has been misused and abused on occasion during the past 150 years by a very few deranged individuals and hate groups. The SCV has repeatedly condemned in the strongest terms this misuse by such groups as the KKK, which we feel dishonors our ancestors and the flag they carried.

But consider: the United States flag has been misused as well, and even more so. For eighty-eight (1788-1866) years the US flag flew over slavery, even worse, over the legal buying, selling, and brutal importation of slaves. Do we ban it because of that history?

The US flag flew over the concentration camps where our government imprisoned the Nisei Japanese civilians during World War II, it flew at the Sand Creek massacre of peaceful Indians in 1864 and at Wounded Knee. Are we ready to say that the US flag represents “hate” and “racism” because it was badly misused on those occasions?

We don’t think so. Rather, we believe that Americans of good will can distinguish between a few misguided and hateful individuals and instances in our past, and the symbols of what is true and good and honorable in our nation. It is just so with the SCV emblem which is as American as the Maryland flag with the historic arms of Lord Baltimore, the California Republic Bear in the California flag, or the Algonquian Native American in the Massachusetts banner.

In North Carolina there are license plates that commemorate the NRA, that honor tobacco, that declare “In God We Trust.” And just like the NRA and other organizations, the fact that we have custom North Carolina DMV tags in no way indicates an endorsement by the state.

These symbols are for some people controversial and perhaps objectionable. Which license plate is next on the chopping block? Is the state of North Carolina going to censor groups that some people may not agree with? Suppose you are a UNC grad and hate North Carolina State: are we going to deny NC State grads a license plate? Just how far into political correctness are we willing to go? Is this truly the American spirit of liberty and mutual respect? Does this bring us together as a nation; or rather only sow increased division? Does dishonoring our ancestors of over a century and a half ago who had absolutely nothing to do with the very sad events in Charleston do anything to prevent in the future a deranged and misguided young man, a loner, truly intent on killing innocent people? Does stigmatizing the ancestors of one, very large group of North Carolinians help heal and resolve the issues affecting all Tar Heels today?

We of the North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, ask our political leaders, including Governor McCrory, and our fellow citizens, not to give in and react unreasonably to the deranged, hateful actions of one crazed gunman by punishing and stigmatizing thousands of law-abiding Tar Heel citizens who only wish to honor the bravery of their ancestors.  The attempts to ban our symbols could well become a slippery slope for an agenda that seems to be developing to ban other symbols and incriminate other portions of our nation’s diverse population, when what is sorely needed today is mutual respect and toleration.

If a rabid fox comes out of the woods and bites someone, the solution is not to burn the woods down, but to stop the rabid fox.

We urge our fellow citizens to check us out, access our web site and contact us:

On July 2, 2015, CNN released the result of a comprehensive national poll revealing the views of Americans on the Confederate Battle Flag.  57% nationally see it as a symbol of Southern pride, and only 33% see it as in any way “racist.” And certainly here in North Carolina that favorability rating is much higher. The thousands of members of the North Carolina Division of the SCV, their families and friends, and many others who honor our heritage, urge the governor not to sow anger and discord. Remember, we also vote.

J. Daniel Bolick
Commander, North Carolina Division,
Sons of Confederate Veterans

We Have To Fight Haley Now


In an outrageously brazen political move, Gov. Nikki Haley called a special meeting of the Republican caucus and gave at early-eyed plea for the complete eradication of the Confederate flag beside the Soldier’s Monument.

It is urgent that you contact Gov. Haley’s office and tell her to leave our flag alone.

Phone: 803.734.2100

Fax: 803.734.5167

Illegal aliens have killed more Americans than Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined

Via Jeffery

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL5)

During an interview on Yellowhammer Radio Tuesday, Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL5) said he believes more Americans have lost their lives at the hands of illegal aliens than were killed during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined.

“(T)his is based on judgement — there are no hard data to back it up — but if you were to look at all of the Americans killed by the Islamic State, the Taliban during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and add them all up, I would wager we have had more Americans killed at the hands of illegal aliens than in all of those conflicts put together,” said Brooks.

“I know in my congressional district that’s true. And we have Redstone Arsenal in my congressional district, which is a fairly large military facility, and not withstanding the significant military presence in the Tennessee Valley, we’ve lost more lives — American lives — at the hands of illegal aliens than we’ve lost in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.”

