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Patriot time !!!

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Ok Brothers and Sister Patriots,the Hoosier Patcom/con starts this FRI if you're coming get directions soon! If you are not coming to ours,go to somebody's! Do something! A couple years from now when your locked in a collective work farm. Or even still living in your home but with talking spy camera's watching every move. Your money redistributed to the point you have none and you get a food voucher from the collective which barely feeds your family.What are you going to say when you and your child are weeding a row of GMO corn,and you're just out of ear shot of your guard (overseer) your kid says Daddy why didn't you guys stop this?

Clinton let Bin Laden go


Today a WFTV report shows some aspects of the autopsy performed on Trayvon Martin. The autopsy reveals bruising and cuts to the hands of Trayvon Martin consistent with the statements and accounts of George Zimmerman. It should also be noted this is the same autopsy Trayvon Family Attorney Benjamin Crump filed a previous motion to suppress.

We have outlined the lies, falsehoods and specific manipulations by various parties associated with the false narrative. For this update against the backdrop of the autopsy discovery we will revisit the lies by Trayvon Family Funeral Director Richard Kurtz, and show the agenda driven intent.

SANFORD, Fla. — WFTV has confirmed that autopsy results show 17-year-old Trayvon Martin had injuries to his knuckles when he died.

The information could support George Zimmerman’s claim that Martin beat him up before Zimmerman shot and killed him.

The autopsy results come as Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara continues to go over other evidence in the case.

O’Mara wouldn’t comment on the autopsy evidence, but WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said it’s better for the defense than it is for the prosecution.

WFTV has learned that the medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.

When you compare Trayvon’s non-fatal injury with Zimmerman’s bloody head wounds, the autopsy evidence is better for the defense, Sheaffer said.

“It goes along with Zimmerman’s story that he acted in self-defense, because he was getting beaten up by Trayvon Martin,” Sheaffer said.

The injury to Martin’s knuckle also fits with Zimmerman’s story that before he shot and killed Martin, Martin had broken his nose and knocked him to the ground, slamming his head on the sidewalk. (read more)

This is important because Funeral Director Richard Kurtz specifically and intentionally injected himself into the Scheme Team narrative as an advocate by providing them support, and cover, with his declaration that Trayvon’s body showed no visible signs of a scuffle.

These guys like Richard Kurtz are all providing media fuel, and cover, for the initial Benjamin Crump and Natalie Jackson created storyline. And when I say created, I do indeed mean created; as in intentionally false, intentionally misleading, and totally made-up.


The media is failing miserably is in showing honestly how they are connected to each other. These are not just random disconnected participants in the narrative, they are all specifically connected and colluding to sell the public, via the media, a very specific constructed story. It is beyond frustrating that the media is refusing to sniff this out.

Back to Richard Kurtz


Good piece, but I don't agree with the conclusion. Maybe, whatever we do, won't change the end result, but we/they can do something.

American Mercenary

Rome was in decline for a long time before the Barbarians were able to sack that once great Empire. I consider myself the first wave of the Barbarian horde sacking and looting the Republic.

What is the difference between an Active Duty Soldier who gets a paycheck to risk his life and a someone freeloading off the fedgov by "making art" or reciting "Cowboy Poetry" I ask in all seriousness. The military produces nothing, the very best that you can get out of military spending is an educated worker who may actually end up putting back into the system more than it took to educate him.

It isn't that I make this nation safer in any meaningful way. Your average concealed carry citizen is doing just as much if not more than I. Morally I'm taking from you, the taxpayer, and providing what exactly in return? Yes I go to war, big deal, more than half of you don't want to waste money in remote hell holes to begin with in the first place.

I'm the guy that makes foreign wars in remote hell holes possible. I'm the guy who signs up to do that job because it is easier than real work. When the economy goes south recruitment goes up, because those who are willing to do violence for money are never in that short of supply to fill the ranks of the big green machine.

Someone told me a long time ago that "When you wake up three days in a row and feel like you can't make a difference in the life of a Soldier you need to get out." And so far that hasn't happened. But for the last few years I've woken up feeling like I can't do a damn thing to help out my Nation.

At least I every morning I can wake up and say, "at least I'm not in the TSA where my job is to sexually molest young children and the disabled" and "at least I'm not in the BATFE where my job is to kill innocent civilians in multiple nations and violate the civil rights of Americans."

At best I'm a benign tumor in a terminally ill patient dieing of parasitic overload.

Yes there are lies we tell ourselves to pretend we are knights in shining armor instead of naked berserkers ripping the very flesh off the slowly dieing Republic. The Romans used Barbarians when they could, and succumbed to them when they no longer had the strength to deal with those who only deal in strength.

The looting has started, and it is in my paycheck that while the number has increased over the years has lost real value over the years. And still, all this spending that has been done on the .mil over the years is nothing to the redistribution of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Those three programs of "getting something for nothing" have done more harm to the American Republic than anything I could do. Loot what you can, while you can, right?

But then I think of my sons. And what future will they have? What can I do to position them in the best possible position of advantage for the circumstances for their life. Not all Republics collapse and rise again as something better. Most collapse into a dictatorship worse. It is a pressing problem, one that I am exacerbating with every day served. But even if every servicemember chose to not show up tomorrow the fall would still happen, and there is nothing that any of us can do about it now.

GOA Action Alert: Neuter the NDAA

Two Representatives Looking to Neuter the NDAA
Amendment would protect you from indefinite detention

Representatives Justin Amash (R-MI) and Adam Smith (D-WA) are looking to fix one of the most troubling pieces of legislation that have passed during Barack Obama’s presidency.

As you know, at the end of last year, Congress passed and Barack Obama signed a defense authorization bill which contained two very dangerous provisions.

The first of these troubling provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA] is section 1021. It would allow American citizens to be arrested on American soil, detained indefinitely, tried in a military court, and deported to a Third World country for torture.

And all of this could be done without a trial!

An American could be detained if he “substantially supported” an individual who engaged in a belligerent act against the U.S. or its allies, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Thus, if you were to sell a gun to a Timothy McVeigh, unaware of his intentions, you could have all of your constitutional rights summarily taken away by Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder under the terms of this law.

The Amash provision would amend section 1021 by barring the U.S. military from putting any citizen into indefinite detention without a charge or trial.

Another provision in the NDAA [section 1022] actually requires the military to put certain civilian suspects into military detention. While the administration has waived this provision’s applicability to certain groups of people, the underlying law could still be enforced one day by the Obama administration (or a future administration).

