Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Federal Judge Orders Cancellation of Redskins Trademark

Via Charlie


A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins' trademark registration, ruling that the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans.

The ruling by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee affirms an earlier finding by an administrative appeal board. Bruce ordered the federal Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the registration.

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  1. I fine the existence of Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee to be offensive to me, therefore I demand that he immediately remove himself from office via suicide.

    "May be disparaging to Native Americans" ??? Has any one asked them if they are? Or some one found a Confederate flag hiding in the trademark that only they can see?

    1. My friend, who is a half-breed as he states, say no one on the reservation calls each other Native Americans, but only American Indians and I always thought sport teams who took such names were doing it to honor them, which they were, but then the commies came.

  2. As a fan of Chinese action flicks, I am offended that the judge's name is"Bruce Lee".

  3. Only a black (from Africa) could arrive at such a personal decision. No brains, no heritage, no honor. Did I say from Africa?

  4. Ask the judge to provide the names of the Native American leaders who have been objecting to the name for decades. Appeal.

  5. Tar, Feathers, Rail.

    Ignore the ignorant bastards "ruling".


  6. He is just jealous that no team was named after his ethnic group.