12-Year-Old Arrested in Connection With a Deadly Omaha Shooting, Police Say

Via comment by Unreformed 2015 on Watch FSU QB De'Andre Johnson punch woman in face ...

 PHOTO: From left, these are the undated booking photos of Jamar E. Milton, Jarrell Milton and Shuntayvious Primes-Willis from the Omaha Police Department.

A 12-year-old suspect was arrested Tuesday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in connection with a deadly shooting in Omaha, Nebraska, officials told ABC News today. 

Jarrell Milton will be charged with first-degree murder alongside 15-year-old Shuntayvious Primes-Willis and his 17-year-old brother, Jamar E. Milton, police said. 

All three are being charged as adults, the Douglas County Attorney’s office confirmed.

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First black to serve as Colonel Reb cries foul at Vestavia mascot flap

Via Billy

Image result for Calvin Wright, a 2012 Vestavia Hills High School graduate

By Calvin Wright, a 2012 Vestavia Hills High School graduate

This so-called issue about Vestavia's Rebel mascot isn't a issue. It's being made into an issue because people have issues with themselves. Taking away the mascot isn't going to solve the sole issue that is at hand with the world -- racism!

There's only one being that can change hearts -- God. Until people come to the realization that it is the individual who has hatred in their heart, we can expect things to worsen. If people would stop making everything about race and color, then maybe this world could move on together.

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Federal Judge Orders Cancellation of Redskins Trademark

Via Charlie


A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins' trademark registration, ruling that the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans.

The ruling by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee affirms an earlier finding by an administrative appeal board. Bruce ordered the federal Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the registration.

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Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map

Via Iver

After a series of cyber failures involving first UAL, then this website, then the NYSE which is still halted, then the WSJ, some have suggested that this could be a concerted cyber attack (perhaps by retaliatory China unhappy its stocks are plunging) focusing on the US. So we decided to look at a real-time cyber attack map courtesy of Norsecorp which provides real time visibility into global cyber attacks.

What clearly stands out is that for some reason Chinese DDOS attacks/hackers seem to be focusing on St. Louis this morning.

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Congress votes to ban Confederate flag from 3 federal cemeteries

Via Billy

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to ban the display of Confederate flags at historic federal cemeteries in the deep South.

The low-profile move came Tuesday evening after a brief debate on a measure funding the National Park Service, which maintains 14 national cemeteries, most of which contain graves of Civil War soldiers.

The proposal by Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., added language to block the Park Service from allowing private groups to decorate the graves of southern soldiers with Confederate flags in states that commemorateConfederate Memorial Day. The cemeteries affected are the Andersonville and Vicksburg cemeteries in Georgia and

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Will Congress Stop the Obama Administration from Disarming our Military Veterans?


We just celebrated Independence Day last week.  From that initial struggle against the British to the present day, we have honored our military veterans for their courageous sacrifice in helping keep us free.

Sadly, many of these veterans have recently seen their courage “rewarded” with a gun ban. And this concerns all gun owners, because what is happening to veterans through the VA can happen to you someday through ObamaCare.

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NYSE, United Airlines, hit with computer issues

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Trading on the New York Stock Exchange was halted around noon Wednesday after officials reported a major technical issue.

The computer problem comes a few hours after a major computer issue forced United Airlines to temporarily stop all takeoffs, and the Wall Street Journal confirmed that its website -- -- was experiencing technical difficulties.

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FINAL NOTICE (18 September) : 8th NC PATCON September 30 - October 5th 2015 


Event will follow schedule of PATCONS before and will be updated as events/speakers/classes/sponsors/raffle items are added. (See below)

7th NC PATCON May 6th - 11th 2015




Southern Manners Are Expected From all.  As my mother would say, if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all.  Thank you. :)

 Under 7, free
7-12, $14

13 and up, $25

Includes world famous East Carolina *Pig Pickin' on Saturday! 

*Pulled pork, Southern fried chicken, black eyed peas, string beans, slaw, hush puppies, tea, water and banana pudding.