The Amash amendment would repeal section 1022 entirely.

Please click here to ask your representative to support the NDAA-neutering amendment to H.R. 4310.

Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting

A medical report compiled by the family physician of accused Trayvon Martin murderer George Zimmerman and obtained exclusively by ABC News found that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a "closed fracture" of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during an alleged altercation.

Zimmerman faces a second degree murder charge for the Feb. 26 shooting that left the unarmed 17-year-old high school junior dead. Zimmerman has claimed self defense in what he described as a life and death struggle that Martin initiated by accosting him, punching him in the face, then repeatedly bashing his head into the pavement.

Also today, a trove of documents are being examined by lawyers for both the defense and prosecution as part of discovery in Zimmerman's trial -- including 67 CDs worth of documents, video of Martin on the night of the shooting, his autopsy report and videos of Zimmerman's questioning by police.

Zimmerman's three-page medical report is included in those documents that the defense could use as evidence.

More @ ABC News

GRNC Alert 5-15-12 Pro-Gun Alternative to Deborah Ross Needs Help

Fiercely anti-gun Rep. Deborah K. Ross (D, GRNC 0) has proven to be a constant obstruction to the rights of honest gun owners for the last decade. Prior to the Assembly, she plied her anti-gun trade as a lawyer for the ACLU. She needs to GO! - an opportunity has arisen to make progress toward that goal.

An unaffiliated, pro-gun candidate has stepped forward for the House District 34 race: Apryl Major. But Ms. Major needs our help with her petition to gain a spot on the ballot. Here are the facts:

  • About 1100 of 2300 total petition signatures have been gathered.
  • A signature drive is scheduled for May 20th, and weekends at the State Fairgrounds if necessary.
  • Signatures must be original ink on paper.
  • Signatures must be turned in to the Board of Elections by June 15.

Residents of District 34 (Northern Raleigh and ITB area) SIGN APRYL'S PETITION!

  • Go to the website: MajorforNCHouse.com
  • On the right side of the page, click "Write-In Petition"
  • Fill in "WAKE" as the county
  • Fill in "APRYL M. MAJOR" in the "behalf of" field
  • Fill in "NC HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT 34" in the "office" field
  • Print the form and sign it in ink.
  • Encourage others to sign also.
  • Mail the signed form to: Major for NC House, 6610 Brookhollow Drive, Raleigh, NC 27615

Those residing outside of District 34 can still help by volunteering to assist in gathering signatures during the drive May 20th. Please contact the Major campaign to volunteer:

More @ GRNC

Mad Dog Shriver: Extraction? “No, No, I’ve got em right where I want em, surrounded from the inside.“

Re-re-re-post:). Originally via WRSA in 2010

"No one else could engage the machinegun that trapped Shriver's men -- it was up to Mad Dog. Skittish Yards looked to Shriver and his half-grin restored a sense of confidence. Then they were on their feet, charging -- Shriver was his old self, running to the sound of guns, a True Believer Yard on either side, all of them dashing through the flying bullets, into the treeline, into the very guts of Mad Dog's great nemesis, COSVN. And Mad Dog Shriver was never seen again."

Ultimately he received 26 decorations including 2 Silver Stars, the Soldiers Medal, 7 Bronze Stars, Purple Heart, Air Medal, and 3 Army Commendation Medals for Valor. While listed as MIA he was promoted to E-8.

Discussion at the table differed concerning his last weeks. One guy who had talked to him after he returned from his last leave said that Shriver had said he was very uncomfortable in civilian life and was afraid how he would adjust. Others said that he had a death wish. One said that when he departed on that last mission he knew he would not return. All agreed that he knew he would not return from Viet Nam alive. He left behind very little, his smoking jacket, less then a dollar worth of MPC, and of course, Klaus.

His last mission is well documented on the internet, so I will not be redundant, but most of the NCO’s in SF prefer to remember him as the leader, who, with NVA on all sides, refused extraction, saying, “No, No, I’ve got em right where I want em, surrounded from the inside.“

I had started a page on Shriver at www.virtualwall.org and Tom saw it and contacted me. We've been corresponding off and on now for about 7 or 8 years and he was kind enough to answer some questions for me. He's a pretty good guy, a Patriot, heavily involved in Veteran activities, and just co-authored a book called "Angels From Above".

I figured you'd get a kick out of this.

First of all I am sorry it took me so long to get
back. It seemed that for a while the weight of the
earth was on my shoulders. My wife is doing much
better and we have stopped making two and three trips
to the hospital / doctor weekly. It was a scary time.

I first met Jerry (Mad Dog) in 1967 while I was
assigned to the 170th Assault Helicopter Company and
then the 57th Assault Helicopter Company. I had
arrived in country in June and after being in
processed and given a bunk, I was told not to get too
comfortable as I would be leaving in the morning for
FOBII. Being a new guy, I had no idea what that meant
so I ask.

Couldn't understand why everyone was laughing
especially after I found out it had to do with Special
Forces. Berry Saddler had set me up for that one.
Man, they were the green berets.

After arrival the next day I was assigned to fly with
Chief Beatty, who was probably the best mission pilot
ever. He and I were a little older than the rest of
the crews so we kind of hit it off from the start. I
was 25 and he was about 10 years older. Old men in
those days. After quick tour of the compound and
introductions he briefed me on who was who. Jerry
already had the reputation as being a team leader that
got the job done. Most of the time he did it a little
too well and his extractions were always a little
dicey. Chief said that if you ever went down Shriver
was the man to be on the ground with. He took care of
his team and his aircrews.

What kind of guy was Jerry? In short, he was one of a
kind. He was an operator in an extremely hostile
environment and damn good at what he did.
He was very intelligent and able to carry on
conversations on just about any subject. He was a
deeply caring man as evidenced by his compassion for
his indigenous personnel. He was a loner and only
kept company with those that he chose to keep company
with. More often than not, if he wasn't on a mission,
he was out in the local yard village making sure they
were ok. On the physical side, other than being very
fit, Jerry would not have stood out at a distance.
However up close he was had almost a surreal
appearance. Most striking were his eyes. They were
cold, steel gray. They showed no emotion and seemed
to look deep into you with an icy stare. His cuspids
seemed be a little larger than normal and stood out
when he smiled. The two combined would send a chill
down the old spine.

