Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A leader of Georgia’s Civil War Commission has drawn a line in the sand over the recently renewed debate about Confederate war emblems.

Via Carl

The commission also faced a request for an investigation after a link on its Facebook page was tied by a left-leaning group to a website that has posted racist and anti-Semitic messages.

The commission’s vice chairman, Charles Kelly Barrow, said in a dispatch linked to his Twitter account that current efforts to remove the Rebel flag will lead to the elimination of all cultural references to the Confederacy.

Barrow, who is also head of the national Sons of Confederate Veterans, said that “we are facing the greatest threat to our heritage in modern times.”

The state commission is charged with planning and preserving the state’s Civil War battlefields and monuments, while the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been outspoken in defense of Rebel emblems amid new scrutiny into the symbols of the Old South.


  1. South Carolina house will be voting at 3:30 PM.
    A live stream of the house is being broadcast
    The full address must be used.
    Currently the house is adjourned for lunch.

    1. Do you know what is in the bill that they will be voting on at 3:30 PM?

  2. I don't know what the bill number is, but the live broadcast
    has resumed.
    Debate of the bill restarted at approximately 4:10 PM
    Supposedly, a vote is imminent this afternoon.