If you are planning to attend the October PATCON,  please remit your fees ASAP, but NLT 18 September.  Please send check to Cape Carteret address below.  I do not deposit checks until the week before and I would appreciate all remit funds now.  Thank you.

Brock Townsend
319 Holly Lane
Cape Carteret, NC 28584

The funds will be used for seating, tables, porta potties, Eastern North Carolina Barbecue with all the trimmings, equipment and tent. We would like to encourage company sponsors to donate money for this event. Any company donating $50 or more will be listed as a sponsor on the website and at the PATCON.

 Camping available Wednesday - Sunday.

No animals, please, as my Peacock is more than sufficient to annoy all but us.:)

The PATCON will be held at
*94 Roberson School Rd
Tarboro, NC 27886 

*Use the front entrance for those camping. As you cross the second set of cattle guards, camp to the right in the area with fruit trees alongside the fence and a fire pit in the middle.  For those not camping,  come in the side entrance by the graveyard and parking will be in the area of the two tobacco barns.


 Friday's Schedule

 Ronnie and Kelly Coleman: Raising meat rabbits 4:00 to 5:00

Downeast Hillbilly on Honey Bees: Their continuing decline, fundamentals of and alternative methods of keeping 5:00 to 6:00


Peter White: BDOC Exercise: Training exercise featuring a simple Base Defense Operations Center in a WROL scenario. Attendees will see how BDOC personnel, practices, and technology are essential in conducting successful operations by your neighborhood protection team. 6:00 to 7:00



 Saturday's Schedule

Meet and Greet Until 11:00

 Michael Downing: Welcome and Introduction 11:00 to 11:15

Ron Newman: Neighborhood protection teams 11:15 to 12:00


Cousin John Blessing 12:00   

Pig Pickin': 12:00 to 1:00
John Ainsworth State Constitution 1:00 to 2:00

KrisAnne Hall: The Constitution as it exists today 2:00 to 3:00 

Publius Huldah: Original Constitutional Constraints 3:00 to 4:00 


John Ainsworth, KrisAnne Hall and Publius Huldah: Constitutional Roundtable 
4:00 to 5:00
Raffle: 5:00 to 5:30
Moderator Peter White: Roundtable of questions 5:30 to 6:00

Peter White: BDOC Exercise: Training exercise featuring a simple Base Defense Operations Center in a WROL scenario. Attendees will see how BDOC personnel, practices, and technology are essential in conducting successful operations by your neighborhood protection team. 6:00 to 7:00


 Winner can have the NC PATCON Logo as above (CADD Graphics) engraved on the condition that the rifle will not be sold.
 MTAC™ Riflescope 1-4x24mm | Burris Optics

 1,000 rounds of  Bronze 223A | PMC Ammunition

Above donated by NC PATCON


  Kershaw assisted opener pocketknife, Ken Onion design, Daniel Defense signature knife

Donated by Lo Kee Mechanical, LLC



Above two generously donated yet once again by

 Michael Downing


12 PATCON key chains


Donated by Bill Horvat of Bill's Custom Wood Products


Uniden Home Patrol II Scanner/Monitor

Donated by  Peter White

Bushmaster 90289 XM-15 30+1 223REM/5.56NATO 16" A2 TRPE - See more at:
Bushmaster 90289 XM-15 30+1 223REM/5.56NATO 16" A2 TRPE - See more at:

The giant Buddha statues of Bamiyan destroyed by the Taliban have returned with 3-D light projection


The Taliban thought it had destroyed one of the world's wonders, the monumental Buddha statues of the Bamiyan Valley.

But the Buddhas shine again in the towering cutouts in the mountainside where they stood for centuries. They are back, thanks to 3-D light projection. And they look great.

More with video @ PRI

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I Super Stock: Butch Leal California Flash

One of the most noted proponents of Plymouth’s big 1965 drag racing effort was a young West Coast driver named Butch Leal, whose nickname was ‘The California Flash.’ Leal had come from Ford to the Plymouth team in 1965, and was one of the only racers to actively campaign both a factory altered-wheelbase car and an NHRA- legal Super Stock entry. A noted 4-speed driver, Leal would win the S/S class title at the U.S. Nationals in 1965, and return to win class again at the 1966 Winternationals. Moreover, he often match raced this car at open events, and, as a result, it shows up in numerous magazine stories.