Do I think that Jerry became a POW? Only if he was so
incapacitated that the choice was not his. He had a
sizable price on his head and he knew it. If he was
the man that I think I knew he would have gone out
fighting and making sure that they paid a dear price
for it. Is it possible that he was captured? Yes but
not likely. I have read about Charles Norris so can't
add or detract from his story. I know that there were
and continue to be reported sightings of Caucasians
being "held". Early on I might have bought into that
but it has almost been 30 years since it all ended. I
would question the ability of someone being able to
survive in those conditions but there is always hope.
Having pulled Jerry out of the bush a couple of times
I can see him charging head long into danger to save
his comrades even if it meant his own demise. He was
that kind of man.

As for Klaus aka Dufus Dog by the aircrews. I have
never heard anything about what happened. I am sure
that those who were serving with Jerry at the time
cared for him. I was working SOG when Jerry brought
him back from Taiwan after R&R. The dog was a pitiful
sight but he was Jerry's dog so we treated him like a
AKC full blood. Now that was when Jerry was around.
If not, he would provide a little entertainment for
us. For some reason that poor dog took to the chopper
crews like a duck to water. If we were sitting around
waiting between missions or on hot pad standby, he
would seek us out and then park his butt right in the
middle of the group. Then he would just start looking
around, kind of studying each person. It wasn't long
until we discovered that if you made a loud noise or
if you popped him in the backside with a rubber band
he would jump up and bite the person he was looking
at. Great sport and the cause for much laughter when
a "new guy" was brought in. Then one day while we
were playing our little game, Klaus was struck from
behind just after his attention was diverted outdoors.
A brand new SF officer was walking by. Any guess who
got a rude introduction to Klaus? Any question who
caught hell? It was worth the butt chewing to see the
look on his face. We all loved that dog.

I have been wearing Mad Dogs bracelet since I found
out he was listed as missing. After that tour, I lost
contact with most of the guys and didn't keep up with
who was doing what. Someone had told me that he had
been killed and his body recovered while still
operating out of Kontum. I had accepted that and
never looked back. I don't remember how I learned
that he was missing but as soon as I did I ordered his
bracelet. I have gone through quite a number as well
but continue to wear one 24/7 and have made a promise
that I will continue until he is home or I am gone.
My son has picked up the task and he too now wears his
24/7 and until.

I have several stories that I will share in the future
and if you would like I can include you in my mailings
on stories etc about Nam and aircrews. Some of them
are really funny and some are even heroic. We were a
little bit nuts then and the years have done very
little to correct that.

Tell your Dad "Welcome Home" and thanks for caring
about Jerry. He is a true American patriot.

From Tom Carrell-January 21, 2003

Parental Rights Amendment Back in Congress, Gathering Support

Thanks to your calls and the leadership of Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), the Parental Rights Amendment is gathering cosponsors in the U.S. House and Senate!

So far we are up to 10 cosponsors in the House, and we expect many more in the next few days. That’s because these 10 are a small minority of those who have been inquiring with Rep. Franks’ office for more information. We are getting a very positive sense from many of these offices that it is just a matter of time.

We are equally encouraged and hopeful in the Senate, though to our knowledge no one has made their cosponsorship official at this point. (I myself have spoken with two additional offices who sounded very positive!)

Keep Calling Until They Sign On!

In many instances, the staff just needs to get the new language in front of the Congressman and get his official approval to sign on as a cosponsor. Some of them are working on it as fast as they can. Others mean well but are distracted with other more pressing matters. Your additional phone calls will make the Parental Rights Amendment the most pressing thing on their agenda!

So please take a moment to call again and encourage your Congressman and Senators to sign on to the Parental Rights Amendment as original cosponsors. Here’s the process, step by step:

1. Visit ParentalRights.org/States and click on your state. You can click the map or your state abbreviation in the right side bar.

2a. Look up your Congressman and Senators on that state page. If their name is in blue, they have already signed on. Congratulations! (You might consider sending them a letter of thanks, but please do not call their office.)

2b. If their name has a green “2010 Cosponsor” or “Pledged Support” label, please call their D.C. office and encourage them to sign on as an original cosponsor. You can use this sample message, put into your own words, when you call your Congressman:

“I am a constituent, and I am grateful for Congressman ____’s support of the Parental Rights Amendment in 2010. Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona is currently accepting original cosponsors for the Amendment in this Congress, and I’d like to urge my Congressman to contact Jacki Pick in his office and sign on today.”

Or, for a Senator:

“I am a constituent, and I am grateful for Senator ____’s support of the Parental Rights Amendment in 2010. Senator DeMint of South Carolina is currently accepting original cosponsors for the Amendment this session, and I’d like to urge my Senator to contact Erica Suares in his office and sign on today.”

2c. If your Senator or Congressman has not shown prior support (no blue or green with their name), you can still contact them as well, but the message will need to be a little different. Here’s a sample message:

“As a constituent, I’d like to encourage my [Congressman/Senator] to take a close look at the Parental Rights Amendment, and sign on as an original cosponsor with [Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona / Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina]. A 2010 Zogby poll showed that 93.6% of all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, agree with the traditional parental rights that this amendment will uphold. And I am among that vast majority. I hope I can count on [Congressman / Senator] ___ to support this vital issue as an original cosponsor and moving forward. Thank you.”

3. Check ParentalRights.org/States often to see when your Congressman and Senators come on board!

Thank you for making these important calls. Together we can drive the Parental Rights Amendment to success!


Michael Ramey
Director of Communications & Research

Climate change skeptics may be guilty of a “new crime against humanity”

Can't make this stuff up.

"Climate Ethics" Prof. Donald Brown of Penn State University declared that skeptics may be guilty of a “new crime against humanity” for causing a 25 year delay in acting to stop climate change.

Brown, who appeared alongside Climategate professor Michael Mann at a Penn State forum on April 30, 2012, slammed what he termed the “disinformation campaign.”

Watch Video of Brown and Mann here. (Brown's comments on Climate Depot begin around 23:00 and his “new crimes against humanity” remark are around 24:50 mark – H/T to Tom Nelson)

Brown also unloaded on Climate Depot for posting his email address (Dab57@psu.edu) and he lamented the tactics and the impact of climate skeptics.

