Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Stench Will Find You

We are under attack. Is there any other way to say it? Free speech? Are you nuts? One might offend a liberal. One might notice that offending the religious, offending the Conservative, offending the patriot is, of course, allowed under rules that no one other than liberals understand. It allows them to hate people for using "hate speech" which might be only mildly offensive.

This is the world we stand to pass down to our children. Do you understand the implications of that? It is the utter destruction of ourselves. It is the polite suicide of self. I know there are wealthy individuals, owners of corporations, who visit this blog. Are you sincerely willing to watch the destruction of not only your nation, but yourselves? They are priming your children with the rot that allows this injustice of judgement without a fight, so that your capitalistic nature dies and all is left is LEFT?

Capitalism is not the death of humanity, as they have claimed, it is the start of it. Without capitalism there is no engine to the ship of compassion. It doesn't matter if the wealthy themselves are without compassion, or fully immersed in it, they must hire people to do their business from among the masses and those are good, decent people who believe in compassion and charity, not forced charity, not governmental confiscation and distribution, but honest charity, the sort that comes from a Christian or generally decent concept of doing the right thing.

The entire power structure, i.e. Hollywood, news, sports, educators and even capitalists themselves are decidedly anti-capitalistic. I suppose once one has achieved great wealth it is their prerogative to simply ignore all of the principles that enabled that wealth so that they are invited to Hollywood parties and allowed to hob nob with the socially influential, but once they have allowed the socialists the voice, it will be used to hang them from the lamp posts in Hollywood and if one were to doubt this possibility, consider the evil rhetoric used by the Left against Sarah Palin, a woman who did nothing but validate feminism. Is there one thing the Left has refused to do, anything that might suggest they are less than the average German Auschwitz guard?


  1. Yeah. I noticed this.

    One can speak of anything freely as long as it is degenerate and anti-traditional.

    God forbid someone speak against abortion or degeneracy.

    Wonder why that is?

  2. They have been given over to a reprobate mind,passed the point of no return.From now on they will believe a lie and be damned.The monster these Chris Mathew`s-George Clooney type`s are creating ,someday will turn on them.There are marker`s along the route of every once great society`s collapse .A couple of them are ,perversion in art and literature and homosexuality.