Leal’s legal Super Stocker, VIN R051199756, was one of 13 four-speeds Plymouths built for the 1965 racing program and according to research by Darrell Davis, this was also the final Plymouth Super Stocker built, constructed in February 1965.

Like all RO51 Super Stockers, this is an all-steel ‘business coupe’ body delivered new with the rear seat deleted.

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FBI Data: Background Checks for Gun Purchases Soared in June

Via avordvet

Background checks for gun sales spiked 11 percent last month compared with last year, making it the busiest June ever, FBI data show.

The Firearm Background Checks report showed the FBI conducted nearly 1.53 million such checks – required for all in-store purchases, but not for sales at gun shows or between individuals.

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New Docs Reveal DOJ, IRS, and FBI Colluding to Prosecute Obama Opponents

Via avordvet

 Image result for New Docs Reveal DOJ, IRS, and FBI Colluding to Prosecute Obama Opponents

Documents released today by Judicial Watch show the Department of Justice colluding with the Internal Revenue Service to cook up criminal prosecutions of targeted non-profit conservative groups.

The newly obtained records include an official “DOJ Recap” report detailing an October 2010 meeting between Lois Lerner, DOJ officials and the FBI. The documents also reveal that the Obama DOJ wanted IRS employees who were going to testify to Congress to turn over documents to the DOJ before giving them to Congress.
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Home News Local News Wal-Mart refuses to order class ring because of West Morgan's Rebels mascot

Via Jeffery

Aaron Browder

West Morgan High graduate Aaron Browder said he was at a loss for words when he and his mother were turned away from Wal-Mart’s jewelry counter in Decatur and told by an employee his class ring could not be ordered because his high school mascot — the Rebel — is controversial and is a symbol of racism.

“I just stood there and thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ ” Aaron Browder said.

But it was no joke. Brenda Browder, Aaron Browder’s mother, said the sales associate at the Wal-Mart on Spring Avenue told them the ring could not be ordered with the school’s name or mascot on it.

“We didn’t even know how to react,” Brenda Browder said. “We stood there looking at each other in complete disbelief, and then we just walked away. It took a while for the anger to set it.”

The incident happened Sunday.

A leader of Georgia’s Civil War Commission has drawn a line in the sand over the recently renewed debate about Confederate war emblems.

Via Carl

The commission also faced a request for an investigation after a link on its Facebook page was tied by a left-leaning group to a website that has posted racist and anti-Semitic messages.

The commission’s vice chairman, Charles Kelly Barrow, said in a dispatch linked to his Twitter account that current efforts to remove the Rebel flag will lead to the elimination of all cultural references to the Confederacy.

Barrow, who is also head of the national Sons of Confederate Veterans, said that “we are facing the greatest threat to our heritage in modern times.”

The state commission is charged with planning and preserving the state’s Civil War battlefields and monuments, while the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been outspoken in defense of Rebel emblems amid new scrutiny into the symbols of the Old South.

Confederate flag flies again in Marion County

Via Billy 
Marion County commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to put the Confederate flag back up at the county's government complex.

The flag was removed Thursday and temporarily replaced with a flag with the seal of Marion County.

                                                              More @ News 13

Gun Used By Illegal In San Francisco Belonged To A “Federal Agen

Via comments by Anonymous and Sioux on Illegal alien Francisco Sanchez coached to say he ...

 san fran killer

Good grief, could this flippin’ preventable murder get any more bizarre?  First we learn Kate Steinle was randomly shot by an illegal alien.  Then we learn ICE had requested notification of his release, which the Sheriff’s Department ignored.  Then the illegal alien claimed he shot Ms. Steinle accidentally while trying to shoot a sea lion (a position he has since modified).  Now it comes out the gun he used actually belonged to a “federal agent”.

KRON 4 has learned that the gun used to kill a 32-year-old woman on San Francisco’s Pier 14 belonged to a federal agent.

A Sig Sauer pistol was used in the fatal shooting, a source told KRON 4. The gun was recovered last Thursday in the bay by a police dive team. The source described the weapon as being an expensive, high-end, common police gun.

Another source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN’s Sara Sidner that the gun belonged to a federal agent.