More @ Climate Depot

Domestic terrorism suspects

One of the books on my bookshelf that is in the “to read” pile (along with quite a few others and a dozen or so .pdf files and ebooks) is “Albion’s Seed”.
“Albion” was one of the earliest recorded names of England, and the term “Albion’s Seed” refers to the British seed that was deposited on this continent hundreds of years ago, and continues to have a surprisingly far-reaching effect, even today. According to the book’s introduction, less than 20% of Americans can trace their bloodlines back to England. Even so, and although the founding morality and culture of America has all but been erased by culture distortion and the natural forces of degeneration and dissolution, the effect that this founding seed has had on America has been pronounced.
The book is very good, and I have my curiosity, my friend, and the book to blame for only getting four hours of sleep last night. He did warn me, though.
Albion's seed bears fruit even today, and its mark is still visible on this land, regardless of one's ancestry or heritage.
Among all of the things that are all but verboten today by the forces of Political Correctness, understanding one’s heritage and blood roots is close to the top of the list, especially, it would seem, if those roots reach back to Western Europe. European heritage and culture is one of the few that is under a direct and constant attack, for various reasons.
Nowhere that I have lived has this been so pronounced as in Alaska, where Alaskan Natives wear with impunity “Native Pride” hats, stickers, tattoos, and shirts. Don’t get me wrong- this is natural and as it should be. Yet I have sat through many classes during my eight and one half years in the Army and have read many LEO briefs since where a display of any sort of ”White Pride” message is considered a warning sign of a violent racist.
This is sad to me, as I believe all people should take pride in their culture, ethnicity, and race.
Having said all of that, I am raising my children to understand what it means to be an American, and I am raising them to be proud of the blood that runs through their veins, every drop of it originating in Western Europe, and every drop of it purely American.

NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

Via NC Renegade


James O’Keefe Discusses Voter Fraud in North Carolina

Sheriff: Greenville County Man Shoots Teenager During Auto Breaking

A teenager was wounded before being arrested for a suspected autobreaking incident in Greenville County.

The Greenville County Sheriff's Office says a homeowner on North Haven Drive said he heard noise outside his home around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

The man was armed when he went outside the house and said he saw the 16-year old suspect breaking into a vehicle in the driveway. Deputies say the homeowner thought the teenager pulled out a weapon.

"You don't know if your going to die right then and there so you have no choice but to defend yourself," The shooter's sister, India Byers said.

The homeowner eventually shot and wounded the suspect who was arrested when deputies arrived. He was taken to a hospital to be treated.

More @ 7 On Your Side

While you were sleeping........

Via San Jacinto County Outlaw

........you saw evil all around and did not recognize it

you heard deception yet did not seek truth

you smelled the stench of death and did not mourn

you proclaimed “I am proud to be an american”

you were told we must fight evil

you were told we must defeat those who would harm us

you were told these things and more

from the mouths of liars who speak those words of themselves

you were told we are the greatest nation on earth

the most righteous, the chosen, the Light of the World

God bless america you proclaimed

but your ignorance has blinded you

your apathy has hidden from you

that which america has become

and now is

And many will realize but too late

that america is changed forever

changed from what the founders envisioned

the great opportunity to create a nation

principled in the knowledge of the truth

that each individual

has supremely endowed rights

that cannot be subjugated

by men or groups of men

changed to the naked truth that is now revealed

that america is but another worldly empire

intent on destruction

principled on greed

principled on hatred

principled on lust

principled on deceit

clothed in the deceptive cloak of righteousness

while rotting from within

holding hostage the willing and unwilling

extorting, deceiving those from whom it is made

punishing, ostracizing those among the many who remain vigilant

america the whore, america, the ruthless beast of darkness

as the sheep are led to slaughter

so you will be among their numbers

a hundred, thousand, million, and more

one of the flock of those who like you

were lulled to sleep by the empty promise of gratification

and by the false promise of riches and comfort

incited by visions of far-away conquerors

ignoring the cries of the vanquished

fearful of suffering and without dignity

fostering indifference and intolerance

told lies many in number

by those whom you believe are righteous

you who are content to sleep in comfort

and dream of possibilities of profit and entertainment

you accept lies as truth

injustice as justice

wealth as prosperity

slavery as freedom

you slumber in your righteousness

not remembering nor caring what is freedom

not knowing justice

not knowing truth

death is your mantra

your eyes have been blinded

your ears have been deafened

your heart has been hardened

you cannot see your own tomorrow

even for the sake of the ones that will come after you

The fruit has fallen away

and spoiled with decay

and now the tree bears no fruit

for as the caretakers sleep

the tree withers and becomes lifeless

and with the passing of time

your children will awaken

and when their suffering becomes too great to bear

then they will cry out

I see the evil

I hear the deception

I smell the stench of death

I seek the truth

I seek justice

I seek freedom

and for them the struggle to escape from the bondage

you have willfully left as their inheritance

will be their struggle

faint memories and haunting ghosts of Freedom

will be of no consequence

for it is to be their struggle

to regain that which was lost

by the complacency of their forefathers

and perhaps they will know in their hearts

that they are worthy of the Freedom

that many before them had denied and forgotten

that they are more than what they have been born into

and so it came to pass

while you were sleeping


A Censored Race War By Thomas Sowell

The media ignore racially motivated black-on-white crime.

When two white newspaper reporters for the Virginian-Pilot were driving through Norfolk, and were set upon and beaten by a mob of young blacks — beaten so badly that they had to take a week off from work — that might sound like news that should have been reported, at least by their own newspaper. But it wasn’t.

The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel was the first major television program to report this incident. Yet this story is not just a Norfolk story, either in what happened or in how the media and the authorities have tried to sweep it under the rug.

Similar episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls, or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles, and other places across the country. Both the authorities and the media tend to try to sweep these episodes under the rug.

More @ NRO

Zimmerman Case: O’Mara Death Threats – Discovery – DeeDee/W8

George Zimmerman’s attorney was threatened in an anonymous phone call Monday, according to Orlando Police Department officers.

Zimmerman attorney Mark O’Mara received the call, officers said, while waiting for evidence from prosecutors. The call came from a blocked number and an unidentified man made some sort of threat, mentioning Zimmerman by name, but officers did not elaborate further. Officers are looking into the threat.

On Monday, O’Mara received 67 discs, a witness list and hundreds of pages of documents in the case against his client. George Zimmerman is accused of shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin to death.

It is expected that O’Mara will look to keep the documents out of the public eye for at least for one week.

The documents include Martin’s autopsy report.

“I would imagine that report could be released quickly because there’s nothing that could be said to be confidential within it,” O’Mara said.

But O’Mara said some of the documents, like key witness statements, may need to be reviewed and redacted.

“If I look at it and want to restrict completely inflammatory and completely irrelevant evidence, I think I have a right to argue it and see what the judge says,” said O’Mara. (read more)

It’s interesting to look at the dates included on the witness material list. It is obvious from the descriptions within the material that “W8″, or “Witness8″, was the girl Benjamin Crump described as Trayvon Martin’s “girlfriend”. She was introduced to the public, on March 20th at a press conference by Crump, under the alias “DeeDee”.

More @ The Last Refuge

3 Gun Nation Shoot Off 2012 Texas Multi-Gun Championship

Ultra high speed shooting photography

50,000 Machine Guns: The SM10 and SM11a1 pistols

I always wondered why the “82-8” firearms commanded such a high price when they came to market. I now know. They are a machine gun that anybody who is not a “prohibited person” can own without the burdensome paperwork and $200 tax that comes with all other “legal” machine guns according to ATF.

Bank of America Declaration Update

The Bank of America Declaration


NC Renegade

The following report represents action and comments from the Bank of America Declaration through May 12, 2012. We will continue to post information as it is added.

We have added more categories for signatories supporting this project. If you want your business, blog or name listed, email the information to David@NCRenegade.com and it will be added.

5/6/2012 20:38:47 Michael Downing NC Left messages on OWS FACE BOOK PAGES CONCERNING TAKING DOWN WALL STREET.
5/9/2012 12:35:38 Dick Hertz GA Refused to use BoA ATMs or otherwise do business with them.
5/11/2012 19:38:11 Craig Cavanaugh Texas I do not, nor will ever have an account with BOA. Furthermore, I encourage anyone I come across with a BOA account to dump it like the hot potato it is. Further still, I have utilized my blog to expose BOA’s transgressions, as well as those of other large banks, who only wish to rape the public of their funds either via charges and “fees”, outrageous credit card interest, or outright theft via taxpayer “bailouts”.
5/11/2012 19:48:22 Tom Baugh Georgia Predated this initiative, but closed BoA business checking account and paid off business line of credit in Oct, 2011. Asked branch manager what his plans are for when his branch is closed. Inquired about where and when the furniture might go up for auction.
5/11/2012 20:59:49 Will Ceron CO I closed my account after BofA misappropriated funds from my account, causing my account to be overdrawn, and then charging me for their error despite them admitting fault. I closed my account the same day my funds were reinstated when they refused to also reinstate the overdraft fee that was incurred by them.This was 20 years ago and I’ve never looked back.
5/11/2012 21:07:48 Mozart (Looking in The Mirror) New Mexico Closed all mutual funds through BofA.
5/11/2012 21:36:58 Craig Miller (Broken Patriot) Ohio Doubling my effort to pay down the credit card debt I have accrued, and refuse to conduct any current business until their outlook on Constitutional issues improves to conformity with the ideals of said document.
5/11/2012 22:12:11 P. M. Rhodes Washington Wifes joint account, informed her that I was removing my name and access to her B of A account (she refuses to close it for her own reasons). My funds will now be deposited in a local community credit union.
5/11/2012 22:17:00 Ken Sharples NH Closed checking and savings accounts. Transferred IRA to a more humanely and ethically run smaller bank.Refuse checks drawn on Bank of America.
5/11/2012 22:40:16 Kevin Cederquist Idaho 25 years ago I had a BofA account, the bank withdraw money out of my account causing me to overdraw. I notified the branch and showed them my deposit slip and brought my check book to prove that I wasn’t overdrawn. I still had to pay fees and was put on “probation” I closed the account and to this day I will not accept a check drawn on Bank of America, I flatly refuse to accept them. I will not have anything to do with Bank of Thieves
5/11/2012 23:44:44 S. Terry Carter AZ Closing and moving to a locally owned bank my personal checking and savings accounts. My mortgage is also with BAC home loans – if financially feasible it will be moved also. – But that will take some time.)
5/12/2012 3:06:59 Michael Jordan CA Because of your anti-2nd amendment policy and your consistent arrogant policies , I have closed my checking, savings accounts, moved my IRA accounts and cancelled my credit cards.Next I will be closing the 2 trust accounts you manage, my companies 401k programs and all activities my 2 companies have ongoing with you.
5/12/2012 3:49:49 Darrell Baldwin Colorado Closed credit card account
5/12/2012 8:12:28 William G NC I started doing business with BOA 30 years ago when my local bank NCNB was bought by them. I paid off three mortgages, numerous car and personal loans
with them. Over the years I had numerous problems with them all related to them trying to take money from me in violation of our contracted agreement.
At one point I collected $2000 in settlement from a lawsuit with them but
over the years they stole more than that.
I am happy to report that as of this year BOA and I are happily divorced and they will never get their hands on another penny of my money.
Is anyone aware of their origin? They started business in California in 1904 as a front to help the Mafia launder money.
Action; All financial transaction with BOA permanently ended
5/12/2012 9:00:44 John Hilt Illinois I tweeted the article, and forwarded it to my email contacts. I will make it a point to continue spreading the word on this issue.
5/12/2012 9:28:31 Milissa Benson Indiana I closed my accounts with B O A, switched to local bank. I no longer accept B O A credit or debit in my store. I have requested that my IRA divest any holdings that it has with BOA
5/12/2012 10:22:02 Phil Tawa Massachusetts Every action that applies to me.
5/12/2012 11:09:39 Jonathan Fields Georgia After becoming aware of Bank of America’s irresponsible actions, namely these:This financial institution has been found guilty of laundering South American drug money in 2006 ($7.5 million settlement).They received $20 billion in US Treasury support with an additional $118 billion government backstop to buy Merrill Lynch.

They failed to properly disclose employee bonuses and financial losses at Merrill Lynch before shareholders approved the merger of the companies: $150 million settlement with the SEC.

Bank of America Illegally Foreclosed on Active Service Members’ Homes. Settlement agreement was $20 million.

Their purchase of Countrywide resulted in a loss of $65 billion to stockholders.

They paid $335 million to settle Countrywide’s housing discrimination claims.

They paid $410 million to settle a class-action lawsuit affecting more than 13 million Bank of America customers who accused the bank of charging excessive overdraft fees for electronic transactions.

Bank of America moved approximately$18 trillion worth of derivative obligations from Merrill Lynch and the BAC holding company to the FDIC insured retail deposit division. This transfers the risk from the bank to the taxpayers since the FDIC cannot cover this amount.

Warren Buffett injected $5 billion into Bank of America for special considerations for stock warrants and a 6% annual return for ten years. This bank’s regular personal savings account pays 0.05% annually.

Source of information, which I trust: http://arcticpatriot.blogspot.com/2012/05/bank-of-america-declaration.html

I will be recommending to anyone I know or meet that they not do business with Bank of America.

5/12/2012 11:53:41 Brock Townsend North Carolina Free North CarolinaI know of two individuals who closed their accounts as a result of this endeavor. I haven’t had an account with them for about ten years and will do my best to persuade others to leave also.
5/12/2012 12:02:43
New York I belong to a rifle and pistol club. We are at present waiting for the last checks to clear, and are then closing our account, because of BofA actions to drop McMillan Arms as a customer.
Evidently the second amendment means nothing to BofA.
5/12/2012 12:04:42 Diane North Carolina My husband will be closing his business account there this coming week. He is a huge supporter of gun rights.
5/12/2012 12:13:06 Robert A Inabinette
I closed my wife’s account with BofA in 1980. I closed a trust account in 2001 that I controlled with BofA and moved it to Everbank.com where I increased the intrest by 4 times.BofA is the worst of the worst!
5/12/2012 12:23:05 Diane Rufino North Carolina In addition to sharing this with my husband, who will close his business account with Bank of America this coming week, I’ve shared this article with my Tea Party group (posted on website), posted it on facebook with the Republican Women’s group, and sent it out as a email blast to other conservative leaders in the state and in other states.
5/12/2012 13:14:37 Rich Timm TX I have never had a BoA acct and I will never have one. I only deal with my small town bank. It so happens that that bank is one of the most financially stable banks in the state.
5/12/2012 15:13:11 Papa Mike Texas Removed any and all funds and returned credit/debt cards.
5/12/2012 20:55:08 Richard Daniel Georgia Opened my account at a Credit Union and am in the process of closing my personal and business accounts.
5/12/2012 21:30:42 RedWulf LA I stopped banking with them several years ago. Now I’m sharing their anti-2nd amendment stance with everyone I can; family &friends, coworkers, facebook, other blogs. I will also be writing a letter directly to BoA stating how anti-American this stance is and that they should change their name accordingly.
5/13/2012 10:57:09 Tony Florida Closing a total of five checking and savings accounts, and closing to a BoA credit card that’s been in place for almost 25 years. The McMillan offense was the final straw for me!I run the blog GunRights4US at http://www.gunrights4usall.blogspot.com/ and I will definitely be linking back to your very compelling post.
5/13/2012 14:13:34 Hognutz S.C. Pissed on their building.
5/13/2012 20:52:38 Jeff Reid CT Closed all “main stream” bank accounts choosing instead a local credit union. I further removed all funds from mutual fund accounts, and the like. Choosing instead to invest what little I have with a fraternal society.Let’s starve BofA, JPM, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and the rest.III
5/14/2012 11:23:28
KS Copy and paste declaration
5/14/2012 12:37:47 Usdi Yona Oklahoma After BofA started providing services to illegal immigrants without requiring legal documentation of identity and immigration status, I stopped using BofA for any and every service. That was 5-7 years ago. I see nothing in their behavior to indicate that they care about the Republic or its free citizens.
5/14/2012 16:53:39 Curtis – Battlefield USA California Closed all accounts several months ago and opened local bank accounts.
5/14/2012 18:27:14 Pete Ferron TX Extrapolating BOA actions to other large financial institutions, closed all accounts with same & moved assets to a local Credit Union and to a local bank, both in sound condition and good reputation.
5/14/2012 19:45:33 John Shield California Set up account to cash BofA checks at different bank.
5/14/2012 22:47:29 Teresa Sue Delight Hoke House Washington I will continue to educate people about the actions of Bank of America in the hopes that they will withdraw their support and business from the Bank of America.
5/15/2012 1:14:57 unclescott CO I will do no business with BOA and I am posting that fact on every blog and social network that I am associated with…

South Carolina’s More Perfect Union

The people of South Carolina saw the Union broken by virtue of the nullification of the US Constitution by Northern personal liberty laws; these were the same States which railed against South Carolina in 1832 over tariff nullification. The incessant abolitionist agitation which threatened violent slave insurrection, and the election of a purely sectional president settled the matter for South Carolina as it chose to peacefully form a more perfect union. Had the meddling Northern States tended to their own domestic issues like hard 16-hour workdays for young women and children in factories, low wages and tenement slums, the South would have found peaceful solutions to the African slavery inherited from the British colonial labor system.

Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

South Carolina’s More Perfect Union

“On November 13, the General Assembly in joint session ratified and act calling for a convention in Columbia on December 17. The election of delegates was set for December 6. Five former United States senators, the chief officers of Furman University and Limestone College, two railroad presidents, and a dozen clerics were among the 169 men elected as delegates to the convention. The majority were college graduates. More than one hundred were planters, and many of these planters had also passed the bar. More than forty had served in the State Senate, more than one hundred in the House of Representatives.

The convention assembled in Columbia’s First Baptist Church and, on its first day, unanimously resolved that “the State of South Carolina should forthwith secede from the Federal Union.” John A. Inglis introduced the resolution. Before the convention adjourned….[a committee was formed] to draft an ordinance and appointed John A. Inglis as chairman. By the next evening, the committee had agreed on the text that they would introduce for South Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession.

On November 29, the [Charleston] Mercury printed a draft ordinance contributed by a “W.F.H.,” who noted that “the speedy secession of the State may be considered a fixed fact” and offered “a sort of diagram on which the problem can be worked.” The draft took nearly one hundred lines of newsprint.

On December 4, the Mercury responded to the draft submitted by its “esteemed correspondent.” Robert Barnwell Rhett, Jr., son of the secessionist leader and editor of the newspaper….objected to the “batch of details” which blurred the draft’s “force and dignity.”

We do not know how many drafts the committee had to consider in the few hours in which it did its work, but besides the draft printed in the Mercury, a manuscript document containing two other drafts, both unsigned, survives.

The longest of these additional drafts, “An Ordinance to withdraw from the Confederacy heretofore existing under the name of the United States of America,” is dated December 11. Its preamble cites tariffs, the obstruction of the recovery of fugitive slaves, “hostile agitation against the Southern institution of Slavery,” and the election of Abraham Lincoln as its justification and notes the declaration of 1852.

Eleven sections follow. They declare “the Confederacy heretofore existing between the State of South Carolina and the other States” dissolved, amend the State constitution, direct the governor to send a commissioner to President [James] Buchanan, provide for [foreign] trade, and empower the governor to appoint postmasters.

Inglis’s committee, doubtless to satisfy those who wanted no further delay in officially leaving the Union, chose to present a much shorter and simpler text. [In] the afternoon of December 20 [1860], Chairman Inglis rose to present the committee’s [Ordinance of Secession]. There was no need for debate. Behind closed doors, a roll call vote was taken, alphabetically by surname, ending with “Mr. President.” It began at 1:07 P.M. and ended eight minutes later, at 1:15 when [convention President] David F. Jamison said “aye.” South Carolina had seceded by unanimous vote.”

(Relic of The Lost Cause, The Story of South Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession, Charles H. Lesser, South Carolina Department of Archives & History, 1990, pp. 4-5)

South Carolina’s More Perfect Union

Boehner has no excuse on this one.

House Republicans are getting ready for the battle to November and are finding ways to get House Leadership, in particular Speaker John Boehner, into fighting mode for the months ahead. Boehner is being pushed to take bolder steps toward advancing a conservative agenda and holding Attorney General Eric Holder accountable for deliberately failing to comply with a subpoena from the House Oversight Committee regarding Operation Fast and Furious. Boehner has been balking at moving forward with contempt charges for Holder, leaving members of the Oversight Committee frustrated after more than a year of investigation into the lethal scandal. More from POLITICO:

The feeling was best illustrated Wednesday at the Capitol Hill Club, a private GOP haunt adjacent to the Republican National Committee’s offices.

More than a dozen conservative lawmakers — including Republican Study Group Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio — met there for dinner, and the topic of conversation veered toward how to push leadership to pursue a “more profound direction” forward, according to several lawmakers in attendance.

The main topic: Why, conservatives ask, is the party holding back when it has spent a year waiting — fruitlessly — for Holder to comply with a subpoena?

More @ Townhall

Korea Times: M-1 Garand hostage crisis will be over by June 25

There are reports out of South Korea in the Korea Times, and other outlets, that the long M-1 Garand hostage crisis will be over before June 25.

The date in important because it is the day in 1950 forces of the North Korea's Korean People's Army invaded the South, starting the Korean War. By August and September, combined troops of the U.S. Eighth Army and the South's Republic of Korea Army were pinned down on less the 10 percent of the peninsula making its stand at the Battle of Pusan.

The M-1 Garand rifle and the carbine were the standard issue weapon for the infantry Joe's, who drove back both the KPA and later the Red China's People Liberation Army. Officially designated United States Rifle, Caliber .30, Patton called it the greatest battle implement ever invented.

As it stands right now, the South Korean defense ministry is warehousing tens of thousands of surplus M-1's from the 1950s. There were plans to sell the weapons to buyers in the United States. The primary purchasers would be collectors, veterans of World War II and the Korean War, who once slung and fired the M-1 and shooting clubs and programs, such as the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

For the South Koreans, the windfall from selling the iconic firearms at $200 to $500 a pop, meant they could finance the purchase of up-to-date rifles for their own infantry.

If you did not know the story, you could guess it. After approving the importation in 2009, the Obama administration blocked the import of the M-1 in 2010 because among other things, it was afraid the rifles would find their way to criminal organizations. Just the image of the Latin Kings or some other gang bangers running through city streets brandishing M-1's, um, beggars credulity.

Remember, the M-1 is a legal weapon in the United States.

Absent a change of heart from the State Department's import license office, there is a bill pending in both chambers of Congress that could solve the problem for all time. Rep. Cynthia Lummins (R.-Wyo.) and a mirror bill sponsored by Sen. Jon Tester (D.-Mont.) would amend the Arms Export Control Act to fix the problem through legislation.

The bill, H.R. 615, would declare weapons older than 50 years-old as "curio and relic" pieces. The effect would be to remove both the State and Defense department from any role in regulating guns already regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The bill is not likely to reach the president's desk, but that is not the point. The threat of the bill reaching the Senate floor for a vote – with more than 20 Democrats up for re-election, is a powerful one.

The pressure on the administration to approve the liberation of these hostage M-1's continue to build, not just from Congress and potential American purchasers. The South Koreans need to upgrade their weapons inventory as their neighbor to the North gets jumpy and bumpy.

June 25 is a day like our Pearl Harbor in South Korea, and the symbolism of making this wrong right beforehand is very, very strong. We shall see.

General Hatton Monument Re-dedication May 12, 2012

Via Nancy

100 year re-dedication ceremony

Enjoy these photos from the 100 year re-dedication ceremony on Lebanon’s town square. We appreciate everyone who made this event a success!

Cameron narrates stunning Titanic simulation

Via Cousin Colby

Just in case his billion-dollar blockbuster wasn't realistic enough for you, not to mention the new $18 million 3D version, James Cameron has created another film about the Titanic, which presents its final minutes in stunning detail.

"From iceberg to bottom, it's never been animated so precisely and so dramatically," the Canadian ubermensch and premier Titanic obsessive says in the trailer to "Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron," which premieres on the National Geographic Channel on April 8.

Having logged more than 30 dives to the Titanic wreck and a record for recently reaching the Challenger Deep alone, Cameron is uniquely suited to investigating the disaster. He's often said he made the feature film just so he could dive the wreck itself.

Nonetheless, he assembled a team of eight experts for the documentary, which also features a 42-foot Titanic replica.

More @ CNET

VIDEO: Black teens brutally beat Army soldier in Tampa

Police want your help finding four men who teamed up to beat a young U.S. Army soldier in a South Tampa street.

It was an awful welcome to Tampa Bay for a young soldier. Police say the victim of a violent beating caught on camera is 24 years old and has lived in Tampa for less than a month.

He's a U.S. Army soldier assigned to MacDill Air Force Base and lives not far from the base at Dale Mabry Hwy. and Interbay Blvd.

Police say Sunday morning, at around 3 a.m., the soldier's car broke down a few miles from home along Westshore Blvd.

The attack came when he was walking home and using Iowa St. to get from Westshore to Dale Mabry. At the intersection of Iowa and Renellie Dr., the man came into the view of a neighbor's motion-activated security camera.

A group of three young men is seen walking ahead of the soldier. Police say one of the men in the group doubled back and asked to soldier to borrow a dollar. When the soldier reached for his wallet, the first punch flew.

The first, tremendous sucker punch laid the victim onto the ground. The other two men joined in, punching and kicking the soldier.

A fourth man comes sprinting into view from the left edge of the video. The new attacker -- a man the soldier said he had walked past earlier -- joined in the beating.

More with video and slideshow @ 10 News

Gallup state numbers predict huge Obama loss

Gallup released their annual state-by-state presidential approval numbers yesterday, and the results should have 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue very worried. If President Obama carries only those states where he had a net positive approval rating in 2011 (e.g. Michigan where he is up 48 percent to 44 percent), Obama would lose the 2012 election to the Republican nominee 323 electoral votes to 215.

Gallup adds:

Overall, Obama averaged 44% job approval in his third year in office, down from 47% in his second year. His approval rating declined from 2010 to 2011 in most states, with Wyoming, Connecticut, and Maine showing a marginal increase, and Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey, Arizona, West Virginia, Michigan, and Georgia showing declines of less than a full percentage point. The greatest declines were in Hawaii, South Dakota, Nebraska, and New Mexico.

More @ The Washington Examiner


Poll: Romney up, Obama down among women

Mitt Romney's support among registered voters who are women has grown and is slightly above President Barack Obama's, according to a poll released Monday.

The CBS News/New York Times poll shows Obama's support among female voters dropping five points over the last two months, from 49% to 44%. Romney is up 3 from 43% to 46% within that coveted demographic, according to the survey. The margin is still within the survey's sampling error, however.

Prior polling, including a mid-April CNN/ORC International poll, showed Obama ahead among women, with the CNN survey giving the president a 16-point advantage. That survey took place in the wake of a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor saying Romney's wife had "never worked a day in her life."

More @ Political Ticker

Paul Campaign Convention Strategy


To: Supporters, Interested Parties

From: Jesse Benton, Chief Strategist

Date: May 15, 2012

Re: Paul Campaign Convention Strategy

Every day, I see firsthand how humbled and encouraged Dr. Paul is to have the enthusiastic support of so many who are committed to revitalizing our country.

Let me be very clear. Dr. Paul is NOT dropping out or suspending his campaign.

As Dr. Paul has previously stated, he is in this race all the way to the Republican National Convention in Tampa this August.

And he is deeply grateful for every resource he has been entrusted with to run an historic campaign that continues to defy all expectations.

Looking ahead, our campaign must honor that trust by maximizing our resources to ensure the greatest possible impact at the National Convention.

So while our campaign is no longer investing in the remaining primary states, we will continue to run strong programs at District and State Conventions to win more delegates and alternate delegates to the National Convention.

To this end, our campaign has several positive and realistic goals:

1) Having recently WON Maine, we believe we can win several more states.
2) We will win party leadership positions at both the state and national levels.
3) We will continue to grow our already substantial total of delegates.

We will head to Tampa with a solid group of delegates. Several hundred will be bound to Dr. Paul, and several hundred more, although bound to Governor Romney or other candidates, will be Ron Paul supporters.

Unfortunately, barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination. Governor Romney is now within 200 delegates of securing the party’s nod. However, our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond.

All delegates will be able to vote on party rules and allow us to shape the process for future liberty candidates.

We are in an excellent position to make sure the Republican Party adds solid liberty issues to the GOP Platform, which our delegates will be directly positioned to approve. Our campaign is presently working to get several items up for consideration, including monetary policy reform, prohibitions on indefinite detention, and Internet freedom.

Finally, by sending a large, respectful, and professional delegation to Tampa, we will show the party and the country that not only is our movement growing and here to stay, but that the future belongs to us.

Dr. Paul will begin this new phase of the campaign this Friday by speaking and holding several events at the Minnesota State Convention. He has also recently accepted an invitation to speak at the Texas Convention, and we are busy scheduling appearances around other State Conventions later this month and into June.

As Dr. Paul stated in his message yesterday, this fight is NOT over. We will continue fighting and expanding, and “we will not stop until we have restored what once made America the greatest country in human history.”

But for Dr. Paul’s efforts in the remaining State Conventions to be successful, and to ensure we get as many Ron Paul delegates to Tampa as we can, he needs you to continue standing with him.

Along those lines, as you probably already know, the grassroots are holding a Money Bomb on Thursday, May 17. Any money raised from that Money Bomb will go toward winning delegates and finalizing our plans for Tampa.

As those plans for the National Convention come together, we will make sure all of our delegates, whether bound or unbound, get the information and aid they need.

Your support on May 17 will also help us reach more Americans with the solutions we know can restore our nation. Each person we add to our cause strengthens our movement for the critical work that awaits us beyond Tampa.

Dr. Paul, John Tate, myself, and the entire campaign staff know what incredible sacrifices have been made by each of our supporters.

Thank you for all of your hard work and your dedication to liberty. Together, we will champion Ron Paul and his message in Tampa, and we will lay the groundwork for future victories.

The Stench Will Find You

We are under attack. Is there any other way to say it? Free speech? Are you nuts? One might offend a liberal. One might notice that offending the religious, offending the Conservative, offending the patriot is, of course, allowed under rules that no one other than liberals understand. It allows them to hate people for using "hate speech" which might be only mildly offensive.

This is the world we stand to pass down to our children. Do you understand the implications of that? It is the utter destruction of ourselves. It is the polite suicide of self. I know there are wealthy individuals, owners of corporations, who visit this blog. Are you sincerely willing to watch the destruction of not only your nation, but yourselves? They are priming your children with the rot that allows this injustice of judgement without a fight, so that your capitalistic nature dies and all is left is LEFT?

Capitalism is not the death of humanity, as they have claimed, it is the start of it. Without capitalism there is no engine to the ship of compassion. It doesn't matter if the wealthy themselves are without compassion, or fully immersed in it, they must hire people to do their business from among the masses and those are good, decent people who believe in compassion and charity, not forced charity, not governmental confiscation and distribution, but honest charity, the sort that comes from a Christian or generally decent concept of doing the right thing.

The entire power structure, i.e. Hollywood, news, sports, educators and even capitalists themselves are decidedly anti-capitalistic. I suppose once one has achieved great wealth it is their prerogative to simply ignore all of the principles that enabled that wealth so that they are invited to Hollywood parties and allowed to hob nob with the socially influential, but once they have allowed the socialists the voice, it will be used to hang them from the lamp posts in Hollywood and if one were to doubt this possibility, consider the evil rhetoric used by the Left against Sarah Palin, a woman who did nothing but validate feminism. Is there one thing the Left has refused to do, anything that might suggest they are less than the average German Auschwitz guard?